On ''Lost,'' we learn why Ana Lucia is so damned angry -- and why she's so handy with a pistol

By Scott Brown
Updated November 22, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST
Michelle Rodriguez: Art Streiber

”Lost”: A-L has her reasons for being so mean

Greetings, fellow Lost-ies. Tonight, I’ll be brief. I’m away from my TiVo (and thus deprived of my freeze-frame powers), so there’ll be no delving into gritty detail this round. Instead, I’ll simply say: solid episode; excellent use of the shamelessly manipulative, slo-mo/emo closing montage; and… crossword puzzle! (More on that later.) We found out what got into Ana Lucia (lead); we discovered the diplomatic prowess of Mr. Eko; we got a little more on the SepticSawyer-Kate-Jack love triangle, which seems to be narrowing quickly to SepticSawyer-Kate. Let’s go to the bullet points (ha)!

· So, for all you Ana Lucia haters out there: Are you appeased, knowing she was the victim of a shooting? Or did her cold-blooded revenge blot out any sympathy? Oh, and briefly noted: The digits in A-L’s badge number appear to add up to… 24. One more than you’d expect from the staff numerologists. If true (and I’m not sure it is), does this mean A-L doesn’t quite belong here?

· Can there be any doubt that Ana Lucia is Jack’s double, and Eko Locke’s? They seemed to hammer that home pretty hard — I speak primarily of the final shot, but also of the eerie first meeting between Locke and Eko. Locke’s just sitting there, innocently doing his crossword and…

· Hey, what about that crossword, anyway? The clue he’s working is ”Enkidu’s friend.” That’s a reference to The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Sumerian text that also happens to be one of the oldest pieces of extant world literature. Gilgamesh was an Achilles-like champion who fights alongside Enkidu, his fellow warrior and quasi-doppelgänger. Does this mean Locke is Gilgamesh to Ecko’s Enkidu, or vice-versa?

· Who else noticed that Vincent, Walt’s dog… is fat? Like, really fat? Have they been feeding him extras?

· ”….if we’re both already dead.” Let the ”they’re all dead” theorizing begin anew!

· Bernard and Rose, Sun and Jin, Michael and Vincent… I suppose it was high time they made us cry. Not that I cried. Nope. Not me. Just got a little bit of boar in my eye. That’s all.

While I’m away from TiVo, you’re our only hope. What did you notice that I missed?