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Marvel's Jessica Jones

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One of the joys of Jessica Jones‘ second season has been how unpredictable it has felt. In season 1, we knew the finale would feature Jessica’s final boss battle against Kilgrave, but season 2 hasn’t had a clear-cut Big Bad. Yes, Alisa is the foe for the season, but this story doesn’t feel like it’s a bland battle between good and evil. In light of that, I had no idea what to expect when I started watching the season finale, and I was pleasantly surprised — and blown away, yet again, by Ritter’s amazing performance.

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“AKA Playland” opens with Alisa and a very reluctant Jess hitting the road together. Not only does Alisa want Jessica to help keep her in check, but she also wants to form a mother-daughter superhero team and believes fleeing the country together would give Jessica, who spends most of her life numbing herself to the world, a chance to actually live. Jessica’s worried about leaving Trish behind, but Alisa makes the case that Trish might be safer without Jessica because we saw the lengths to which Trish was wiling to go to become more like her.

Eventually, the Jones women happen upon a fiery car accident involving a family of three and a truck carrying explosives (because sometimes you have to throw subtlety out the window). The Jones women rush into action to save the family. After that’s done, Alisa runs back in to rescue the truck driver, and it briefly looks like she dies in the final explosion, but she doesn’t. However, that close encounter with death flips a switch in Jessica, and she’s now on board to flee the country with her mother, who found saving people exhilarating and wants to do more of it. Alisa’s like, “Screw going to Uruguay, let’s hit up a war zone!”

Before they leave the country, Jessica meets up with Oscar to get some fake travel documents, but she ends up having to cut their meeting short because she notices that the cops followed Oscar to Westchester. She rushes out of there before the cops can catch her and goes to rendezvous with her mother. Shortly after that, Detective Costa calls Jessica and urges her to turn her mother in because while Alisa is screwed — she crossed a line and needs to pay — there’s still hope for Jessica. Alisa overhears their phone conversation and the consequences of dragging Jessica along slowly start to hit her. (Next: A hopeful ending)

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