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When Jessica gets back to the Alias office, she’s greeted by a couple detectives who are looking into Whizzer’s death. Given that the evidence suggests superpowered involvement, they suspect Jessica. She, of course, was right on scene when the incident happened and couldn’t have dropped the scaffolding, but unfortunately her super refuses to vouch for her in front of the cops. When Jessica confronts him about it, he gives off an even more racist vibe than the bar sex guy by talking about her “shady power s—.” He’s worried about protecting his kid and winning a custody battle, not keeping her out of trouble. In my opinion, if Marvel wants to replicate the classic X-Men metaphor of superpowered people as marginalized/discriminated population, they should find a term as easy and understandable as “mutant.” But certainly one interesting thing about this season so far is highlighting how many people are complete a–holes. It’s not just Jessica.

For example, Trish goes to confront Max on the set of his new film. We learn that he’s a sleaze of the highest order who sexually harassed Trish when she was a teenaged actress. Not sure if this episode was written before or after the Harvey Weinstein allegations set off a ripple of similar revelations throughout Hollywood, but this particular plotline certainly does resonate in the #metoo moment. I’m glad that the show is leaning into this.

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The confrontation with Max leaves Trish in tears (though luckily, Malcolm approaches him in the parking lot after and breaks his nose for us). More importantly, she’s alone in the dark at an abandoned movie studio. That’s when Simpson approaches her. Trish shoots him in the leg, but he still keeps coming forward, and that cuts excellently to Jessica kicking down Trish’s mom’s door. Jessica found out that Trish and her mom are talking again, and she’s not happy about it. After a bitter back-and-forth, Trish’s mom gives the location of the movie studio. When Jessica gets there, she finds Trish alive and well, with a bleeding Simpson handcuffed to a bed. Simpson insists that he isn’t the “monster,” but just an interested ex trying to protect Trish from the monster. He’s proven right when a shadowy assailant shows up, brutally breaks Simpson’s neck, and gets away from Jessica by jumping way over her head. Things are getting interesting.

Case Notes:

-Man, what was the point of the Jeri storyline in this episode? She felt sad so she partied with coke and hookers for a few hours until Pryce Cheng showed up to professionally shame her? Perhaps this story line will have a payoff down the road, but considering this episode weighed in at a bloated 55 minutes, that would’ve been a great place to cut for now.

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