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That night, the parents start showing their true colors when they gather for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and Stacey Yorkes’ cheese before whatever it is they do for Pride. Robert and Janet flirt in front of a passive-aggressive Victor, while Tina stuffily tells Stacey she doesn’t do tech support on her company’s devices. Dale nearly gets himself thrown out by Geoffrey, but Leslie, watching it all with Catherine, points out that everyone’s there for a reason. Sure, but it’s not like everyone has to like each other, right?

Still, they’re bonded by their tragic past, just like their kids. After Alex stalks away to the guest house because no one accepted his invitation, Tina tries to comfort Catherine by saying that Nico hasn’t been the same either since Amy died. The adults look at each other awkwardly, and Leslie points out that what they do is hard, especially tonight.

It’s about to get harder, though. The rugrats may be scattered, but they’ll soon convene at Alex’s house after all. Nico has decided to build a bonfire and follow an incantation in an attempt to bring Amy back, but it only makes her miss her sister more when nothing happens. Karolina, after talking to a cleaned-up Destiny and asking her about what it’s like to rebel, decides to, well, rebel that very night, heading to the party Chase has also ended up at after flaking on Gert.

There, Karolina goes all in on the rebelling. She’s handed a pill from a stranger, observes two girls making out, and even takes off her church-mandated bracelet, which she mentioned earlier she’s never taken off. At that moment, though, her arms start sparkling and leaving rainbow streaks in the air when she waves them around. And then she passes out.

Chase spots her when two of his jock friends carry her unconscious to a room upstairs. He stops them from undressing her, drives them away with some well-placed punches, and wakes her up when he snaps the bracelet back in place. They leave quickly, but Karolina insists she doesn’t want to go home — they head into a car together, and while looking away from Chase, who thinks she must have taken some hardcore drugs, she disposes of the pill she never ended up taking.

Meanwhile, Gert’s been waiting for Chase this whole time, and has even asked Molly to take care of feeding the Yorkes’ animals. It’s a task Molly doesn’t like very much; the basement’s dark and full of terrors. Besides, she’s had a rough day: Earlier at school, she had such severe cramps she couldn’t finish her dance squad audition, ending up at the nurse’s office instead, where a particularly bad pain in her stomach made her unleash her latent powers of super-strength. At home, she tests it out, and winds up pushing a van back into place in the garage. The only downside? Every time she exerts herself, she gets tired and falls asleep.

But at least she doesn’t fall asleep immediately when she gets frightened by the creature locked away in the basement. She dashes out of the basement, tearing the door down in the process, and calls Gert to pick her up and go somewhere far away from their house.

The destination for all parties: Alex’s, and he’s more than pleased to see them all there, even if they never meant to hang out. They also don’t know how: Even with pizza and board games in front of them, none of them know how to interact anymore. Karolina points out that they were friends because their parents were friends, and growing apart was inevitable. They warily talk about Amy, but it’s just sad — and Chase, being Chase, says he’ll need liquor if they’re going to talk out their feelings around that loss.

And so the group dashes into Geoffrey’s study, where he stashes the best liquor. Just as they finally get to talking, Alex tries to pick up a coaster, but it turns out to be a secret mechanism that opens a door to a hidden passageway. Intrigued, the group approaches it — and then, because they’re a bunch of curious teens, wander into Narnia together.

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Except that it’s nothing like “the Narnia s—” Alex thinks it might be. At the bottom of the staircase, they spot their parents, now dressed in red robes, holding some eerie ritual around a metal box. Their parents can’t see or hear them because of some type of magical barrier, but the kids can observe everything silently. What they see is immensely disturbing: Their parents lead Destiny — Karolina recognizes her instantly — out from behind the chamber, undress her, and them force her body into the box before sealing it. Shocked, Gert tries to shield Molly from seeing their parents’ actions, but Molly rebels, whipping out her phone to take a pic, and accidentally using flash, which startles their parents. The teens run away (hey-o!), while the adults look up. For now, they see nothing, but they probably suspect everything.

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