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The new season of Lucifer is almost here. What a miracle! Before the 10 fresh episodes hit Netflix on May 8, EW has your back with this guide to the key events of the previous season to get you up to speed. Buckle up, Luci-fans. We've got a lot of plot to cover.

"They're Back, Aren't They?" Episode 1: Lucifer's wings returned, and he's furious about it, and even when he cuts them off, they grow back. Chloe's precinct gets a new boss in the form of Lt. Marcus Pierce. He's a jerk, but Chloe's into it. Lucifer learns that the mysterious Sinnerman may be a bit too interested in his comings and goings.

"The One with the Baby Carrot," Episode 2: Lucifer gets back in the favor-granting business since that's what the Sinnerman is trafficking in, as well. He also cuts off his wings again, and Linda and Amenadiel bond while disposing of the feathery remains.

"Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith," Episode 3: In the first of the four standalone episodes, Maze heads to Canada to chase a dangerous bounty. What starts out murderous becomes amorous when she realizes he was framed. Excellent sexy-flirting abounds, and we get a glimpse of a file with the name Gaudium on it in a sly little comics shout-out.

"What Would Lucifer Do?" Episode 4: Amenadiel plays the good brother and reminds Lucifer that he's not evil, he punishes evil. Pierce gets shot but lives to confound Chloe (and the audience—seriously, what's his game here?) another day.

"Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards," Episode 5: After Lucifer's mother vacated her body in the season 2 finale, the real Charlotte Richards returns to Earth and struggles to adjust to her new life and her memories of her time in Hell, with Lucifer providing an assist. (Yes, booze is involved.)

"Vegas with Some Radish," Episode 6: Lucifer heads to Vegas to help his one-time wife, Candy, leading Chloe to trash his apartment during a jealous drunken spree. We learn that Ella's a card counter who's been banned from casinos. Holy dark side, Miss Lopez! Lucifer presents Chloe with a necklace made of the bullet she shot him with in season 1. (Yes, a "penetration" joke is involved.)

"Off the Record," Episode 7: Easily one of the best hours this show has produced. An increasingly desperate reporter attempts to get revenge on Lucifer but ends up wrecking his life. Twist! He's actually Dr. Linda's ex-husband. Double twist! He's in Hell, reliving the entire miserable experience.

"Chloe Does Lucifer," Episode 8: Chloe channels her inner Lucifer on a case. She's still wearing the bullet necklace. Charlotte tries to become a better person to avoid returning to Hell, and who better to ask than Ella? In the end, she quits her private firm and joins the DA's office.

"The Sinnerman," Episode 9: We meet the Sinnerman. Linda and Amenadiel kiss. Maze gets jealous. The Sinnerman gouges out his own freaking eyes so Lucifer can't compel him to talk. It's upsetting.

"The Sin Bin," Episode 10: The Sinnerman storyline wraps up with more of a whimper than a bang, but we do learn that the mysterious Pierce is actually Cain, the world's first murderer, doomed to walk the Earth forever. Also, it's a roller derby episode that inexplicably doesn't end with Chloe on skates.

"City of Angels?" Episode 11: Flashback to Lucifer's return to Earth! It involves a lost Amenadiel necklace, a porn shoot, and near-misses as Chloe and Lucifer almost meet. Fun, fun, fun for Lucifer fans.

"All About Her," Episode 12: Lucifer tries to get back in Chloe's good graces after he stepped out of line during the Sinnerman investigation, but he doesn't quite know how. Amenadiel and Linda try to stay away from each other for Maze's sake, but their kissing mojo's too strong. Pierce tries to leave town, but Lucifer gets him to stay by promising to find a way for the immortal to die.

"Til Death Do Us Part," Episode 13: Pierce and Lucifer go undercover as a married couple to catch a suburban killer. It's awesome. Lucifer dances in an American flag Speedo to incense his neighbors. It's double-plus awesome. Dan and Charlotte go on a date.

