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October 27, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT
We gave it a B

This episode of Inhumans ended with explosions and death, though I’m not quite sure if it was calibrated correctly. Anyway, it began with Maximus having a nightmare about the royals storming his throne room. They accuse him of killing Triton, which in the absence of any other mention of Triton’s status, seems like confirmation he’s dead? I hope Mike Moh enjoyed his five minutes of screentime at the beginning of the pilot. These visions also suggest that Maximus killed his parents, which seems likely since we saw Black Bolt destroy them with his voice . Unless Maximus manipulated that to happen? Guess we’ll find out eventually.

Once he wakes up, Maximus is determined to crush all opposition. He sends his new conscripts after Black Bolt and the others, even though many of them have mostly worked in mines and others are still minors. When Tybor brings up that the people of Attilan won’t like their new ruler as much when they learn that he’s drafting minors,  Maximus insists that the people will love him no matter what. Furthermore, he says that if this leads to Black Bolt killing the young soldiers sent against him, then it will all rebound to Maximus’ benefit. The precognitive Bronaja isn’t too happy to hear that, however, since his father is among the new recruits. And, of course, Maximus isn’t exactly beloved by the people, especially after Tybor informs him of the existence of a conspiracy against him (which seems like a risky move to make as a member of that conspiracy). Things are closing in on all sides for Attilan’s new king.

Freshly reunited (but still missing Crystal), the royals debate how to handle Maximus. Gorgon insists that they storm his keep without further delay, but Medusa wants to wait until Karnak recovers and can come up with a strategy. She also insists on taking Maximus alive, much to the chagrin of Black Bolt, who wants to “take down” his brother in the final sense. Thank God for Serinda Swan; the personality she shows in this scene is much needed on Inhumans.

After getting a call from Auran, revealing that she’s holding Declan and the rest of his group hostage at his own facility, the group agrees to split into two teams. Karnak and Gorgon will take the facility and free the hostages, while Black Bolt, Medusa, and Louise look for Crystal.

Thankfully, the latter group’s task is made easier by the fact that Crystal is also looking for them. She hits a roadbump, though, when Dave’s ex-girlfriend Audrey returns to the farm angry. She’s seen enough of the news to know that most Inhumans are being rounded up by the government, so she takes out her phone to film Crystal and turn her in to the police. Crystal responds by burning the phone out of her hand.

Dave then has the brilliant idea to send a signal to the rest of her family so they can find her. After ascending the highest peak around, she shoots blasts of lightning — and even the oblivious Louise recognizes that lightning doesn’t strike twice. They make for that point, and soon the sisters are reunited. With a little help from Lockjaw, they’re even able to shake off Audrey’s suspicions. (Recap continues on next page)

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