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At first, Jess thinks she can beat Pryce by simply tailing him and digging up dirt, but there’s no dirt to be found. Since Jessica declined his buyout offer, Pryce decides to start poaching her clients, which gives Jessica the smart idea to do the same. Her pitch to one of Pryce’s sports clients — my superpowers allow me to go where Pryce can’t — seems to work. Pryce retaliates by bringing up Kilgrave, which sets Jessica off and she attacks him. She comes very, very close to crossing a line, but she stops herself before bloodying him up even more. Needless to say, Jessica gets arrested, but thankfully Trish (and her new boyfriend Griffin) shows up to bail her out. They offer to hang by her side, but Jessica just decides to go home and mope on her own.

The next morning the Whizzer accosts Jessica at her apartment/office again. But this time he has a gun and demands that she protect him from a “monster” trying to kill him. Apparently the same people who gave him powers created the monster. Jessica still doesn’t believe he actually has superpowers, until they’re activated and he starts zipping around her office (the container with her brother’s ashes breaks in the commotion). Even though I knew the Whizzer would play a role in jumpstarting the season’s mystery, I didn’t expect the show to actually give him superpowers. Jess chases him out of the building and arrives just in time to see someone or something drop a ton of scaffolding on top of him, leaving Jessica standing over his bloodied body.

This latest traumatic experience comes close to breaking Jessica, who retreats to her office and curls up on the floor, which is covered in her brother’s ashes. When Malcolm shows up at Alias, where he now works, too, Jessica snaps out of her stupor and decides to finally investigate the Whizzer’s claims. She searches his bag and finds a lead, which takes her to an abandoned Industrial Garments and Handling (a.k.a. IGH) building. Jessica snoops around and comes across a lab, which triggers her memories of being in a lab after her parents’ accident — and of a disfigured monster there, too. After much cajoling, Jess has finally decided to open that door to her past.

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As we reach the end of the season premiere, I find that I have mixed feelings about the forthcoming new season. On the one hand, I’m very excited to have Jessica Jones back, mostly because it means getting to spend more time with this layered and flawed person, whom Ritter plays perfectly. On the other hand, I’m not terribly interested in diving into Jessica’s origin story, which is what the season clearly plans on being. In the words of The Leftovers, I’d rather let the mystery be there. Instead of focusing on the past and over-explaining, the show should turn its attention toward the future. But I’m not ready to write this season off just yet. There was enough to enjoy in the episode (particularly all of Jessica’s comebacks) that I’m open to seeing more.

Case Notes:

  • Welcome to EW’s recaps of Jessica Jones season 2. Like Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher, I’ll be tackling this season with my colleague/friend Christian Holub, who’s handling the even-numbered episodes this season. I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts on this season.
  • Another development in the episode: We find out that Jeri hired Pryce to hire Jessica because she couldn’t do it herself since she and Jessica are on the outs. However, that plan fell through, so now Jeri has decided to represent Pryce in his lawsuit against Jessica for assaulting him, for reasons I assume will be made clear soon.
  • Jeri, who is also being sued by the secretary she was sleeping with last season, receives some shocking medical news in the episode; however, we don’t find out what’s wrong with her.
  • Trish’s ex Will Simpson is following her around.
  • Pryce: I never take no for an answer. Jessica: How rapey of you.
  • “I hate smug. I could slap smug.”
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