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The quest for the remaining totems gets underway, with Amaya taking the lead

February 26, 2018 at 10:17 PM EST

Three seasons in, and the Legends have gone from fighting time pirates to actual pirates. The latter, it turns out, is kind of fun. It’s hokey, sure, but hey — this hour was like a rollicking theme park ride, with bits of mythology sprinkled in here and there. It’s a solid adrenaline rush with some fun guests, nonsensical story points that veer into many different times and places, and one set piece after another.

Maybe it’s because the entire premise rests on the Legends going on a joy ride while Mom Captain Lance is off being a “normal” person on a first date with Ava. (First: Aww. Second: It’s nice to see the kids team let loose, you know?) Nate has figured out where the Earth Totem is — the Fire Totem is a little rougher to get, unfortunately — so they decide to give Sara a night off and have the Earth Totem in their possession by the time she returns.

Obviously, things don’t go according to plan. The rest of the team, except for Zari, heads to 1717, where the Earth Totem’s in the possession of the pirate Blackbeard in the Bahamas. They find Blackbeard easily enough by spinning a story about Amaya as the notorious Pirate Queen Jiwe to draw his attention, but before they can negotiate a way for Blackbeard to take them to his treasure, the navy arrives — with Damien Darhk dressed as an admiral. (Admiral D-Arrrrrgh? Never mind, he’s not a pirate.)

He immediately paralyzes Amaya and steals her totem, and Blackbeard easily gives up the location of the Earth Totem. And to make matters worse, the Waverider’s begun to fail. Nate and Ray have returned on board, but because they’ve parked in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, the ship’s not responding correctly, and soon, Darhk is having his new naval minions firing cannonballs at the ship, nearly taking them out of the sky. The only thing they can do is to time jump, and Gideon gets them out just before they crash.

This means, though, that Mick and Amaya are left behind, stranded with Blackbeard. And while Mick finds it easy to act like a pirate (he basically tells Amaya it means YOLO-ing your way through life — or is it yo ho, yo ho-ing?), Amaya’s struggling with who she is. Earlier at the bar, she told him she feels trapped, paralyzed at the prospect of having to fulfill her destiny as Kuasa and Mari’s grandmother (which means eventually leaving Nate), as well as the idea of not being able to change the former’s future without affecting the latter’s life as well. When they’re trotted in front of a crowd to be executed, however, Mick tells her just in time that even without her totem, she’s fearsome, and that she’s more than her destiny. At that, Amaya smiles, puts up a fight, saves Blackbeard’s neck, and gets the three of them out of harm’s way.

At least for the time being, anyway. She and Mick manage to convince Blackbeard’s crew (and even Blackbeard himself, who turns out to be quite a coward) to join them, and instead of waiting around for the Legends to save them, she commandeers Blackbeard’s beloved ship and heads for the location of the Earth Totem.

Little does she know the Legends can’t even think about saving them at the moment. Sara, despite a wonderful date with Ava so far, ditches after seeing the Waverider crashing in Star City and learns that they can’t move until Zari repairs the ship. Mick and Amaya are on their own — and what’s worse, Damien Darhk has already arrived on the island containing the Totem. (Next: Rip and Wally’s Great Adventure…)

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