Murphy Station is sent on a dangerous mission to Pakistan
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There are only two episodes left in the second season of Madam Secretary, and it seems like they’re preparing us for one hell of a season finale. After tonight’s episode, everyone pretty much just wants to know one thing: Will Henry make it out of Pakistan alive? For the moment, let’s all try to be optimistic. They can’t really kill off Henry, can they?

While the episode started with Bess and Henry sitting down with a therapist, their relationship quickly took a back seat when the focus shifted to Jibral Disah, as it always does in recent episodes. I predict someone will kill him in the season finale, and I kind of hope it’s Henry who gets to pull the trigger. How great would that be? He feels guilt over Dmitri but murders the most-wanted terrorist in the U.S. I think we could all get on board with that ending and a win may just help Henry feel better in the end.

This episode wasn’t the strongest we’ve seen this season, but it did set up a lot for the finale, which is exciting. Last week we learned from Hijriyyah that Disah was hiding out in Islamabad in a residential neighborhood. The focus of the episode is trying to come up with a plan of attack against Disah while maintaining their nuclear tracking agreement with Pakistan.

In case you forgot, in an episode titled “On The Clock,” Pakistan and India were attempting to make peace before a Pakistani plane crashed in India. Bess and Dalton had to broker negotiations between the two countries and finally got India to give them the bomb and in turn handed it back to Pakistan, under the agreement that they would allow the U.S. to track their nuclear weapons arsenal. Basically, the gist is that the Prime Minister was trying to keep that agreement under wraps because he didn’t want the people of Pakistan to know the U.S. was monitoring them. That agreement plays a huge role in tonight’s episode, so keep that in mind as we dive into it.

I should probably start with the political aspects of the episode, but it’s so much more fun to talk about Bess and Henry’s relationship, am I right?

Bess and Henry are officially in therapy, and while I’m happy they are getting help, it also makes me sad that they actually had to go get help — because even on a bad day they solve problems better than any couple I know. We’ve been watching Henry push his Dmitri drama under the rug for so long that it’s nice to see him finally open up and talk about it, especially since last week he told Bess that every time he looks at her face he’s reminded of his failure with Dmitri.

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I have faith in their relationship and even more so after he called her from Pakistan to tell her the story about the Jane Austen ball. To sum it up quickly, Bess told Henry she couldn’t hang out one night in college because she was going with her roommate to a Jane Austen ball. Even though she ended up bailing on the roommate, Henry got a top hat and a coat tail and went to surprise her at the dance she never showed up to. As if that story wasn’t enough he then tells her, “I will always show up for you.” Right when you think their relationship might not make it, he goes and says something that perfect. A little cheesy, but it’s Henry McCord. He pulls off cheesy quite well.

Henry needs to get home safe from Pakistan so we can see beers and bowling in action.

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All right, on to the serious stuff.

Dalton meets with Bess and other high-ranking officials to discuss strategy on Jibral Disah. They’re hoping that the Pakistani government will work with them to capture and kill Disah, but first they have to figure out if the government has been helping Hizb al-Shahid. Dalton says the nuclear tracking agreement they have with Prime Minister Khoosat is key to global nuclear security and more important than finding Disah.

Sidenote: It’s very weird that Russell Jackson was not in that meeting. Why would the White House Chief of Staff not be in there?

Bess comes up with a genius plan (shocking, right?) to bait the Pakistan Foreign Minister by feeding him disinformation and if Hizb al-Shahid finds out, then they will know the government is working with them. At a reception that night, she reveals to Foreign Minister Konstantin Abedi that they’ve traced funding to Hizb al-Shahid back to accounts in Islamabad. He promises that he will close out the accounts right away and do anything else they ask to stop them.

The next day, Jose’s spy in Pakistan tells the U.S. that Hizb al-Shahid emptied all their accounts and moved them back to Libya, confirming the Pakistan government is working with the terrorist group. Unfortunately, that means Murphy Station is being sent to Islamabad to plan an attack themselves from the U.S. Embassy.

Henry, Jane, and Jose head to Pakistan, where they find out that Hizb al-Shahid is trying to buy military grade EFPs (roadside bombs). While tracking two radicals they realize that they are planting the bombs in the middle of a parade route where Prime Minister Khoosat would be the next day.

Dalton and Bess call the Prime Minister to confront him about harboring Jibral Disah and the fact that the government was helping the terrorist group. It was pretty obvious that Khoosat has absolutely no idea what they were talking about, which of course means his government is working against him. Never a good thing.

In classic Madam Secretary fashion, things only got worse from there. That night Pakistan’s Foreign Minister tweeted about the agreement between the U.S. and the Prime Minister and people were not happy. Riots were breaking out and they were pretty much calling for Khoosat’s head. The U.S. evacuated the embassy and offered a security detail to the Prime Minister, but he didn’t take it and ended up getting attacked in his car trying to flee. We still don’t know if he made it out alive, but I’m going to take a guess and say no.

Right as the evacuation is taking place, Murphy Station finally gets a location on Jibral and decides to stay behind, using the chaos in the streets to get close to him undetected.

Phew, that’s a lot to take in.

The episode ends with Bess saying they need to send troops into Pakistan because there are 100 nuclear warheads unprotected, with a fallen regime and multiple terrorists hanging out in the area. I would say the U.S. needs to lock that up pretty quickly.

Plus, someone needs to save Murphy Station before someone gets hurt.

Minor Debriefings:

  • Best line of the episode: “If crab puffs bring world peace, then I’m all for sharing.” Blake, for the win.
  • Jose’s comment about never doing something out of passion and never risking your life to save someone seemed like foreshadowing to me.
  • Henry McCord looks damn good shooting a gun.
  • Finally, just want to give a shoutout to Matt, who finally showed some depth to his personality, even if it didn’t really fit well with what was happening throughout the episode. Glad to see him and Nadine bonding.

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