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November 13, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Yep, his brilliant plan is to shoot Lucifer, proving one way or another that he’s the Devil. Reese bursts into Linda’s office, and she introduces him to Lucifer as her ex-husband. Then he shoots Lucifer, who merely brushes it off and quips that if Chloe had been around, Linda would’ve had some blood to get out of her upholstery.

Linda yells that she already knows who Lucifer really is, while beautiful dummy Lucifer’s all, Dang, if you’re this mad at me, what are you gonna do to the guy sleeping with your wife rather than your ex? Ha!

Reese is beside himself that he’s spent a year digging into Lucifer’s evil ways when Linda knew all along and considers Lucifer her friend. Back at the newspaper, he trashes his office in rage and despair and then hatches another plan that springs from Lucifer’s offhand comment linking Chloe to his bullet immunity.

Yes, he’s in a self-destructive spiral, but don’t forget that Reese is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter. He uses his skills (and the website comments) to track down the fraud killer. Alvin (John Billingsley) is on his meds and trying to be good, but Reese pulls a Wormtongue and mentions that Lucifer Morningstar is the biggest fraud ever, and gee, wouldn’t it be great if somebody would do something about that?

That night, Reese meets Chloe in the club to give her the website comments. As they talk, Alvin creeps around the fringes of the beautiful people and is eventually pulled into Lucifer’s happy, hedonistic orbit.

Chloe is more open with Reese this time around, telling him that somebody wronged Lucifer ages ago, and he uses police work to right those wrongs. As she’s talking, Alvin poisons Lucifer’s beverage, but it ends up in the hands of a young woman who drinks it and dies. So, uh, that’s a big oops.

Chloe is boggled that the killer happened to be there at that particular time, then apologizes to Reese for putting him in danger. Reese grimly says there’s only one person to blame for this.

Ah, but he’s too far gone to admit that he’s the guilty party. Instead, he heads to the penthouse and accuses Lucifer of ruining his life and making him a murderer. But Lucifer’s had it with humans blaming him for their sins, so he tells a story he’s never told any human: Lucifer doesn’t actually send anyone to Hell. Humans send themselves to relive their sins over and over. In fact, the doors in Hell aren’t even locked. The only thing trapping them is their guilt.

Reese starts to realize that he’s the one truly to blame, and when Lucifer asks for his deepest desire, he says it’s for his wife Linda to love him. Lucifer, super slow on the uptake, exclaims, “Hold on, that sleazy piece of garbage, that was me?” Oh, Luci!

Lucifer explains that Linda cares about him because he showed her his true self, so Reese crashes into Linda’s office to take the blame for ruining their marriage. Linda offers to shoulder some of that burden, too, saying they weren’t meant to be. This confuses Reese. “You forgave the Devil. Why can’t you forgive me?”

Then he tells her everything he’s done, including Alvin and the accidental poisoning. Horrified, Linda tries to call the police, but Reese knocks her down, bashing her head against a large potted plant. He’s immediately remorseful and tells her to call Chloe so he can hand over his notes and turn himself in.

Back at his office, he takes a swig from the mug of vodka on his desk and then is startled by Alvin, lurking in the corner. You see, Alvin decided that Lucifer’s an honest man, while Reese is a fraud who uses someone else to do his dirty work.

Then everything happens at once: Reese realizes the booze was poisoned and crumples to the floor as Chloe and Lucifer arrives. They arrest Alvin and call an ambulance for Reese, who didn’t drink the full dose. Reese’s last hope before everything goes black is that he can turn things around with Linda.

Then Reese wakes up in a hospital room with a cheerful nurse telling him he had a brush with death, and we pan out to see that he’s stuffed into a grim skyscraper in the endless expanse of Hell.

And so ends the pitiable, tragic tale of Reese Getty.

Stray feathers:

  • What an outstanding episode! Eduardo Sánchez, who helmed The Blair Witch Project, directed this episode, and he’s welcome back on Lucifer any time.
  • All hail Patrick Fabian for his incredible performance as an unraveling man setting fire to his life. And how tragic is this backstory for Dr. Linda? Although Fabian took center stage, Rachel Harris used every opportunity to demonstrate her character’s evolution over the run of the series.
  • Line of the night goes to an LAPD officer explaining where Lucifer was before L.A.: “I heard he was somewhere terrible down south. Maybe Florida?”
  • Yo, Hollywood: Divorce papers need to be witnessed by a notary public. None of this “Just sign them!” one-on-one business.
  • “Off the Record” is one of the four season 2 episodes held for this season, as was last week’s “Vegas With Some Radish.” So tell me, were you as blown away by it as I was?
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