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Caitlin tries to prove to Erg that humans aren't all bad, while Polaris races to stop a mutant terrorist attack

The Gifted

S2 E13
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January 23, 2019 at 11:29 AM EST

The thing is, Reed does understand. Or at least, he understands the temptation of the music box and the difficulty of struggling with the massive mutant power that is the Struckers’ birthright. Since Reed is an only child, I’m really interested in how his powers compare to Fenris. Did he just inherit his father’s nuclear-like powers? I’m fascinated by the Fenris mythology and am a little bummed to see Reed curtail Lauren’s research into the subject, but it’s clearly best for her. She’s able to resist Andy’s temptation, leaving her brother and the Cuckoos standing on a roof without her.

Naturally, Caitlin’s clinic raid hits some bumps in the road, because nothing is ever easy on this show. A few Purifiers show up to shoot them, but Erg blasts most of them with this eye laser. Even Caitlin manages to shoot one guy down, proving that her tough talk wasn’t just for show. Soon, they get what they need and head back.

While they’ve been gone, Marcos has been keeping Glow alive with blood transfusions, since they both have blood that glows with light. Glow clearly still has a crush on Marcos, and it’s been amplified by the fact that he’s literally keeping her alive. But when she tries to make the conversation romantic or personal, he gets a call from Polaris, and it’s clear where his heart really lies. It seems Polaris’ spying has aroused the suspicion of Max, the figurehead of the explosive ex-con trio. She’s able to ward him off with a badass speech about being Magneto’s daughter, but she’s not sure how to stop him and his team from blowing up the important U.S. government buildings that they are clearly training to attack.

Caitlin and them make it back in one piece, and Erg rewards her for saving Glow’s life by making her an honorary Morlock. No, really: He paints an ‘M’ on her face instead of branding it. It’s cute.

Once Glow is taken care of, Marcos goes out to save his real love. We see Max drive his car for a solo alcohol run, but when he gets back in the car, Marcos is in the backseat, holding a burning hand to the other mutant’s face. He tells Max to take them for a drive, but instead Max pulls a gun. We pull to the outside of the car, where we see the edges of some mutant battle going on inside; there are sounds of bullets being fired, and the clear sight of Marcos’ sun blasts radiating around. I was really worried for a second there that Marcos might be dead, and he certainly isn’t in good shape when he staggers out of the car holding his wounded side. But it’s an extremely “you should see the other guy” situation, because then the car blows up with Max still inside. So on the one hand, it looks like Marcos has stopped any potential terrorist attacks against the U.S. government. On the other hand, I hope he doesn’t die!

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