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December 26, 2017 at 10:04 AM EST

Jonah, seeing how the Pride failed so epically, tells the members they’ll simply have to store Victor in one of the boxes and conserve his energy until they figure out what to do. Janet asks if he’s going to be okay, but Jonah can’t say either way. Instead, all the men help carry the box away to storage. Considering everything he did, maybe this is what Victor deserves.

But that’ll be a mystery to solve for another day. While all this had been happening, Nico and Alex have had a tense conversation about exactly how much Alex knew of Nico’s sister Amy’s death. A lot, it seems: He finally tells Nico that he knew the password to Tina’s office because he — as we see in flashbacks — had seen Amy freak out after learning that someone had hacked into her laptop, keeping track of all of her keystrokes. Tina had hacked her own daughter, but after Amy cracked her mom’s password — all she wanted to do was beat Tina at her own game and perhaps sell some company secrets — she became a target for Tina’s wrath.

Hearing this, though, doesn’t convince Nico that Amy killed herself because she was too afraid of Tina. Nico explains that there must have been something else to Amy’s final day, and decides she’ll have to search her sister’s room again to see what Amy was really planning. At home, she finds a backpack Amy had shoved under her bed that Tina never found. Inside is her cell phone, which Nico immediately plugs in.

Just then, the video Alex had been decrypting finally starts playing: It’s the video of the Pride’s first sacrifice, and boom: Now the Runaways have two more pieces to the puzzle. That was easy!

Not so fast. After Victor’s carried away in a glowing box, Janet checks on Chase and blatantly lies to him about how his father’s being taken care of properly by the Pride. Gert, Karolina, and Old Lace step out of the shadows after Janet leaves, and then the group leaves as Alex has texted them the good news.

When they arrive, Alex explains just how great the proof they have is. Chase, though, looks warily at Alex’s laptop, telling him that this isn’t the right time for them to share the video, because if something happens to the Pride, Victor will never heal. Alex and Chase end up wrestling over the laptop, and Chase, of course, wins the fight, overpowering his friend and smashing up the laptop while the rest of the team screams. Ugh, Chase. After all that, they’re back at square one.

Well, maybe not… There’s still Amy’s phone, which has now lit up to show that the last text she received was “He found out. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!” just before she turned to see someone standing at her door. And there’s whatever Molly’s found at her relative Graciela’s. Graciela gave Molly a letter her parents had left her, which includes a key and a note to “Find Elian.” Elian is the name of Molly’s stuffed elephant, which she once misplaced at a train station. At night, Molly slips away to investigate the station, finds the locker corresponding to the key, and takes out a tape, which… Molly doesn’t recognize. C’mon, Molly, you’ve never seen a VCR?! Oh wait, of course you haven’t. Sigh. I feel old.

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