Daisy and Ruby finally clash, and almost everyone has a relationship update
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ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." - Season Three

Following a week of reviews and teases about the long-awaited showdown between Daisy Johnson and Ruby Hale, this episode doesn’t wait long to deliver the goods.

After Coulson and Talbot escaped the Hydra base through that alien teleporter last week, both Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. followed in pursuit. Ruby has the advantage of the teleporter machine, with the settings still set where Coulson left them. But Daisy has her own ace in the hole in the form of young Robin Hinton, whose drawing of Coulson and Talbot standing among snowy mountains is actually pretty accurate (despite Deke’s snark). Just as Talbot starts to falter in the snow and Ruby prepares for the kill, Daisy shows up to blast her. Ruby isn’t afraid to admit she still has a poster of Daisy in her room, but the goal isn’t to become like her, but to beat her. Daisy invites her young rival to try, and they get into a fierce hand-to-hand battle. Ruby’s circular blade weapons are definitely impressive, but they’re no match for Daisy’s quake powers, and before long, Ruby is face-down, unconscious in the snow.

Ruby’s not alone, however. Her mother followed her through the portal, so just when Deke goes to secure Ruby’s weapons, Hale shoots him with a massive gun. That’s a wrap for now, as Daisy gets Coulson, Talbot, and the now-wounded Deke into the ship, and they fly away. Hale gets the injured Ruby back to their base.

Deke isn’t holding up well. When a first-aid kit isn’t enough to stop the bleeding, Coulson and Daisy call for FitzSimmons’ help… but unfortunately, our favorite newly married British couple isn’t there to answer. They’ve already made off with Yo-Yo to find Hydra’s secret weapon. The facility containing the infuser is, in fact, located in Simmons’ home country of England — exactly where she’d always wanted to have their honeymoon, hence this week’s episode title. They find our old friend Ivanov in charge of the facility, which is bad news. Nothing good happens when that Russian cyborg is around.

Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo manage to infiltrate the Hydra base and damage the infusion machine, but there’s a big problem: It turns out Yo-Yo’s new mechanical hands weren’t built to move at superspeed, so they’re overloading her with electric energy. I’d say that’s a pretty big oversight when it comes to designing equipment for a speedster, but hey, everybody’s got a lot going on. I understand.

Fitz and Simmons have a new rule to never leave each other behind, so they stay to hold off the evil robots while they send Yo-Yo to call for backup.

She is, of course, immediately intercepted by Ivanov. It’s cyborg vs. cyborg time! At first, Ivanov seems to have the advantage since he can’t feel pain, but Yo-Yo soon remembers her even bigger advantage. Knowing she can’t die, she tackles Ivanov out the high-story window. She uses his body as a cushion for the landing and turns him into spare parts — which conveniently deactivates all the other robots.

Seems like they’re heading for a win, except that’s when Ruby and Strucker show up. Ruby holds Simmons at knifepoint and demands that Fitz fix the infuser. Now we know why the timeline keeps ending in Earth’s destruction every time. It’s not so much a matter of spacetime and metaphysics as it is the fact that Fitz simply cannot let Simmons die, even if it would save the world.

There’s actually a lot of relationship in this episode. After Mack and Piper save Deke in surgery, he gets hopped up on pain drugs and starts blathering about how much he wants to kiss Daisy (“but only if she wants to, because that makes it nice”). They politely knock him out before Daisy arrives.

Perhaps in even bigger news, May finally tells Coulson why she refuses to accept his self-imposed death sentence. Not only is Daisy not ready to take over as leader, May feels affronted that Coulson keeps taking suicidal risks without consulting her — because she loves him. And there, she finally found a way to shut him up.

Talbot is caught in a much darker version of love. When he finally finds an untraceable phone to contact his family, his wife greets him by reading from a piece of paper telling him to “comply.” He agrees, whatever that means.

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ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." - Season Three
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