On ''Lost,'' while Sun tries to find her wedding ring, Michael hunts in the jungle for Walt, Jin hunts for Michael, and the new kids take Sawyer back to camp
Yunjin Kim, Lost
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”Lost”: Searching for love

Tonight my beloved Astros are headed to the World Series for the first time in 40 kabillion years, so it goes without saying that I love everyone. I love you, I love that testy b—- Michelle Rodriguez, I even loved this episode, this tiny little episode that didn’t really advance the plot so much but was an adorably sweet little hour of TV about a wedding ring and Jin’s English skills.

What is there to say, really? I didn’t even fill up a whole page of legal pad in writing down my notes because it was all sorta jungle fluff, but sometimes jungle fluff is okay, right?

The kids are all split up, most of them beachcombing as usual and the rest — Sawyer, Jin, and Michael — engaged in like the world’s longest trust exercise with Little Ms. Girlfight and her ever-diminishing band of merry men (and Libby). How they went from 23 to like 6 is still unclear — my vote was cannibalism, but not after seeing poor what’s-his-name all impaled in the forest. After the unabashed romanticism of this evening’s festivities, I just hope Bernard makes it home to Rose. Don’t you? Won’t those double dates with Sayid and Shannon just be the funnest?

Let’s see. We learned some stuff. Like ”orange” is basically ”orange” in Korean. Seoul is in the ”good part” of Korea, and Sun more than likely did not attend the Olympics. Jack once kept his wedding ring in the sock drawer. (Uh, Jack? Yeah, but where’s your wife?) The non-Other others have ”trust issues.” Hurley once had a dog named Buster. (So did I, btw, a cuddly little chow-Lab mix that ran out onto the highway in Arkansas and got creamed by a truck, but hey, that’s what happens to dogs in Arkansas.) Kate [hearts] Sawyer. Locke used to feel lost, but he doesn’t anymore, which is kinda sad and I wish someone would tell him the name of the show. And for the first time, Jin’s ability to fish made sense to me — duh, his dad was a fisherman, and it’s in the genes. Yes, I am a retard.

So what’s a conspiracy show without a conspiracy? Pretty much the only thing that advanced the mythology tonight came when Mr. Eko (I had to turn on the closed captioning to see how that was spelled) and Jin hid in the bushes as the People Who I Am Just Assuming Are the Others Because We’re Running Out of Hostile Groups to Pin That Name On went trudging by — seems that the Others are a barefoot clan with a teddy bear fetish. Ooookay. Peter Pan reference? That’s the best I can do. Honestly, there’s nothing else to discuss.

This was a nice little ditty about destiny — well, of course Sun found her wedding ring in the sand where she buried the bottle, i.e., her husband who she thinks is dead but who we know is just off taking Island Berlitz courses — and the power of true love. It showed that Jin was once a very good man and Sun is one hot cookie. And it showed that, if nothing else, Mr. Eko can fashion one hell of a knife.

Um, don’t push the button the button is bad? Can’t wait for the next episode.

What do you think? Were you frustrated by the lack of clues? Did you spot any major ones we missed?

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