"My Brother's Keeper," Episode 14: Amenadiel refuses to help Lucifer remove the mark of Cain so Pierce can die. Ella finds out her beloved older brother's involved in diamond-based crime. Amenadiel and Pierce fight. Charlotte starts therapy with Linda.

"High School Poppycock," Episode 15: An investigation at a high school reunion has Chloe remembering how much she missed out by being a child actor, so Lucifer creates a makeshift prom for her in his loft. They almost kiss but don't because this show loves torturing us.

"Infernal Guinea Pig," Episode 16: Where there's Cain, there must be Abel. Lucifer brings Hell's first tenant back to Earth, hoping to nullify Pierce's curse. It doesn't work, and Abel (in the body of a young woman) ends up dead again right quick. Meanwhile, Charlotte revisits her own Hell loop.

"Let Pinhead Sing!" Episode 17: Maze blows up her friendship with Linda over the Amenadiel situation. Lucifer gives Chloe the cold shoulder in an attempt to keep her out of danger. Chloe and Pierce go on a date despite any tangible signs of chemistry. Lucifer turns down sex. I repeat: Lucifer. Turns. Down. Sex.

"The Last Heartbreak," Episode 18: Second flashback of the season! We catch up with Pierce as a 1950s detective, while in the present, he and Chloe are still dating, although Lucifer's worried for her safety. Amenadiel fills Charlotte in on what happened to her body while she was in Hell. Maze calls Trixie a brat and crushes her little heart.

"Orange is the New Maze," Episode 19: Lucifer and Amenadiel confirm Heaven, Hell, and the rest of it for Charlotte, who's stunned. Maze is spiraling after catching a case of feelings and agrees to work with Pierce to kill him, frame Lucifer, and return her to hell. Chloe takes off Lucifer's necklace to prove her commitment to the Pierce relationship.

"The Angel of San Bernardino," Episode 20: Chloe and Pierce are at the making-out-at-work stage, although it's a ruse to get Chloe to fall in love with him, making him vulnerable to death. Or is it? In the end, he can't bring himself to break her heart. Maze has no problem gaslighting Lucifer, though. Also, Mr. Morningstar binges Bones.

"Anything Pierce Can Do, I Can Do Better," Episode 21: Lucifer woos a broken-hearted Chloe but fails to be honest with her when it matters most. It's painful to watch. Charlotte day drinks and chases thrills as she waits for damnation. Maze is furious that Pierce backed out of their deal. Thanks to the incomparable Dr. Linda, Lucifer admits he wants Chloe to choose him over Pierce, but he ends up watching her accept Pierce's marriage proposal instead.

"All Hands on Decker," Episode 22: Despite an amazing, hilarious bachelorette party with the Malibu State water polo team, Chloe calls off her wedding, thank Dad. (We'll always have her thoroughly in-character wedding-planning murder board.) Dan and Charlotte are still together and better than ever.

"Quintessential Deckerstar," Episode 23: Maze and Pierce are back to plotting. Boo! Lucifer and Chloe finally kiss. Hooray!  Charlotte takes a bullet meant for Amenadiel. Nooo! His wings return, allowing him to fly her to Heaven. Sob!

"A Devil of My Word," Episode 24: Dan is broken by Charlotte's death. Linda and Maze make up, and, in a killer scene, Maze realizes that human emotions make her strong. Lucifer unfurls his wings to protect Chloe from a hail of bullets. The visual is stunning. Lucifer finally kills Pierce/Cain, and Chloe sees his real face and accepts that everything he ever told her is real. It's a hell of a cliffhanger, and we all watched it knowing Fox had canceled the show. Everything looked bleak.

And then, a light shone from the heavens, and that light was Netflix. They resurrected our dear Lucifer, and after close to a year of waiting, it's returning to us on May 8, thank heavens. Stay tuned for our binge recap of season 4!

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