Lucifer learns to tame his jealousy over Pierce while the team tracks a killer of couples
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Lucifer serves us a highball glass full of flashbacks tonight as we drink in Pierce as a 1950s detective hunting a serial killer.

We open with a suspenders-clad Pierce and his partner Ray tracking a murderer who exclusively kills couples, then fade to the present, where a newspaper announces that the Broken Hearts Killer has just died in prison.

Pierce and Chloe chat about their Axara concert date while Lucifer and Ella look on. Ella’s still enraptured by their chemistry and announces, “They totally boned,” which sends Lucifer into a controlled tizzy. Ella assures him that their chemistry’s a flash in the pan, while Lucifer and Chloe are on another level.

Meanwhile, Pierce asks Chloe out again, this time to dinner, and honestly, he smiles more in this scene than he has all season, which goes a long way to delivering a fraction of the chemistry Ella keeps raving about. Then Dan, the human embodiment of bad timing, interrupts with the discovery of two bodies discovered at Griffith Park.

At the scene, Lucifer declares Chloe’s date with Pierce none of his business, although he did discuss it with both Ella and Dr. Linda. He says nobody will become between the two of them when Pierce literally steps between them to examine the bodies in the convertible.

The victims, who are holding hands, were drugged unconscious and had their chests crushed, and Pierce correctly guesses that one was married and was forced to swallow his wedding ring, just like in the 1950s Broken Hearts Killer cases. Yep, we’ve got a copycat of Clark Hoffman, whom Pierce and Ray arrested back in the day for killing seven cheating couples.

Pierce wants to get involved in the case, but Luci declares, “There’s only room for one immortal in the detective’s life, and that position has been filled.” Pierce apologizes, but since Lucifer continues to insist that he and Chloe are only partners, he assumed asking Chloe out was fine. (Still seems sketchy to me, but say what you’ve gotta say to convince yourself, Cain.)

Then another murdered couple turns up, this time at a motel. As they roll out, Chloe tells Pierce they need him on the case, causing Lucifer to grumble, “And I normally love threesomes.”

Couple two, featuring a cheating woman, were also drugged and crushed, leaving Chloe to wonder how the killer’s picking his victims. Pierce says that was a mystery with the original BHK, and “we” were lucky to catch him in the act. Lucifer pounces on the “we,” but Chloe doesn’t notice.

Aaaand flashback! Pierce is again working at the bar, and pretty blond waitress Kay (Fiona Gubelmann) guesses that he doesn’t want to be alone but also feels like he doesn’t deserve any company. She mentions how much work BHK puts into staging his scenes, kind of like people who host a party at the bar and come in days in advance to make sure it’s exactly the way want it.

This memory urges 2018 Pierce to review security footage for anyone who might have visited the motel in the preceding days, which leads the police to Neil Burger, who’s conveniently hanging around outside the house of Hoffman, the original BHK.

Burger (Joshua Gomez, almost as delightful here as he was on the late, great Chuck) runs a BHK tour, which doesn’t please the owner of Hoffman’s former home, who yells at Burger for taking photos of his property.

Lucifer, Chloe, and Pierce all don helmets and hop on Segways for Burger’s BHK tour, where he slips and mentions that the copycat gets all the old crime scene details right, down to the bodies’ interlocking fingers — information that hadn’t been released to the public yet.

In interrogation, Chloe and Lucifer determine that Burger’s a red herring with a friendly cop slipping him case details, although he’s thrilled to now have an official connection to BHK.

Meanwhile, Pierce has spotted a familiar place: his favorite ‘50s bar! He’s astounded to see Kay greeting customers, but of course, it’s her nearly identical granddaughter Maddie (also Gubelmann), who says her grandmother married the cop who solved the BHK case — Pierce’s old mentor, Ray.

She’s skeptical that Pierce knew Ray and Kay back in the day (“I’m older than I look,” he understates) and says Ray kept researching the case after Hoffman’s arrest, determined to figure out how he chose his victims. He never did and died six years ago, with Kay following peacefully a few months later. “That sounds nice,” Pierce says wistfully.

Then he asks Maddy if he can review Ray’s old files, which are conveniently still in the back. Lucifer’s irritated when Pierce summons him and Chloe to join him at the bar, but Chloe (correctly) snaps that she doesn’t have time to coddle Lucifer’s feelings with a serial killer on the loose.

In the episode’s final flashback, Kay and Pierce have obviously grown closer, and they drink to Hoffman’s arrest. Then Pierce breaks her heart by announcing he’s transferring out of state. Kay fights back tears and warns him, “If you don’t learn to open up, nobody will ever love you.”

This memory distracts 2018 Pierce as Chloe tries to discuss the case. Thankfully, they make the connection that Ray missed years ago: The victims had all called into the Dear Dottie radio show.

So what’s the modern version of that? Naturally, Ella knows; it’s Chance’s Chocolates, in which radio host Chance calls potentially cheating spouses with an offer of free chocolates, and the cheaters are busted if they choose the paramour rather than the spouse. The addresses are bleeped out on air, so the killer must be someone working on the show.

The police immediately set up a sting, with Pierce and Chloe posing as the cheating couple and Lucifer as Chloe’s jilted spouse. Gotta say, Lucifer’s over-identification with this week’s killer feels a bit more organic than usual.

