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Panicked, the kids barely make it out of the chamber. Without knowing how to push the door back open, Molly powers up and pushes the wall away, leading all of them to collapse on the floor outside the secret passageway. They make a mad dash back to the guest house, but Alex pauses and concocts a plan to distract their parents. He shuts off the lights and makes it look like a circuit blew, allowing them some time to think of a plan.

Good, because thinking of a plan at the moment isn’t easy for any of them. Karolina’s in denial that her mom could have done anything to hurt Destiny, Chase thinks that maybe his father was experimenting with time travel, and Gert says that maybe her parents were conducting a harmless experiment. Only Nico states the obvious: “I think our parents killed that girl.”

Whatever the case may be, they know now that their parents were up to something very, very illegal, and so they pretend to have been hanging out in the guest house the whole time when the Wilders arrive to check that they didn’t see a thing. They manage to convince them they were nowhere near the sacrifice, and the Wilders walk away pleased. Not that they should be: Back downstairs, Victor, who’s cleaning up alone, discovers that Destiny didn’t dematerialize. Instead, she’s still in the box, begging for his help. And at the church offices, Frank is doing some snooping on Leslie’s schedule, discovering that she spends an inordinate amount of time in “private meditation.” He tries to investigate the white room, but gets stopped. As one of Gibborim’s followers tells him, “With all due respect, Mr. Dean, you’re not Mrs. Dean.”

So for now, the party’s over — for Frank, and for everyone at Alex’s. The parents gather back with their kids, who have now agreed to act normal before reconvening the next day to figure out what to do about Destiny, and Alex even coaxes Nico out of the bathroom to help her go back home. He tells her she’s not alone. Everyone’s now involved in whatever is happening with their crazy parents.

Nico, back at her house, spies on her mom putting the staff away. Chase works out after riding in Victor’s Leapfrog — a self-driving SUV he made with extra-large trunk space — while Karolina contemplates her bracelet and the secrets behind what it does to her. She sends Destiny a quick text, asking if she’s okay. The two had exchanged numbers earlier that day, but for now, we don’t see a response…

Molly crawls into Gert’s bed that night, scared. She explains that something weird is happening to her on top of all the weird things going on, and then asks Gert to sing her the song. It’s a sweet lullaby that, as Gert sings, travels through the vents down to the lair of the dinosaur, Old Lace, who perks up at the sound of Gert’s voice.

Back at the Wilders’, Geoffrey is still rattled by the events of the meeting. Catherine finds him drinking alone, wondering whether what they do is right. She’s convinced that it’s all for the greater good; he points out that no matter how far he gets away from his gang, he’s still killing. (Hey, look, some supervillains do have moral compasses!) He may bring valuable ties to the Pride, including relations with politicians and policy-makers, but what he also brings is his past.

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Even so, Catherine tells him that it’s better not to worry about all that for now. They’re done with Pride, they’re done with today, and they’ll move forward tomorrow. And yet…just as Geoffrey starts exiting his study, he steps on something bright pink: Molly’s pink kitty pin, which must have fallen from her hair after the kids stumbled back out of the secret chamber. Geoffrey peers at it, confused — and once again, suspicious. Uh oh.

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