The United States and Russia are teaming up to fight Hizb al-Shahid
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There’s trouble in paradise for Bess and Henry — and while there were sweet moments shared between their arguments, it definitely seems like we haven’t seen the end of this fight. Henry has way too much pent up emotion over Dmitri’s death for it not to be a factor the rest of the season. On top of that you literally never want to hear, “You remind me of how I failed.” Nope. That’s rough. Even if it was followed up with “Whatever happens, we’re together.” Stop messing with our emotions, Henry!

The episode begins with Henry having a nightmare about Dmitri. Just a recap for those who may have forgotten what went down. During the mid-season finale, Bess and Dalton made a deal with Russia that stopped the war. Part of that deal was handing Dmitri over to them. Just as Jane and Henry’s rescue mission was happening, they aborted at the last second. Henry had to watch as they drove past a confused kid, who was then picked up by the Russian government and killed for being a traitor. It was seriously one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the series.

Dmitri agreed to become a spy in the first place because Henry promised that his sister Talia would be placed in a clinical trial because she was dying. Henry decides to check in on Talia and finds out that she’s been arrested after demanding that Dmitri’s body be sent back to her. The Russian government said he died of a fever, but if she got the body back she would definitely know he was tortured and killed. Henry attempts to hire a lawyer for her, which she declines. On top of all that, his meddling just so happens to be taking place right when Bess is trying to form a coalition with Russia to fight Hizb al-Shahid. Dramatic, right?

At this point Bess and Henry’s storylines are now starting to intertwine. Destroying Hizb al-Shahid is the top priority and everyone is playing their part. Murphy Station is working on getting Hijriyyah to talk now that they’ve brought her to the U.S. and Bess is formally condemning the terrorist group.

Let’s start with Bess’ task. She goes to New York and stands in front of the United Nations General Assembly to ask for help in the fight against Hizb al-Shahid. Her speech was strong and hopefully in future episodes, there will be other countries working alongside the U.S. in his take down. Today, Bess is focused on Russia. Despite their tumultuous past, she asks the new Foreign Minister, Konstantin Avdonin, to meet with her about setting up a coalition.

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Russia can never just be chill in this show, can they? What do they want in turn for joining the fight? He wants a 10-year moratorium on all NATO expansion into Eastern Europe. Bess says that can’t happen because of the open door policy allowing anyone who meets the requirements into NATO. Avdonin threatens her, saying that eventually she will give them what they want. Ugh, how has no one learned that you don’t threaten Elizabeth McCord? She will take you down, which of course she does … as per usual.

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Meanwhile, a scared, frightened Hijriyyah hasn’t spoken or ate since she got to America, and Jose Campos is being a real dick about it. Let’s talk about Jose Campos for a moment because I kind of hate him. Everything he says, thinks, and does is wrong. Who invited him into this elite group tracking down Jibral Disah? I’m pretty sure the only thing he’s done thus far for Murphy Station is translating. So, there’s that. I wouldn’t be too bummed out if during the capture of Jibral Disah, someone shoots him.

Henry says they should bring Laila Ayyad back in to try and talk to Hijriyyah, which was a far better plan than Jose’s idea to torture information out of a child. Laila agrees to the terms as long as they push forward her brother’s visa, sparking Henry and Elizabeth’s first fight of the evening. Henry says that when it comes down to it, no one can ever get things done, which is kind of true for the U.S.

When Laila talks to Hijriyyah, she learns that it’s not Jibral that she’s scared of, but her father. She told a story about trying to escape the compound one night and when her father found her at a friend’s house, he tied their whole family up (and presumably killed them, although she never actually says it). Sounds like Idris Al Bouri is quite a gem. She says if the U.S. murders her father, she will help them find Jibral.

Now they just have to hunt down Idris Al Bouri, which you’d think would be hard, but no, it seemed quite easy. As it turns out, Idris sells black market oil to the Russian mafia. It all comes down to this deal with Russia now.

Henry and Bess have lunch together, and he tells her that he’s trying to help Talia get out of jail, and she mentions that it could derail her plans with Russia. Cue fight numero dos.

Bess goes back to Avdonin offering a secret provision to the coalition deal agreeing that the U.S. will veto any new Eastern European nation that wants to join NATO for five years and in turn Russia will join them and give them Al Bouri’s location. Ready for the Bess threat of the night? She tells him if they don’t agree then they will push for Eastern European countries to be admitted into NATO instead of stopping them. What’s good, Russia?

They get the location and drone strike Idris Al Bouri. One major terrorist down. After her father’s death, Hijriyyah reveals that Jibral’s plan was to go to Islamabad’s I-8 district, a residential district in Pakistan. I guess this means Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khoosat will be back next week.

The McCords (minus the kids) head off to their country home for what was meant to be a romantic weekend. Bess finds out that Henry went behind her back and called Amnesty International. They plan to release a statement about the wrongful arrest of Talia Petrov and the tip came from Henry. Let fight number three begin.

As if all the fighting wasn’t upsetting enough, Bess’ horse Buttercup has to be put down!

Be prepared for more McCord relationship drama and the hunt for Jibral Disah, because it’s coming.

Minor Debriefings:

  • Best line of the night came from Bess: “He’s got a crush on me, I’m not above working that.” Get it, girl.
  • Most depressing line of the episode: “Hello Kitty is the Chanel of our time.” No, Stevie. NO!
  • I know it’s pretty much confirmed that Dmitri’s dead, but shows like Walking Dead have me convinced that unless there’s a body, nothing is for sure. Maybe he’s actually alive over there in Russia somehow. Wishful thinking, I know.

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