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The Legends travel to the birthplace of rock & roll to save music and Elvis Presley

March 12, 2018 at 10:34 PM EDT

Legends of Tomorrow is my favorite Arrowverse show. It’s inventive (“Here I Go Again” might be one of the best things I’ve watched this year), delightfully lighthearted, and quite often very, very silly, but charmingly so. Unfortunately, “Amazing Grace” — which featured the Legends crossing paths with a young Elvis Presley — lacked most of the show’s trademark charm. Sure, it was silly, but in a bad way.

We begin in Memphis in 1950 with a young Elvis Presley entering a pawn shop in search of a guitar and leaving with an instrument that many believe is cursed. It doesn’t take long for us to find out why the shop’s owner was so freaked out about it. His purchase sends shockwaves through the time stream because apparently Memphis eventually becomes a literal ghost town and is destroyed before rock & roll can spread. And there being no rock & roll has severe side effects on the future: The name of Mick’s rat Axl changes to Josh Groban, Nate’s hair flattens, and Zari’s Guitar Hero video game becomes Trombone Hero. So the Legends make a beeline to Memphis to set history straight and save music.

When they arrive in Memphis, they head to church, where Elvis’ uncle, the church’s reverend, is preaching about how this newfangled thing called rock is the devil’s music. He calls his nephew up to the pulpit to play some hymns, and Zari’s totem starts acting up the moment Elvis starts playing, which can only mean one thing: His guitar contains a totem.

New Legend Wally thinks he can solve this situation quickly and just uses his super speed to steal Elvis’ guitar. Actually, he’s been doing that quite a bit since he joined the Legends, much to everyone’s annoyance, especially Zari (he also used his speed to beat all of her top scores on Pac-Man, which isn’t cool). However, Nate, who spends most of this episode speaking in clichés about the power of music like he’s Will Schuester on Glee, insists that their job here isn’t done because they still need to make Elvis records his first single or else rock & roll will never be a thing, which means Nate’s hair would forever remain flat! So the Legends come up with the idea to just switch out Elvis’ guitar with a totem-less one.

Nate and Amaya take the replica to Elvis, who is about to take the stage at a bar to play. Unfortunately, without the totem, Elvis bombs onstage. It turns out his actual guitar connected him with the spirit of his dead twin brother Jesse, and without him he can’t play. That’s when Nate and Amaya realize that his guitar contains the Death Totem (oooh, spooky) and call the rest of the team to warn them. However, they’re actually way ahead of Nate because the guitar started attacking them as it tried to escape the Waverider and return to Elvis. Sara manages to calm it down by calling out to Elvis’ brother. (Next: A thriller night)

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