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Here we are, back again! There’s a new Marvel Netflix show out, which means Chancellor Agard and I are back in the saddle splitting recaps for you (read his premiere recap here). I’ll be handling the even-numbered episodes this round, which means I’m starting off with the 55-minute second episode. That’s right folks, 55 minutes! This is only the second episode, too! If Marvel and Netflix want to sustain viewer interest in the Defenders-verse, they should probably work on shortening both season orders and episode runtimes. But they haven’t yet. 

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Of all the shows in the Defenders-verse, Jessica Jones has the advantage of its eponymous protagonist. Krysten Ritter’s performance as the hardened private eye makes her far and away the most compelling character in the MCU. Anytime she’s on screen, even when she’s dealing with subpar writing or silly ninja plots, I’m engaged. This episode kicks off with Jessica in her zone — drinking in a bar until a random guy compliments her butt, at which point they start screwing in the bathroom. She loses interest quickly when the guy insists on talking during their bar-stall sex, at which he point he realizes she’s one of those superpowered people on the news and gives off a slightly racist vibe. We’ll see more of that before the episode ends.

Malcolm soon calls Jessica with a lead on Kozlov, the IGH doctor who likely experimented on her. The only problem is that when Jessica shows up at Kozlov’s house to investigate, she finds his funeral in progress. Someone there tells her that it was a freak accident, a random car crash. “Random” accidents sure seem to keep happening to people connected to IGH, don’t they? Jessica’s P.I. instincts are certainly going off, so she pretends to be one of Kozlov’s former patients (not wrong) and snoops around his house amidst the funeral. She finds a very interesting photo of Kozlov standing alongside Simpson and other soldiers — is it possible one of them is the “monster” that’s threatening everyone? She’s caught by one of the late doctor’s friends, a wheelchair-bound man named Isaiah who is no match for the superstrong slugger. He reveals that Simpson is still alive before someone else shows up to kick Jessica out of the funeral. Seems they don’t like guests starting fistfights?

Meanwhile, Trish is doing some investigative work of her own. She gets lunch with her mother and sits through her drooling over Griffin, because she needs current contact info for “Max,” a director she worked with in her youth. Though her mom grumbles about the need for Trish to cut back on the superhero obsession, she hands over the info. Little does Trish know that Simpson is following close behind her. He is indeed alive, though he doesn’t exactly look “well” huffing that gas with a gun in the passenger seat… (Recap continues on page 2)

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