Simpson is a little too on his meds, and Luke gets a nasty surprise
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It’s bad enough having a maniac with mind-control abilities to deal with. What Jessica Jones does not need is a drug-addicted super soldier — basically if Captain America was a dickhead — on her case while she’s trying to figure out how to deal with a suicide and a bunch of near suicides.

When the action picks back up after the previous episode’s insane shocker, Jessica’s thoughts focus more on the past than what’s in front of her, and that might be for the best. Because what’s in front of her isn’t great either. We see the moments leading up to the car crash that took away her parents and brother again, but then the memory shifts to when she first regained consciousness in the hospital room. Trish was there, with her cartoonishly evil mother. Apparently, the young starlet had a little mishap involving fire and alcohol at a nightclub recently — who hasn’t been there? — and Mrs. Walker sees the recently orphaned Jessica as a solid diversionary tactic.

Real nice, Mrs. Walker.

Back at the restaurant and in the present day, Jessica quickly formulates a plan for how she and the other survivors will avoid too much scrutiny around Hope’s death. They’ll tell the police that they were all at the (closed) bar to get a drink with Jessica’s former client and that then Hope killed herself in front of them all. Though the group is hesitant to go along with the lie at first, they eventually see the strategy in Jessica’s plan and agree to it.

And so everyone is free to go about their way, and for Jessica, that takes her over to Trish’s, where the two friends talk about the likelihood of Albert still being alive (not good) and how badly Jessica wants to actually murder Kilgrave (real bad). The trouble is that Jessica isn’t getting nearly the amount of sleep she needs to stay clear-eyed and full-hearted so that she can’t lose against Kilgrave. But as always when you’re Jessica Jones, there is work to be done.

That work is going from morgue to morgue looking for Albert’s body and hoping that the corpse will point Jess and Trish in Kilgrave’s direction. It’s pretty bleak, but not as depressing as the morgue worker who fashions himself a foodie. Trish uses her connections to get the guy a table at a fancy restaurant, which buys them text updates about the morgue’s intake. After a false “good night,” Jess continues to follow the trail all night in a cab, which eventually leads her to a spot that may have once been a morgue but now appears to be a club or something. Exhausted, Jessica takes a sit and a light doze that ends up being one of the most traumatic naps ever. In her half-awake stupor, she believes she sees Kilgrave, because what other self-respecting man would wear that much purple? She follows the man into the street and right into the front of a delivery truck. You know, Trish might have been right about that whole sleeping thing.

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While Jess is bouncing back from getting hit by a truck, Trish is dealing with something equally annoying: Simpson. The stalker has tracked her down to her radio show and is hoping to explain why he attacked her, as if telling her more about the context of the choking will bring to light the fact that he’s actually a really good guy. It was the drugs, he explains. But she doesn’t have to worry about any of that now. He’s quit, so there will be no more Nuke-ing out from Simpson. Totally, dude. He is still looking for Jessica though, which isn’t a great sign.

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And Jessica is looking for some Saran wrap to brace her bruised guts, which Trish kindly applies at her apartment. Her friend is justifiably worried about what Hope’s sacrifice has done to Jessica’s psyche. Even the hug Jessica received from the truck wasn’t enough to convince her to take it easy. If anything, Jessica is more driven to get Kilgrave than ever. She’s even willing to kill a bunch of puppies if it means the mind-controller’s death. Puppies.

That’s cold, but is it worse than hitting your daughter with a People’s Choice Awards, the worst of all award shows? That’s a tough call. Either way, that’s what Trish’s mom did to her during a flashback to Jessica’s early days in the Walker household. Overhearing the domestic abuse in the next room, the recently orphaned teen unwittingly tests her powers on a marble sink, which Trish guesses is 150 pounds. (Who talks like this? Did 100 seem to low and 200 seemed to high?) Jessica’s strength, at least for the time being, is a secret between the two and one of the things that bonds them.

Back in modern-day Trish’s apartment, she’s still dealing with maniacs. It was her mother then, and now it’s Simpson, who is doing his best desperate stalker impression outside Trish’s door. It’s not cute and — despite the fact that he’s a super drug-taking soldier — surprisingly realistic. And though the one pill, two pill, red pill, blue pill thing is a transplant from the comics, I can’t help but laugh about the 2015 meaning “red pill” has taken on, used by bros who are frustrated about the disappearing role of “true” men in society. Simpson is a red pill-swallowing villain, and he gets his ass kicked by a woman. Intentional or not, I love it.

But before that much-deserved beatdown, two of Dr. Kozlov’s men arrive to take Simpson back into the program. The cop disposes of them quickly and then turns his focus to Trish, who he locks up, and Jessica, who he gets a hold of with Trish’s phone. The detective, having already discovered Clemons’ burnt body in the morgue is suspicious of Simpson, and when he arrives at her apartment, it isn’t long before the truth comes out.

And the truth comes out in the form of many, many punches, most of them to Jessica’s injured ribs. Jacked up on red pills, Simpson is a physical match for the slightly debilitated Jessica, and their fight takes them all over her apartment, even through her walls. Soon, Simpson has the upper hand, and by the time that Trish arrives at the apartment, things aren’t looking good. But Trish has a plan. She takes one of Simpson’s red pills and is now strong enough to fight back. There is a catch though. Through Kozlov’s program, Simpson had developed a high tolerance to the drugs, a tolerance that Trish definitely doesn’t have. Unless she finds some of the blue pills that Simpson tossed out the window, her brain will forget to tell her lungs to breath, and that’s what happens after she finishes Simpson off.

With nowhere to turn, Jessica calls an ambulance, and the paramedic that takes her away thinks quick enough to save her. Soon Trish is breathing normally, and Kozlov’s men arrive at Jess’ to take away their rogue agent so that he may return in a possible second season of Jessica Jones and/or Daredevil.

The hour nearly ends on a positive note, until an unknown number texts Jessica. It’s pretty obvious that it’s Kilgrave, and that’s the impression she gets. That’s worrying because the text mentions the sender running into Jessica’s “boyfriend,” Luke without a doubt. Power Man was hinted at earlier in the episode, when Jessica was talking about the two people she still looked out for, which then became one person. From outside the bar, Jessica can see Luke, but their brief moment of eye contact is rudely interrupted by an annoying explosion, which decimates the entire building.

But Luke walks out mostly unharmed because he’s just that cool.

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