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March 11, 2018 at 11:05 AM EDT

Marvel's Jessica Jones

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Never a dull moment this season, eh? Just as it seemed like Jessica and her mother were getting on the same page, Alisa got arrested. Now she’s bald again, and more importantly in jail, but Jessica and Jeri have a plan. As they explain to her, the only way to get her out of this (or at least achieve the most comfortable sentence possible) is to tell the truth about everything she’s done, including a confession of Dr. Karl’s role and whereabouts. The only two things Alisa cares about in the world are Jessica and Karl, so she’s loath to give him up. But Jessica eventually gets her to acquiesce to the deal, because this is actually only part one of her plan.

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The second part of Jessica’s plan includes getting Karl safely out of the country. As long as he lands in a South American country that doesn’t extradite, then Alisa can confess her knowledge of him (in order to get the best deal for herself) without jeopardizing his safety. Jessica doesn’t care about Karl’s safety, of course, but she does care about her mother. Keeping Karl safe means keeping Alisa safe.

Trish certainly doesn’t see it that way. For her, Karl is the story, and she really needs the story. She flubs her audition at the big news network. Her rant about the failures of the war on drugs and mass incarceration are well-intentioned, but coming down off her recent drug fixation, Trish simply can’t match the energy of her show-ending Trish Talk rant that got her in the door. When she overhears the station’s top producer getting called away to investigate a tip about a superpowered prisoner, she realizes that Jessica must have finally caught the killer.

So Jessica finally briefs Trish and Malcolm about the fact that the killer they’ve been chasing is actually her mother. Malcolm is heartbroken that Jessica still won’t keep him in the loop on vital information like this when he’s done so much to become part of the Alias operation. He’s also mad at Trish for inspiring him to take a drug again after all the work he’s put in to getting clean. Unfortunately, it feels like the Three Musketeers are splintering. Jessica reprimands her for taking drugs again (especially one whose contents she doesn’t understand!) but she doesn’t exactly have the moral high ground; in fact, she makes Trish leave the office so she herself can drink in peace.

Luckily, there are some positive influences in Jessica’s life these days. She calls Oscar to make sure Vido wasn’t around to see her mother’s arrest. He wasn’t, but Oscar can feel the pain in Jessica’s voice. She wants to go out in order to avoid any human contact, but he meets her halfway down and gives her a hug. It’s such a soft, sweet moment — doubly welcome in this episode full of pain.

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