Savi came to visit — and we didn't even get to see her
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So the real headline from this week is that Savi (yes, Savi!) doesn’t just get a mention, she gets a full on subplot. (Sort of.) Let’s dive in, shall we???

Joss is doing a lot to promote the value of her “self-defense class” (seriously, I don’t even know what to call this thing except Fight Club). It’s great except when we see her continue to take on new opponents beyond her expertise and get injured… then “sitting on the couch watching television” sounds pretty good again. But anyway. She and Harry are planning to have an engagement party and are all kissy face about it till ding dong, Harry’s sister, Kate, arrives. Kate is a combination of Naomi Watts and a young Deborah Harry and is rather flabbergasted to learn that our young lovers are engaged. But she’s got other things on the mind too: like having a green light to have one last fling before getting married to her longtime boyfriend who rescues baby animals for living.

Of course, this causes a bit of strife as she tells Joss not to tell Harry but of course Joss tells Harry and this leads to a bit of a scuffle at a nightclub when Harry arrives and Joss has to sock a dude in the stomach. Sister Kate, drunk, finally comes out with it: she thinks it’s weird Joss and Harry — former in-laws — are getting married. It also turns out that Joss has neither told her mother or Savi (we sort of float right on by their reconciliation and how it happened and if they hugged or if it was weird) nor has Harry told his mum. The next day — the day of the party with 10 pounds of crab meat! — no one is speaking to anyone. But just when I was worried the show was throwing up new roadblocks to Joss and Harry’s happiness, Joss gives an incredible speech about how much she loves Harry and how happy he makes her and how she’s all out of you-know-whats in regards to what anyone else thinks. It’s great. Thanks, show! It’s so inspiring, in fact, that Kate ups and decides to break off her marriage and stay in Los Angeles. Wait, could she be the fourth mistress?

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Karen was also apparently instrumental in Kate’s epiphany. See, Kate read Unleashed, and it really showed her a lot of things. Or something. Speaking of Karen’s book, Barbara has started marketing it by saying Karen is a sexpert. There’s a big newspaper article where Karen has her long hair (and looks sexy, everyone says so), and Barbara’s booked her to do events at upscale sex shops. This new push of publicity seems great till it gets Karen kicked out of her Mommy and Me class, since the very irritating teacher tells Karen that her “energy” was distracting the group.

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Karen hates all this kind of attention and feels like her identity as a doctor has been eclipsed, but when Kate tells her that reading the book really helped her come to terms with some stuff, she realizes it’s pretty great after all. She celebrates this realization with finally making out with Jerry O’Manny. Phew!

April… April isn’t doing so hot. She decides to apply for that painting fellowship and is all excited about it even though, if you can believe it, it turns out she only has two days to paint something new that really shows who she is. Who is she? Well at first, she was a bridge but after having a very sweet talk with Lucy (proving teens can be sweet sometimes), she tosses it and paints something new, that of surfers at the beach. It wasn’t easy though: Marc had told her he’d man the shop while she worked but he got a call to audition for the band he wants to be a part of. So when the foundation lady — quite brusquely — tells April she’s good but not really and to keep your upscale day job, April decides to get mad at Marc. This is exacerbated by Marc making it into the band. Oh boy. Trouble ahead with these two, I think. Also, we see that Lucy is lying to her mother and sneaking off to meet up with that boy from the trip.

Oh! And: There’s another plot about Harry being courted by a clearly shady money man who wants to give Harry the restaurant of his dreams, but I’m imagining we’ll see more of that next week.

Best line of the night:

“It’s a classy sex store. They sell books and flavored condoms.” —Barbara

Number of Savi references: Too many to count!

Number of candle references: 1

Rocco DiSpirito references: 2

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