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The Legends call on Constantine to save Sara's soul... again

March 19, 2018 at 10:27 PM EDT

Sara’s trip to Mallus-induced purgatory was rougher on her teammates than on her — until the very end, that is. See, I didn’t expect the inevitable Possessed Sara Episode to deliver such an emotional wallop; I thought at most we’d be treated to maybe a few more Constantine scenes, and then a showdown that would feature Caity Lotz letting loose like never before.

Then again, maybe they’re saving that for the finale, because this episode confined most of the action to the ship and kept the fighting to a minimum. It was a psychological journey from the start, with Sara waking up from a nightmare of a little girl taunting her aboard the ship. Ava, sleeping beside her, helps calm her down, and the two banter like old marrieds as Sara mentions Constantine and their hookup three weeks earlier, in, well, 1969. Though maybe “old marrieds” is too far: When Sara calls Ava her girlfriend, Ava looks surprised — in a good way! — and adorably accepts their relationship’s new definition.

Just then, Gideon interrupts them, and Sara and Ava go back to work. The anachronisms have gotten worse, and now that Mallus’ team is doubling down on causing chaos across history, the Legends must do the same. Sara instructs the team to pair up and go fix separate anachronisms (I was tickled by the idea of Sara rescuing Einstein from the Ice Age), but before anyone can set off on their missions, Sara gets a headache.

It’s the Death Totem calling out to her, and she knows it. When she asks to call Constantine, Gideon responds that everyone’s favorite warlock doesn’t have a phone, so poor Sara is left to deal with the Death Totem’s tricks herself. And the first trick Mallus wields is actually herself — as the Black Canary, the version that died way back when on Arrow. That version of her tells her to control the Death Totem, to wield its power and resurrect those who have died, and Sara relents, getting possessed by Mallus, who immediately sends her on a mission to destroy the rest of the Legends.

Evil Sara begins by attacking Ray, which prompts the rest of the team to confront her, but she nearly kills them — until Wally shows up and saves them all. By then, Sara has locked down the ship, and Ava, appearing via hologram, realizes something is off. The team advises Ava to get in touch with Constantine, and unfortunately for the Legends, their first plan — for Wally to knock out Sara and tie her up — fails when Mallus creates an apparition of Jesse. Wally tells her that he’s changed, that he’s found inner peace, so he’s glad she broke his heart. But before he can make his move, the apparition fades, and Sara knocks Wally out.

Good thing Ava is already on her way to picking up Constantine. In present-day New York, Constantine chases a chicken around a table to help a client’s son get married — even warlocks have to do weird things to survive in this economy — which doesn’t leave the best first impression in Ava’s eyes. It also doesn’t help that Constantine immediately guesses that she’s there about Sara and knows more about the Death Totem and its history as the relic of the lost sixth tribe of Zambesi. (It’s lost because it sided with Mallus, of course.) So now that Sara’s soul is trapped, they’ll have to enlist some Egyptian ferrymen of the dead. But as soon as he (and Ava, who insisted on working together, because she also has a deep “connection” with Sara — shut up, Gary!) starts chanting, Mallus shouts back at them and denies entry.

Back onboard the Waverider, the Legends have come up with another plan. Nate goes to retrieve Wally, while Zari sets out to find a way to override the lockdown and let them off the ship. Nate finds Wally in the bridge, but Zari’s confronted by Evil Sara, who this time poses as Zari’s dead little brother. Though Zari knows he’s not real, she cries as she turns from him, saying goodbye. And as she begins to smash the ship, Sara appears beside her, grabbing her and choking her, until the Sara trapped inside Mallus’ void pushes back hard enough to hold Mallus off for a few seconds. Nora Darhk, though, just grins as she watches Sara struggle. “No one can fight Mallus forever,” she warns, as Sara fails to keep Mallus from nearly killing Zari.

Back in New York, Team Constantine is also working on another strategy. This time, Gary of all people comes up with the plan: Because of his expertise in Dungeons & Dragons (don’t laugh!), he understands how the Legends operate, especially in this scenario. He had played a game just like this one, with basically the same players: There’s a monk (Wally), a druid (Amaya), a rogue (Mick), a bard (Nate), “a cheerful gnome who was also an accomplished wizard” (Ray), and a missing sorceress (Zari), who are all fighting Xanathar the Unburnt and his death sword (Sara/Mallus and the Death Totem). The solution to a conundrum like this one? Fight the totem with something equally powerful: another totem.

With Ray, Wally, and Zari out cold, and Amaya out of commission for wielding another totem, Nate decides to find the Earth Totem and manifest its power — he’s a much better person than the pirate queen, so he should be fine — but just when he picks it up, he spots Sara. Run, Nate, Run! (Next: This Mick is on fiiiiire….)

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