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September 07, 2018 at 08:51 PM EDT

Can a cool finale save an entire season? That’s the question I’m left asking myself now that I’ve reached the end of Iron Fist season 2. I didn’t like the show’s lethargic and pointless first season, and if I’m being honest, I found most of this season incredibly boring, despite some great performances (hello, Meachums and Alice Eve) and marginally better fight choreography. But after watching the season 2 finale, it feels as though the show was saving the best for last, because “A Duel of Iron” has some genuinely cool moments. So, let’s dive into what happened.

The finale begins exactly where the last episode left off: Colleen Wing, one of the show’s best characters, summoning the iron fist, which is an awesome sight. Her glowing white fist made me so excited! Alas, she can’t enjoy this newfound power since it’s not all hers, yet. Because Davos interrupted the power transfer ritual before it was completed, she must now share the power with him, which is physically painful for both of them. Davos uses the iron fist to escape before Colleen can get her hands back on him.

From there, Davos makes his way back to his hideout, where he finds Walker in a perch waiting to gun him down. Danny and Colleen arrive on the scene, and Danny tries to talk Walker out of killing Davos because they need to complete the ritual. But, Walker doesn’t care. So, while Colleen goes head-to-head with Davos, Danny hangs back to handle Walker, and is eventually joined by Luke Cage‘s Detective Misty Knight (Simone Missick), who manages to punch her way out of the cell Walker locked her in. Danny and Misty subdue Walker by triggering her Mary personality with some running water. Clearly, Danny has finally learned that kicking can’t solve every problem.

Colleen and Davos take their iron fist vs. iron fist match to the streets. Thankfully, Iron Fist gives us all what we want and we do get to see their white and red fists clash together, which is cool in a Power Rangers kind of way and sends both of them flying. Eventually, Colleen and Danny manage to subdue Davos and complete the ritual. A pitiful Davos begs her to end his life there — to do what Danny couldn’t — but she refuses because she’s nothing like him.

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