Brian races to take down the Legion of Whom before his immunity wears off
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The first part of Limitless’ season finale may have had only one exclamation point in its title, but the second episode definitely deserves two.

“Finale: Part Two!!” is the culmination of a season’s worth of betrayals and evil machinations, and this final episode picks up exactly where part one left off. Brewster, the Legion of Whom’s spy for the DEA, has sprung Sands from jail. The Legion has flooded the streets with extra NZT pills, and people are starting to lose their minds — and even die — because of the pill’s side effects. Brewster had the CJC round up a bunch of people they believe to be involved with the NZT flood, only to kill them all in a violent explosion. (And it turns out the victims weren’t involved with the Legion of Whom at all; they were on Morra’s team.) Brian and the CJC still haven’t figured out what the Legion’s evil master plan is, and Sands still has Piper locked up somewhere, forcing her to make the NZT antidote for him. Oh yeah, and Sen. Morra is nowhere to be found.

Those would be some pretty serious problems for Brian to solve on a normal day, but things are complicated further by the fact that Brian’s own NZT immunity shot is wearing off. He needs every bit of brain power he can get to take on Sands, but every time Brian takes an NZT pill, the side effects get progressively worse until he’s hallucinating warped versions of Piper and creepy fingers in donuts. Still, the stakes are high enough that Brian is willing to risk it all and take as many pills as he needs to find Piper — or die trying.

The only lead Brian and the CJC have is Clay Meeks, the David Copperfield wannabe who’s been working for the Legion and creating mass amounts of NZT. Even though Meeks pulled his disappearing act before and vanished into a cloud of smoke, à la the Wicked Witch of the West, the CJC still manages to track him to his foster mother’s place, where he gives them a name: Morneau. Brian’s convinced that Morneau is Jean Pierre Morneau, the Canadian secretary of state for global affairs, but by the time they find him, it’s too late. He’s dead. Which isn’t suspicious at all.

Morneau was in town to negotiate a treaty with Greenland. With global warming on the rise, a solid block of ice between the two countries will soon open up, creating a much-anticipated northwest passage that would allow ships to move seamlessly from ocean to ocean. There’s a lot of money in that passage, and while Morneau was refusing to sign the treaty with Greenland, hoping that Canada would get exclusive rights to the passage, he’s dead now — which means that the treaty is almost definitely going to happen. As a result, people are investing a lot of money in this new passage, but Sands and the Legion of Whom are betting against it. They’re creating a huge bubble, and they plan to pop it by killing off the Greenland ambassador. With the Greenland ambassador dead and the treaty completely off the table, they get to walk away with all the money that people had invested in the passage.

As far as supervillain conspiracies go, it’s not the most glamorous or innovative plot, but hey, if it makes you a couple billion dollars, it works.

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The CJC try to take the Greenland ambassador into protective custody, but they’re too late. The ambassador’s Canadian bodyguard shoots him in the head, and while it looks like he’s just a crazy Canadian nationalist, Brian figures out pretty quickly that he’s just a patsy and Sands blackmailed him into shooting the ambassador. Unfortunately, the bodyguard has no new information for them about Sands — until Rebecca gives him an NZT pill, and he can suddenly remember plenty of helpful details.

It’s a little odd — and maybe a little too convenient — that Rebecca is so willing to hand over an NZT pill. Sure, the stakes have never been higher, but if the CJC is willing to do anything to solve this case, including giving NZT pills to assassins for information, why wouldn’t they give NZT pills to some of their own people for a little extra backup? Why not Boyle or Naz — or even Mike and Ike? If this is an all-hands-on-deck situation and the CJC is willing to use NZT in special circumstances, why wouldn’t they take some themselves now?

Anyway, the bodyguard remembers enough about his meeting with Sands to point them to a chemical refinery uptown. There, they find dozens of lab employees manufacturing NZT — and Sands. While Boyle and Brian head out to try and find Piper, Rebecca earns the Most Badass Moment of the Season Award for her epic confrontation with Sands.

“You murdered my father; you murdered Morra’s people; you aren’t going to murder anyone else,” she tells him, and even though Sands is on NZT, she takes him out with a single shot to the head. Go Rebecca.

The Legion of Whom is disbanded. Sands is in custody, but they’re not sure if he’ll survive his gunshot wound. Everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow, but there’s still one major problem weighing on Brian’s mind: Piper. She’s still nowhere to be seen, and by the time he heads back to his dad’s house, dejected, he’s not sure if he’ll ever see her again.

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Except she’s there! Chilling in the living room and talking to his dad, like she did when she and Brian first met all those weeks ago. Turns out that she was at the chemical refinery after all, but instead of waiting around to get rescued by Brian and the CJC, she grabbed the NZT enzyme and bolted. See, she’s been working on something that she’d rather not tell the government about: a new NZT enzyme that grants permanent immunity. That means no more booster shots and no more deals with Morra or Sands. The only catch is that she can’t stay and be with Brian… Imagine how dangerous things would be if the government had her recipe for permanent NZT immunity. It’s a bittersweet moment, but as a parting gift, she grants the immunity shot to Brian, leaving him free to take as much NZT as he wants for the rest of his life.

So we leave Brian doing what he does best: using NZT to help the CJC catch bad guys. It’s a neat little wrap-up to the whole season, especially considering that CBS has yet to renew Limitless for a second season. If this IS the last we see of Brian, Rebecca, and their squad — and I hope it’s not — it’s nice to think that they’re out there somewhere, still solving crimes and keeping the city of New York safe.

But if we do get a renewal, there are plenty of interesting threads to explore in season 2. After all, Sands may or may not be dead, leaving the door open for his return. Morra is still nowhere to be found, and after the CJC exposes his ties to NZT, it remains to be seen whether he can salvage his presidential campaign. And there’s still a lot of NZT left on the streets, meaning that Brian and the CJC could soon be facing some new NZT-enhanced baddies.

Plus, there are about a million unanswered questions: Is there anything Andrea Who Knows Things doesn’t know? Will we ever get another CGI Bradley Cooper fetus scene like we did in the pilot? Is Ike still dating Brian’s sister, Rachel? Is Morra ever going to make that super rice to save the world? Are we going to have to start referring to Mike and Ike as Darryl and Jason????

Come on, CBS. Put us out of our misery, and renew Limitless. Or at least consider a Mike and Ike spin-off.

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