Lucifer immediately goes on-air with Chance, a shouty nightmare who tosses an incorrect dinner order at his assistant before turning on the charm with his guest. Luci explains that Chloe’s been spending lots of time with their new boss, so Chance calls her and offers to send chocolates to her special someone. Reading off a prepared script, Chloe says she and Marcus are having a date that night and gives him Pierce’s address.

Chance then asks what she likes about Marcus. She’s forced to go off script and describes Pierce as handsome, brave, and a good person while Lucifer listens jealously. (Next: Lucifer experiences personal growth)

That night, Chloe arrives at Pierce’s place to discover that he has an extensive rock collection from all the places he’s visited, which is absolutely the most Pierce thing ever. His place has an amazing view, and he’s laid out a candlelight dinner to make up for their missed second date. But Chloe gets weird about the whole thing, pointing out that he turned her down before and even though she really likes him, she needs somebody who’ll let her in.

Outside, Lucifer joins Dan in the surveillance van and asks how he moved on from Chloe when Lucifer replaced him. Showing real maturity, Dan says he understands Lucifer’s jealousy, but Luci had nothing to do with his marriage ending because Chloe has a different relationship with each of them.

Then they spot movement outside and tackle Chance-the-radio-jerk’s assistant, who swears he’s only there to film the angry spouse confronting the cheaters so he can post the raw footage on his website — including uncensored addresses, which means that literally anybody could be the copycat killer.

Cut to someone in a gas mask pumping gas into Pierce’s house, where dinner’s become super awkward because Chloe couldn’t wait until dessert to tell Pierce she doesn’t want to see him socially. Just as Pierce is swearing that with her, he wants to let his walls down, they both pass out (Chloe with an unintentionally hilarious THUNK of her head to the table).

The killer approaches with a mallet and removes his gas mask to reveal the owner of the original BHK’s old house. “How remarkably method of you,” says Lucifer, who materializes in time to stop him from crushing Chloe’s chest.

Oooh, great choice for the killer! Roger Ebert’s Law of Economy of Characters state that for budgetary and storytelling reasons, an early throwaway character usually turns out to be the killer, which can eliminate suspense for savvy viewers. But this one managed to surprise me, so well played, writers!

The copycat admits he found Hoffman’s journals in his attic and felt a kinship with his romantic frustrations. Lucifer spits, “You don’t get to decide who someone wants to be with,” then realizes he’s in the same boat with Chloe. Did…did the Devil just experience personal growth?

Okay, now that the killer’s caught, let’s track some side stories. Amenadiel’s at loose ends waiting for his Father’s next test when he spots Charlotte buying coffee. He chases her down but quickly realizes that his talk of flaming swords and other universes confuses her, although she does recognize the name Lucifer.

Amenadiel swings by Linda’s place to tell her that Charlotte’s back, then gets angry when he realizes Linda already knew and didn’t tell him. She assumed he was aware and urges him not to explain the situation to Charlotte, no matter how lost she looked, because the truth almost broke her, and she hadn’t literally been to Hell and back.

Nevertheless, Amenadiel bumps into Charlotte at the coffee shop again (that same day, if Charlotte’s unchanged hair and wardrobe are to be believed), and she begs him for the truth about her missing time. “You were my mom,” Amenadiel says, then invites her to have a seat.

Elsewhere, Dan’s at odds with Maze, who’s working her way through a band and allowed one of the members to pass out in Trixie’s bed, then let Trixie take her 70-year-old teacher pot brownies.

Dan orders her to get her act together where his kid is concerned, but she instead decides to move out, shouting that she’s tired of living with goody-two-shoes Chloe and her stupid little brat. Unfortunately, said “stupid little brat” overhears this and leaves crying.

That night, Chloe’s surprised to find Olga home with Trixie. “No Maze. She said mean thing to me and then she go,” Olga explains.

Then Lucifer knocks on her door to explain his behavior, which Chloe calls insecure, childish, and possessive. Like Dan, Lucifer takes the mature approach and acknowledges that there’s room in her life for many relationships, although he does urge her to be careful with Pierce. She asks him to stay, but he jets off to a bachelorette party at Lux.

Alone, Chloe fidgets for a second, then picks up her phone to make a date with Pierce, who’s back at the bar. Maddy joins him at his booth, and he tells her that for the first time ever, he’s going for it. But he’s not risking his heart; “she’s the key to finally getting what I’ve always wanted.”

Stray feathers

  • For Dad’s sake, Lucifer, just be honest with Chloe! Personal growth and mature responses aside, this whole plot line had better end with a major declaration of love from Mr. Morningstar, or what are we all doing here?
  • As for Pierce, what is it that he really wants at this point? Death? Love? Lucifer’s jealousy? The perfect cup of coffee? While Tom Welling’s been more lively the last few episodes, he’s still an enigma more prone to pronouncements than nuanced actions.
  • I’ve got Amenadiel’s back on all of his choices this week. Charlotte’s suffering because she doesn’t know what happened to her, and just like with Lucifer, I recommend pouring a double shot of honesty.
  • How about you, dear viewers? Are you feeling the Chlarcus of it all? Did Amenadiel screw up with Charlotte? And seriously, what is Maze’s deal? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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