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December 15, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST

With his previous enforcer exiled to Earth and eaten by roaches, the junkyard king Grill needs a new enforcer to do his dirty work. He settles on Mack, whose gentle personality is somewhat covered up by his impressive muscles. Grill wants to put those muscles to use and have Mack rough up a man named Gunner who owes the junkyard king some money.

Mack’s hesitant, but luckily he’s got a badass girlfriend who knows how to fight to survive. She takes the lead when they find Gunner, talking tough and using Mack’s strength as a threat. It soon becomes clear, though, that everything is not as it seems. Gunner’s behind on his payment because he’s busy with a package; when Mack threatens to destroy that package unless he pays up, Gunner reacts with unbridled horror. After all, the “package” is nothing less than a human baby, Gunner’s new child.

They sure don’t make humans like they used to! Elsewhere in the station, Deke gives Coulson and May the story. Nobody gets pregnant anymore; instead, Kasius and his subordinates grow the babies artificially, because this increases the chance of creating new Inhumans, which Kasius needs to continue funding his operation. In fact, Coulson and May see that the newest baby was spliced with DNA from Daisy … which means Deke was lying when he said he didn’t know where Daisy was. They’re soon interrupted by Sinara and Kree warriors, who May stays behind to deal with.

He may have betrayed Daisy, but Deke does seem to have genuine intentions. He lost his parents because they were both elders who held onto the hope of the prophecy. As a result, Kasius exiled them to the surface, where they were presumably devoured by roaches. But Deke recognized his father’s voice on the radio transmission Coulson received from Virgil’s contact, which means he still may be alive. So he wants to help them reach the surface, but he’ll have to earn Coulson’s trust first. For now, that means giving up his precious silver coin so that Gunner can pay off his debt. Oh, and Coulson also seals him in his room for the time being. Can’t be too careful.

Grill is happy with Mack’s performance getting Grill to pay up, but Mack’s not. When Gunner reacted to Mack’s violent threats by telling him he doesn’t deserve a child, our guy absolutely lost it, beating the crap out of Gunner until Yo-Yo finally pulled him off. They’ll need to get out of this horrible place soon, or it might start to change them for good…

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Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) assembles a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases.
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