It truly is Mariah's world ... we just live in it
RECAP: 12/4/16: ALL CROPS: MARIAH'S WORLD -- "Paris" -- Pictured: Mariah Carey -- (Photo by: Roger Do Minh/E! Entertainment) NUP_173584_0611.JPG
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Welcome to Mariah’s World, E!’s new docuseries about Mariah Carey, the modern day diva who’s ready to turn reality shows on their heads with an entourage to rival that of 30 Rock’s Queen of Jordan.

Over eight episodes, E! will dive into Mariah’s life as she tries to plan, postpone, then cancel a wedding to now ex-fiancé James Packer and set up a massive European tour, all in just a few weeks.

With the help of her boss-queen manager Stella, Stella’s tearful assistant Molly, and her rock solid dance crew — seriously, these guys have marble abs — Mariah shows fans what it’s like to be a diva. But Mariah’s World is filmed less like a fly-on-the-wall reality series and more like Mariah’s personal vlog-on-a-YouTube channel. Instead of ignoring the cameras, Mariah speaks directly to viewers, warning them not to catch her without makeup or while she’s rehearsing. (But they do, of course, and she knows they will.) It’s all lighthearted, a joke she’s in on that taps into her heightened self-awareness. “They want her to be grand, they want her to be accessible,” she says during one dance rehearsal, mimicking the public’s expectations of her life. “They want her to have glamorous clothes. They don’t want her to have glamorous clothes.”

So in Mariah’s World, anything goes… as long as that anything is approved by the “Heartbreaker” herself. Here are the five best moments from the series premiere of Mariah’s World.

Introducing Stella…

Meet Stella Bulochnikov, Mariah’s new manager who — shocker! — rubs people the wrong way. A newcomer to Mariah’s camp, Stella is here to shake things up, fire some folks, and make Mariah a whole bunch of moolah. She revamps the entourage, works round the clock to get Mariah’s upcoming European tour in shape, and takes Packer to task in pre-nup negotiations. She also hires a flighty new assistant Molly who she expects to abide by two rules: No crying and no dating for a year. (Molly’s live-in boyfriend is not pleased.)

But while Stella’s a whip-cracking boss set on making Mariah look as good as possible, she’s also like a sister to our fair diva. She stays up until 3 a.m. with her during rehearsals, helps plan her wedding, and tells the camera, “This is where I’m supposed to be.”

A Bianca Storm cameo

Remember Bianca Storm, the brunette villainous vixen from Mariah’s “Heartbreaker” video? A.k.a. Mariah in a brown wig? Longtime fans will be thrilled when Bianca Storm shows up to do a confessional in Mariah’s World. Slinging disses, Mariah’s “alter-ego/arch-nemesis” is here to show viewers the diva’s got jokes.

Mariah’s constant breaking of the fourth wall

Credit: E!

And in another scene, when she’s trying on her wedding dress, the designer motions to her head and suggests a tiara could work with the look. “Just a little tiara,” Mariah agrees, all but winking at the camera.

Her confessionals are filmed in boudoir settings, with Mariah wrapped in lace lingerie sets and heels, silk robes and teddies, loungewear made to lift, plump, set, and contract. She’s a diva goddamnit, and her world is made for one.

Dance rehearsals

Credit: E!

With only two weeks to prepare for the launch of her European tour, Mariah gets right down to work with her dance captain Anthony. They’ve been working together for years, and like Anthony says, “You just always wait for Mariah for like two hours.”

In a few scenes, Anthony shows Mariah what he and his team have planned for the tour. There are slick abs, sexy dance steps, and down-low grinding before Mariah has to make a gut-wrenching decision: Which two guys will she cut?! (Tabloid readers will be thrilled to see guest appearances from her backup dancer-turned-beach partner Bryan Tanaka.)

Then later, she plants another seed of controversy with her dancers. Anthony wants to try the “lift,” where they carry Mariah on a bed-like throne. She’s scared because she dislocated her shoulder that way once. Drrr-ah-maaah!

An Apple TV meltdown

But s— doesn’t hit the fan until Mariah and her crew travel to Glasgow to start the European run. After a three-hour delay because the nanny lost her passport, Mariah and Stella head to rehearsals in a fit of stress and fur, discussing everything that could go wrong.

But back at the hotel, poor Molly is tasked with setting up Mariah’s Apple TV. It won’t work! “The Apple TV. That’s the most important thing for Miss M.C.,” Molly tells the camera. “If she can’t have the Apple TV playing while she’s sleeping, then she can’t sleep. If she can’t sleep, she can’t perform. If she can’t perform, there’s no show. If it’s not there, everything else falls apart.”

Molly can’t get it set up right away and things do indeed start to fall apart. But not until next week!

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