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David finally meets an undisguised Amahl Farouk.


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April 10, 2018 at 11:13 PM EDT

If Chapter 9 of Legion created confusion for confusion’s sake, Chapter 10 is a straight-ahead, no-nonsense episode, relatively speaking. Picking up just after the premiere, season 2’s second episode finds its way to explaining some plot points and clarifying some character motivations, all while formally introducing David to the villain he hasn’t stopped meeting since infancy. Fear not, though. More coherent narrative motion doesn’t mean it’s any less of a trip; the episode opens with a journey through a kaleidoscopic lollypop being eaten by a mental projection of a dead drug addict who is riding a telepathically manufactured carousel. Yep.

David, fresh from his vivid recollection of his orb abduction and ready to place his full, blind trust in the mute Future Syd he met there, has arranged a mental meeting with Farouk’s puppet emissaries, Lenny and Oliver. The plan they arrange on the aforementioned carousel is for David to create a diversion that will allow Farouk to enter Division 3 to search for something.

And enter Division 3 Farouk does. While David leads Ptonomy, Syd and a few of the Vermilion (those countless mustached androids who make up a part of whatever Admiral Fukuyama is) into the desert on a wild goose chase, Farouk brings Oliver and Lenny to D3 headquarters. Despite David’s stipulation that no one should get hurt, Farouk wreaks considerable havoc in the compound. At least it’s a light-hearted and goreless killing spree compared to the one the Shadow King committed when he raided Division 3 as David in season 1.

Oliver and Lenny dance down the halls of D3 to the tune of “Swinging On a Star,” disintegrating all the adult guards they see, with the exception of a pair of musically-mandated transmogrifications. (Would you rather be a pig? Would you rather be a fish?) Interestingly, in his first real act of mercy of the series, Farouk doesn’t obliterate Division 3’s child soldiers, instead convincing them to run away. This could be a result of some kind of intervention on Oliver’s part, or it could be proof that Farouk isn’t actually evil all the way to the core, which would be a promising sign given the importance Future Syd has placed on recruiting him as an ally.

Also of interest during the attack on D3 is Farouk’s interaction with Cary and Kerry. First, he separates the two, and then using a flick of the spoon Cary pulls to defend himself, Farouk disrupts the resonance between them so they can’t properly recombine. When Kerry tries to go home after Farouk’s invasion, the process is reversed, and Cary winds up, after a little bit of an extra-limb mishap, inside Kerry.

Later on, Cary manages to get out of Kerry by convincing her to sing the tra-la-la theme song from The Banana Splits, (because they need to split, get it?) and Kerry undergoes some premature hair whitening. Before that separation, though, Kerry has to guide David through a very dangerous exercise in “multi-dimensional perception.” (Recap continues on next page)

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