Patrick takes Kevin on a boyfriend test drive, Agustin makes amends, and Dom feels the weight of his overbearing boyfriend.
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Patrick’s growing comfort with Kevin has slowly turned him into quite the adventurer. Would Patrick 1.0 have slapped Kevin’s ass in front of their coworkers with the reckless abandon of a drunk Mario Kart player on Rainbow Road? Not likely! As Patrick grows more confident with Kevin, there are still a few variables in their surreptitious relationship: namely, when Kevin reveals he has a free 28 hours away from his boyfriend, is it possible for Kevin and Patrick to actually co-exist as a real, functional couple without any sordid motels and bed bugs between them? Can they cuddle? Should they order in? Who is big spoon? These are the big questions Patrick faces as he prepares for his first-ever weekend alone at his apartment with Kevin.

And when Patrick prepares, he prepares. Patty is cleaning sheets and chutes (ahem) for Kevin’s incoming visit. Agustin, who accompanies Patrick on a trip to the drug store to procure an enema, wonders aloud whether Patrick is still feeling bottom-shamed, but sex-positive Patty insists that his wanting to feel mountain fresh doesn’t conflict with the fact that he’s “versatile and loving it.” (A visual gag of Patrick cleansing himself further proves that Jonathan Groff is actually offering some pretty hilarious physical comedy in Looking, if you can actually spot the brief moments.)

On Saturday morning, Kevin arrives, ready to test drive their relationship and accompany Patrick to Dom’s gay rugby game. But first, they must detour to a pub for a little liquid courage before making their everyone-knows-we’re-sleeping-together debut in front of Pat’s friends. Over a few pints of beer, Kevin again opens up to Patrick, sharing details about his touch-and-go relationship with his mother and revealing that he only has two years on his visa before he has to ship back to the UK. “I better get married, or else back to Romford,” Kevin shares, and then a moment later: “Let’s do it.” Patrick freezes (and so did you, I know you did, don’t lie). “Go to the match,” Kevin clarifies. And phew, everybody exhale, because I don’t think either Patrick or myself could handle a Season 2, Episode 3 Patrick-Kevin marriage just yet.

At the rugby game, Kevin makes a solid impression with Doris, Agustin, and Eddie by teaching them about rugby via the wide world of gay slang. Eddie, who is unaware of the details of their relationship, makes things briefly uncomfortable when he asks about Kevin’s boyfriend—suggesting that Kevin and Patrick still have a lot of talking to do before they step out again as an uncoupled couple. But the awkwardness doesn’t put a damper on anything, as Patrick still pulls Kevin behind the bleachers for some Varsity Blues action.

And back at Casa de Boyfriend Weekend, Kevin enjoys watching Patrick in his element—reading his books, watching his cartoons, cuddling on his couch. In bed, Kevin even lets Patrick take his turn on top, much to the surprise and delight of an incredulous and fresh-as-mountain-stream Patrick. One steamy sex scene later, and Kevin has given Patrick the perfect 28-hour boyfriend experience. It’s a perfect dream weekend, until Kevin gets a phone call from his real boyfriend. Overhearing a simple “Hey baby, I’m sorry,” Patrick devastatingly realizes that he’ll never have more than a 28-hour test drive of happiness with Kevin—not as long as he’s the mistress. And now that Kevin has really started letting Patrick in (in several ways), the realization hurts even more.


We last saw Auggie drunkenly finding his way into Patrick’s apartment with some help from Richie, who aided him off the street. Now Agustin has reached out to Richie to thank him and apologize. He goes to visit Richie’s barber shop—complete with the traditional amends-making gifts of tamales and gum—and apologizes for his recent drunken behavior as well as his lifetime of dickhead behavior, particularly during the months when Patrick and Richie were dating and Agustin was throwing more shade than the tree in Pocahontas. Richie, though brusquely, accepts Agustin’s apology—and decides to give him a beard trim, since somebody has to point out that Aug’s facial hair is getting a little too paper towel mascot-y. A clean-shaven Aug relays the encounter to Patrick and encourages him to call Richie, but Patrick insists that the vibe he’s getting from Richie suggests he do anything but call.

Meanwhile, things seem to be going nicely with Eddie, who attends the rugby game with his new boo. Agustin asks if he can stay the night with Eddie since he was unceremoniously evicted for Patrick’s sex weekend, and Eddie agrees on the condition of torrenting Romy & Michelle and eating chocolate mochi ice cream. It’s worth mentioning here that Agustin also casually drops the bomb that Kevin and Patrick are sleeping together, which is handled very informally and yet could be the slip-of-a-secret that results in Eddie telling someone he’s not supposed to. Eddie’s obviously the most social bear in the forest, so it stands to reason that he might spread Agustin’s forgettable gossip into a word-of-mouth boomerang that finds its way to Kevin’s boyfriend or Patrick’s coworkers down the line.


At Doris and Dom’s house, both roommates are lazily entertaining their Saturday morning lovers in bed. Lynn passive-aggressively belittles Dom’s small apartment and roommate situation, which Dom laughs off even though deep down he knows that Lynn’s actually kind of being a dick about it. On the opposite side of the wall, Doris is having a perfectly delightful morning with her new beau Malik, and she’s not above crashing Dom and Lynn’s cuddle sesh to spill the details about her own wild sex life.

The two couples go on a breakfast double date before Dom’s rugby game, and Doris asks about Dom’s lunch with an investor named Jack. Lynn is surprised that Dom never told him about the lunch, but Dom admits that he didn’t make a big deal of it because Jack didn’t express interest in investing in the chicken venture—instead, Dom was offered a job managing Jack’s new restaurant. Lynn thinks it’s a legitimate job opportunity and a good first step for Dom, but Dom thinks it’s a step he’s already taken, and their disagreement over the situation is pretty awkward.

That awkward conversation comes back hours later when, after Dom’s very sexy rugby game, a teammate congratulates Dom on being offered the management job. “Lynn says he hooked you up as manager in Jack’s new place,” says the naked stranger, and Dom is pissed. When Lynn arrives after the game, Dom asks him straight up: “Did you know that my meeting with Jack was always just for a management job and nothing else?” Lynn confesses, and Dom doesn’t let up, railing Lynn for dropping Dom as a business partner yet continuing to interfere in Dom’s business life. He disinvites Lynn from celebratory post-rugby drinks, and Lynn just breathes in the fresh San Francisco air while he can before Scott Bakula’s guest contract expires. Are Dom and Lynn long for this world? If Lynn insists on treating Dom like a child both in his professional life and in his college-size bedroom, how long will Dom continue dating someone who very obviously sees him as inferior?

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