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The Gifted

S2 E8
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November 27, 2018 at 09:00 PM EST

After a break last week, the two main topics of tonight’s episode are Magneto and insulin, so how could I not love it?

The Magneto segment comes from Lorna, who finally gets a whole episode to wrestle with her father’s legacy. Up until now, it’s been heavily implied that, just as in the X-Men comics, Polaris is secretly the daughter of Magneto. That name is still not used, but this episode all but confirms it. He’s mentioned as the infamous leader of the Brotherhood who often appeared on the news, and his signature red-purple helmet is a recurring symbol.

Most episodes this season have opened with a flashback that gives context to specific characters’ actions. This one, by contrast, is littered with flashbacks from across Lorna’s life. Some of them show her and Marcos in bed in happier days, discussing their absent fathers. Others actually show us teen punk Lorna, wrestling with that absence in real time. We see how conflicted her emotions are about her dad. On her 13th birthday, she trudges toward her house only to find a small gift from him, containing the metal disc shaped like his famous helmet that we’ve seen her toy with in the present day. It even comes with a note addressed to Lorna, “my North Star.” At first, we see happiness spread across Lorna’s face but soon enough she rips the note into pieces — though she keeps the disc. Most people have a hard enough time figuring out how to feel about their parents when said parents aren’t absent and genocidal terrorists. Clearly, Lorna has complex emotions about it.

These emotions are relevant to the present day because Lorna has to make a big decision about what to do with baby Dawn. The Inner Circle is reeling in the wake of Rebecca’s massacre at Creed Financial. When Lorna angrily snipes at her in the getaway car, Rebecca becomes convinced that the Inner Circle only ever wanted her as a weapon. So she uses her powers to shift herself out of the car, giving Andy a goodbye kiss on the way out. Even with her gone, though, things are heating up. Angry humans have broken out into vengeful riots that have resulted in several deaths. Esme tells Lorna that in order to ensure Dawn’s safety, they’ll need to send her to a private school in Switzerland.

Lorna takes Dawn to Marcos’ apartment so he can say goodbye to his daughter. Once again Marcos is indignant about being separated from her, and once again there’s not much he can do about it. He tells Lorna that Dawn deserves to grow up with her family and not live without her parents like they both did. But now that she’s in a similar situation as her father, Lorna starts to see his reasoning behind hiding her in a small town while he went off to fight for his pro-mutant vision of the world. In fact, she ultimately makes exactly the same choice as he did. She takes Marcos’ advice to a point and decides not to ship Dawn off to Switzerland. Instead, Lorna gives Dawn to the woman who raised her, in the very same small town where she grew up. Hopefully, Dawn gets to grow up with a little more love in her life.

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