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Lauren continues to explore her Fenris powers as the Mutant Underground weathers turbulent changes.

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January 16, 2019 at 01:47 PM EST

This week begins with everyone trying to make sense of the explosive news that Reeva Payge and Benedict Ryan have apparently been working together. Lorna, now fully turned against the Inner Circle, is determined to learn as much as she can about the secret mission Reeva’s planning for her new prison recruits. Evangeline is in the midst of planning a council meeting of Mutant Underground leaders but says that now the top priority must be protecting Lorna and keeping her turncloak status secret.

Caitlin, meanwhile, wants to reach back out to her brother Danny, who works with Homeland Security. He helped them out once last season, and maybe he can use his connections to dig up some information on the Purifiers and Benedict Ryan for them. Since this undercover mission is a little closer to home than most, Caitlin goes Full Undercover and dyes her hair brunette. This amuses Lauren to no end; in fact, their whole trip to see Danny involves a few fun mother-daughter bonding moments. Even amidst a burgeoning race war, you gotta find time for light-hearted moments.

That said, Lauren is definitely addressing her situation seriously. As she spends more and more time with the music box, she uses the internet to translate Andreas Von Strucker’s note, since it was originally written in German. The letter has a lot of important information for Lauren: Not only that it falls to her to succeed where Andreas and Andrea failed at “freeing our people from bondage,” but also that Fenris always has two sides, light and dark, that must battle in order to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This division becomes clear the next time Andy and Lauren meet in their dreamscape. He’s wearing black and she’s wearing white, in case you didn’t realize who was who. But Lauren has learned her lesson; this time, she gets the best of Andy in their psychic tussle, and he wakes up with a bloody face.

Lauren’s refined skills aren’t limited exclusively to dreams. The meeting with Danny goes bad; he tries to help them, but as soon as he tries to look up information on Benedict Ryan or Reeva Payge, he gets arrested and forced to wear a wire in order to trap Lauren and Caitlin. Thanks to Lauren, the trap doesn’t work; she single-handedly fights off an entire convoy of Sentinel goons until she and Caitlin can make their escape.

While his girls are gone, Reed is drawn to the music box. It’s not the first time he’s seen it; as he contemplates it, he’s reminded of a time in his youth when he was drawn to the box and yelled at by his dad for it. In the present day, the box’s music activates Reed’s power, though he’s able to get it under control before damaging anything. He does find the papers inside though and realizes what Lauren’s been doing with it.

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