Frank and Billy meet to settle scores, once and for all

November 22, 2017 at 09:17 PM EST

And so we’ve come to the end. Lewis Wilson is dead, his desperate cry for help still woefully unheard by society. William “Agent Orange” Rawlins is dead too, having paid for destroying countless lives (both Afghan and American) with the most gruesome eye-popping demise this side of Game of Thrones. All that’s left are Frank Castle and Billy Russo, and the great unsettled score between them.

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Frank, for one, is not doing terribly well, having spent almost everything he had finishing off Rawlins. Micro and Dinah bring him, hilariously, to Dinah’s parents’ house, where her surgeon father is able to save the Punisher from certain death without alerting the authorities. Billy is doing better, although he still suffers from thinking he’s way cooler than he actually is. See: Him walking away from that explosion behind him and thinking it was badass rather than pathetically cliché.

Once they’re both back on their feet, Frank and Billy immediately set about finding each other. They converge on their last mutual connection, Curtis, who absolutely does not deserve any of this s—. Billy gets there first, and though he likes to think he’s in the right, he immediately reveals what a monster he is by threatening to shoot his old friend in his one remaining good leg until he reveals Frank’s location (Billy also says that killing Afghans isn’t really a crime because they do it to each other anyway, earning him Bonus Monster Points). It wouldn’t take much; a second too early, Billy realizes that Curtis opened the curtains on his kitchen windows so Frank could fire at him with his sniper rifle on the opposite roof. Billy dodges, unfortunately, and once again has himself a hostage (he’s good at that). So he and Frank agree to meet later that day at midnight, at the Central Park merry-go-round where the Castle family died.

Having risked her skin saving Frank like she did, Dinah is now writing up her report. But in the middle of it she’s struck by something. Whether it’s a determination to get back at Billy for killing Sam and tricking her, or to help Frank settle things, or what, she suddenly takes off, much to her superiors’ chagrin.

At least Micro’s having a good time! He has sex with his wife for the first time in ages, and eventually gets to move back into their house to live happily ever after. I never watched Girls, but I was pretty impressed by Ebon Moss-Bachrach on this show. He did well at both nerdy eccentricity and anguished worry. Sam Stein didn’t stick around long enough to make an impact and Dinah Madani had her character arc constantly undercut by the show, but Micro was definitely a great addition to the Marvel/Netflix universe. (Recap continues on page 2)

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