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January 08, 2019 at 10:00 PM EST

While Lauren dritfts further from her parents, other relationships on this show are slowly starting to reconcile. Neither Lorna nor Marcos can get that kiss out of their heads, but things really kick into gear when Reeva recruits three newly freed mutant prisoners to help the Inner Circle’s cause. Once Lorna realizes that these people are infamous terrorists (whose powers work together in tandem to create devastating explosions), she brings her concerns to Reeva. What part of “utopia” involves “massacring innocent people?” Reeva responds that their job is to burn things down, and her job as “royalty” (the daughter of Magneto) is to build from the ashes. Funny enough, Jace is simultaneously getting a similar lecture about strategy from Benedict Ryan. Jace wants to use his new information to prove the mutants thought killed in Atlanta are still alive, but Ryan tells him the priority is winning the trust of the people.

To that end, Jace brings his traumatized buddy Ted to check out reports of runaway mutants in a shelter for homeless youth. They find two mutants, but they’re just kids. One of them, a black kid, calls out Jace for working with a hate group — “my granddaddy didn’t need a reason to run from the Klan, and neither did yours.” Damn! Just then, Ted (obviously traumatized from his encounter with Andy last week) shoots the other mutant kid without any provocation. Ryan spins this into propaganda, calling them brave soldiers who protected kids. The lie works so well that Jace’s ex-wife Paula calls him to commend him. I don’t know where Jace’s head is at after this roller coaster of episodes, and apparently, neither does he. Even though a reconciliation with Paula is all he’s wanted, he refuses to do it on a lie.

Lorna and Marcos’ reconciliation goes a little better. She comes to him asking for help thwarting whatever terror attack Reeva is plotting with the prisoners, and though he’s angry at her for their months of separation and lies, he can’t resist the chance to save lives. Although it takes him a while to forgive Lorna, their reunion is beautiful — their latest kiss reignites the old aurora borealis effect of their combined powers, which is still one of my favorite things on this show.

Now it feels like this season is really kicking into gear. With her head full of Von Strucker vibes, Lauren threatens their landlord never to call the cops again. Evangeline calls John and tells him that it’s finally time for a Mutant Underground mass meeting, to figure out how to fight back. Craziest of all, Lorna and Marcos spot a nighttime meeting between Reeva and Ryan. They’re supposed to be on opposite sides, but instead, they’re working together? I can’t wait to find out what’s going on here.

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