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The episode’s named after the Pride’s poor victim, but it’s really all about Molly, the most powerful yet overlooked member of the Runaways so far. The youngest of the kids, Molly had been left orphaned a decade ago after her parents died in a fire, and as we find out in the flashback that begins the hour, Stacey and Dale were particularly affected by the loss of the Hernandezes, which is why they offer Molly a place in their family.

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But could there be something else underneath their sympathy? From the sound of Janet and Catherine’s conversation, the fire may not have been an accident after all. Geoffrey also confronts Robert about Tina covering up something on her hand, but Robert brushes the insinuation away, saying that the Pride doesn’t keep secrets from each other. And Stacey and Dale, it seems, had seen Molly’s parents that night before the incident.

Who knows what really happened? In present day, Molly’s most concerned about her changes and her missing kitty pin, which her mom had given her. It’s two more stressors on top of everything else the kids are facing, and Molly can barely contain her frustration when the six meet at the beach that morning to talk about Destiny, who has posted a new photo of herself in London, saying she went on a church trip abroad. It all feels wrong, and after Alex asks the team to break up and do some PI work, Molly tries to bring up the fact that the Yorkes have a creature in their basement, but gets dismissed. She stalks off first from the meeting, annoyed.

She’s not the only one. Earlier that morning, Karolina received a few texts showing the battered faces of the jocks who had tried to take advantage of her the night before — not that she remembers anything about it — and when she asks Chase, he just brushes it off, promising to call her later.

In fact, it looks everyone’s now hiding something. Victor is having hallucinations of a badly scarred Destiny asking to be set free, Dale and Stacey try not to look too annoyed that their latest invention, a serum that erases memories, has been invested in largely by the insufferable Tina Minoru, and Robert and Janet are carrying on an affair. It’s a relationship born out of how much each of them can’t stand their respective spouses: Janet is never not cowering away from an aggressive Victor, while Robert’s been pushed away by Tina for years because of what happened to their daughter. And now, even when Tina takes him out on a date and pulls a Fifty Shades on him in the middle of the restaurant, he can’t meet her halfway. “You shoved me out for two years, and then you show up tonight 100 miles an hour,” he tells Tina. “It’s too confusing.”

The Wilders, too, are baffled, but for a completely different reason: Molly’s pin, found in Geoffrey’s study. Geoffrey tries to tell his wife not to go all in on interrogating Molly, but Catherine says there’s no other way around it. Instead, she preps some of the Yorkes’ Synnergy serum — the one that’ll make people forget — which Geoffrey warns could cause too much harm. They had used it on Frank Dean, he points out, and he’s never been the same. But Catherine says it’s a necessary evil, and she sets out to question poor Molly. (NEXT: Much ado about Destiny…)

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