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December 04, 2018 at 09:00 PM EST

This week’s cold open flashback belongs to Rebecca. It’s a very tragic scene, as it only took place one year ago, and it begins with Rebecca eating a normal breakfast with her parents at their home in Fairfax, Virginia. Unfortunately for Rebecca, her parents are spooked by her powers (even when she uses them for something innocuous, like turning her blueberry pancakes inside-out) and call Sentinel Services on her. She’s handcuffed in her own kitchen, stuck with one of those power-restraining collars, and lugged off to an awful life in the mental facility we saw her escape from earlier in the series.

Flashback to the present day, where Rebecca’s still imprisoned against her will — this time, in a metal cylinder at Inner Circle headquarters. The device keeps her constantly moving in the darkness so that she can’t figure out how or where to use her powers. Andy is distressed by this situation, as we probably all are after watching that opening scene. Clearly, Reeva’s being draconian with her to get some small revenge for her dead lover, but is all the suffering really Rebecca’s fault when she’s been greeted with nothing but suspicion and imprisonment her whole life? I think I said this at the time, but now that “previously on” segments keep replaying the scene where she massacres the bankers, I can’t help but note that the blame for that should really fall squarely on the guy who screamed “you all deserve to be wiped off the face of the Earth.” If you say that to angry oppressed people with superpowers, you should absolutely expect them to turn your brain inside out. I don’t know what else to say about that.

The reason The Gifted is so compelling to watch, though, is because it refuses to let anything be simple. Disgusted with Reeva’s hypocrisy — decrying the humans for imprisoning Rebecca inhumanely and then turning around and doing it herself — Andy destroys Rebecca’s prison and frees her. He expects them to become young lovers on the run, but Rebecca has different ideas. Noting that Reeva already tracked her down once and would do so again, Rebecca heads up to the penthouse to kill the Inner Circle. Andy won’t let that happen though and knocks Rebecca out with his telekinesis before she can kill them. She’s thrown backward and ends up hitting a wall at just the right angle to break her neck (echoes of Gwen Stacy’s comic book death). Andy is, of course, distraught, but Reeva is relieved. He was forced to choose, and it turns out he loves the Inner Circle. He believes in their plan, and he just saved their lives.

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