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November 28, 2017 at 04:09 PM EST

Back at the Yorkeses’ place, Molly sits in her room drafting an email to Catherine Wilder with questions about her parents. (Queries include: “Were either of them super strong?” and “What happened the night they died?” Not sure if Catherine would want to answer either of those.) She gets distracted by a noise downstairs — a noise, it turns out, caused by the dinosaur, who’s returned home to cause some chaos. Molly uses her super strength to keep the dinosaur from eating her, but at the last minute, Gert dashes in to get things under control. Gert realizes that she really does have a connection to the creature, which listens to what she says — and even Dale and Stacey are stunned by this when they return home and find that their daughters have managed to contain their pet.

Before they can celebrate, however, Tina arrives to confront the Yorkeses about their absence from the emergency meeting, during which Leslie had reported that the Gross Flaky Guy is doing worse, and the rest of the Pride came up with a plan. We’ll get to that — for now, Tina’s delighted to see Dale and Stacey squirming; earlier that day, she had already hired a tattooed man to deliver her information about the Yorkeses in exchange for a wad of cash, and now she gets to reveal what she’s learned and threaten them properly.

Tina tells Dale and Stacey she knows the Hernandezes — Molly’s parents — left them an off-the-grid ranch in the Yucatan, a perfect location to run to if they ever wanted to leave the Pride scot free. Now that Tina knows about it, they can’t. Their dreams are dashed, and even their protection — the dinosaur — can’t save them. “It’s over,” Stacey sobs after Tina leaves. Gert tries to ask about what happened, but it’s the worst moment to do so: Distraught, Dale lashes out at Gert, and Gert retreats. It’s a strong, brief scene that illustrates a typical parent-teen argument, only with much higher, super stakes.

Before all this, though, the other parents carried out some nefarious deeds as well. Victor claims that he’s just been too stressed and that he can fix everything if they give him another shot at using the box. This time, they can’t use another runaway from the church, so he and Robert — awkward — attempt to kidnap a homeless person as their next offering to Leslie’s procedure. They fail brilliantly and wind up caught by the cops, just two dads trying to force a passed-out drunk into the back of a van.

Aaaand that’s how Nico and Alex wind up spotting them at the police station after school. Stunned, they leave hastily and regroup at a cafe, where Alex looks into the drive Gert’s delivered. He manages to get past the encryption and discovers everything they need to implicate their parents, even if it’s clear now that their parents have struck a deal with the police. Inside the Ultra file are dossiers on runaways including Destiny, with at least one a year going back 15 years. All of the people labeled for Leslie are missing now, so it’s easy to see what these files are for: They’re all candidates the Pride has chosen for their sacrifices.

Meanwhile, Leslie checks in again on her Gross Flaky Guy. He pleads for help, and she offers it by stripping naked, crawling into bed next to him, and — eeeeek — glowing under the sheets before leaving to find Frank at her door. He asks her if she’s having an affair, and she dismisses him before switching the subject. She tells him that he’s ready to go Ultra, and tells him that they’ll be expecting him that night.

But if Frank’s now in danger, so is Chase. Victor returns home and catches his son fiddling with his inventions, which he calls fistigons, and tears Chase’s prototype apart. He then forces Chase to sit down and tell him exactly what his idea is, down to the last detail, including how the invention makes him feel. Victor says they can work on it together — a plan that’s sure to fall to pieces as soon as Victor’s temper gets the better of him.

The episode ends with Nico calling Karolina about what she and Alex have discovered in Leslie’s files. Karolina looks shocked as she listens to Nico’s report while watching her parents spin around joyfully beside their pool. Just then, as Nico tells Karolina to join them at the cafe, Nico realizes the car alarm Alex had gone to disable outside is still going off. When she exits the cafe, she sees Alex struggling with unseen captors as they take him into a van and drive off.

So, yet again, Runaways leaves us with a million more questions to be answered: Where’s Alex now? What really happened to Amy? Is Victor okay? (He’s obviously not, but what’s going on?) And finally, is someone going to finally name Old Lace “Old Lace” or do I have to keep referring to her — yes, her, Gert! — as “the dinosaur”? Come on, Runaways — you made Karolina’s light show look just like it did in the comics, afterglow and all. Surely you can throw fans this bone, too.

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