The quest for the remaining totems gets underway, with Amaya taking the lead
The Curse of the Earth Totem
Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW
Guest Starring John Noble

Three seasons in, and the Legends have gone from fighting time pirates to actual pirates. The latter, it turns out, is kind of fun. It’s hokey, sure, but hey — this hour was like a rollicking theme park ride, with bits of mythology sprinkled in here and there. It’s a solid adrenaline rush with some fun guests, nonsensical story points that veer into many different times and places, and one set piece after another.

Maybe it’s because the entire premise rests on the Legends going on a joy ride while Mom Captain Lance is off being a “normal” person on a first date with Ava. (First: Aww. Second: It’s nice to see the kids team let loose, you know?) Nate has figured out where the Earth Totem is — the Fire Totem is a little rougher to get, unfortunately — so they decide to give Sara a night off and have the Earth Totem in their possession by the time she returns.

Obviously, things don’t go according to plan. The rest of the team, except for Zari, heads to 1717, where the Earth Totem’s in the possession of the pirate Blackbeard in the Bahamas. They find Blackbeard easily enough by spinning a story about Amaya as the notorious Pirate Queen Jiwe to draw his attention, but before they can negotiate a way for Blackbeard to take them to his treasure, the navy arrives — with Damien Darhk dressed as an admiral. (Admiral D-Arrrrrgh? Never mind, he’s not a pirate.)

He immediately paralyzes Amaya and steals her totem, and Blackbeard easily gives up the location of the Earth Totem. And to make matters worse, the Waverider’s begun to fail. Nate and Ray have returned on board, but because they’ve parked in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, the ship’s not responding correctly, and soon, Darhk is having his new naval minions firing cannonballs at the ship, nearly taking them out of the sky. The only thing they can do is to time jump, and Gideon gets them out just before they crash.

This means, though, that Mick and Amaya are left behind, stranded with Blackbeard. And while Mick finds it easy to act like a pirate (he basically tells Amaya it means YOLO-ing your way through life — or is it yo ho, yo ho-ing?), Amaya’s struggling with who she is. Earlier at the bar, she told him she feels trapped, paralyzed at the prospect of having to fulfill her destiny as Kuasa and Mari’s grandmother (which means eventually leaving Nate), as well as the idea of not being able to change the former’s future without affecting the latter’s life as well. When they’re trotted in front of a crowd to be executed, however, Mick tells her just in time that even without her totem, she’s fearsome, and that she’s more than her destiny. At that, Amaya smiles, puts up a fight, saves Blackbeard’s neck, and gets the three of them out of harm’s way.

At least for the time being, anyway. She and Mick manage to convince Blackbeard’s crew (and even Blackbeard himself, who turns out to be quite a coward) to join them, and instead of waiting around for the Legends to save them, she commandeers Blackbeard’s beloved ship and heads for the location of the Earth Totem.

Little does she know the Legends can’t even think about saving them at the moment. Sara, despite a wonderful date with Ava so far, ditches after seeing the Waverider crashing in Star City and learns that they can’t move until Zari repairs the ship. Mick and Amaya are on their own — and what’s worse, Damien Darhk has already arrived on the island containing the Totem. (Next: Rip and Wally’s Great Adventure…)

Meanwhile, Rip and Wally have been getting along swimmingly in China. Rip tells Wally he wants to recruit him, but when Wally says his days of speeding around are over, Rip decides that his next best move is to…drink all of their sorrows away.

And so the mighty Rip Hunter and the fast-as-lighting Wally West get wasted. (Wally drinks a special rocket fuel Cisco made him so he can get drunk.) The pair talk of being lonely, of how they’ve been left behind by their respective teams, and all that venting just winds them both up — which leads to them coming up with the hilarious idea to snatch a time courier device from a Time Bureau agent so they can go anywhere they like. The time agent they target? Why, Gary, of course, who also gets pantsed by Wally, because…why not?

Wally, with Rip’s encouragement, also steals Rip’s trench coat back from the bureau’s storage, and the pair, giddy over what they’ve done, head to 1992 Tokyo, where they have an epic karaoke night. Yup. The next morning, they wake up with massive hangovers — well, Wally’s only lasted three minutes, but still — and decide that it’s perhaps time to stop being so lonely. Besides, there’s a perfect place for outcasts aboard a wild timeship…

…But anyway, it’s all fun and delightful and utterly tame compared to what Ava thinks Rip’s up to when Gary runs to warn her about what happened. She notices that Sara’s dashed away as well, so by the time she uses her own time courier to head to the Waverider to check on the latest anachronism — the clash to come in 1717 — she’s dismissive toward Sara. Luckily, she’s too incensed to notice Nate swiping her time courier off of her. He uses it to open a portal to 1717, where he and Ray are able to track down Amaya and Mick.

Speaking of which, Amaya and Mick have wound up in the middle of the chaos created by the curse of the Earth Totem. The Totem, like the others, amplifies the instincts of the wearer — and in this case, the wearer was Blackbeard’s lover, a dastardly woman he shot in the head when the Totem began binding her and attacking him with vines. But now that Darhk and Nora have dug up the corpse, the Earth Totem reactivates, effectively making Blackbeard’s ex a zombie intent on destroying everyone around her by using vegetation.

Amaya, after fending off vine after vine, decides to appeal to the woman at the center of the destruction. She tells her she knows what it’s like to be so connected to her power, but before she can say any more, Darhk snaps the woman’s neck and grabs the Totem for himself. And just as Amaya starts fighting Darhk, Sara and Ava argue, only to realize neither one of them wants to be without the other — nor do they want to live “normal” lives. They make out — but thanks to the portal, Blackbeard and his crew see, leading the cowardly pirate to try to take over the Waverider. Instead, Sara and Ava overpower his men and force him to yield.

Amaya isn’t as lucky. Outnumbered, Nora eventually gets ahold of Amaya, but when Nate and Ray arrive, Ray uses his new nanite gun, shooting Nora in the back so Amaya can run free. The Legends grab the Earth Totem and flee the scene, but Ray, wracked with guilt, can barely move.

Back on board the Waverider, Amaya sends Blackbeard back to his time before talking to Nate, who apologizes for pushing her to join them on a joyride that wound up losing her her totem. She’s not too peeved though; after all, she says that losing the totem made her feel freer, like she didn’t have this responsibility hanging on to her anymore — or at least for the time being. And so, Amaya gets into a little, uhh, role play, and soon enough, she and Nate are back at it. You know what I mean.

All is well — until Ray, overcome by his guilt at shooting a woman he’d known as a little girl just a few episodes ago, decides to make amends. He explains to Mick, who had been looking for a drinking partner and clearly failed with everyone else, that he thinks it’s always possible for bad people to be good again, and he would hate to be the one to take that opportunity away from her. So, boy scout that he is, Ray returns to the island with a cure for Nora, who’s still dying in Darhk’s arms. Darhk tosses Ray Amaya’s totem in exchange without a fight — but when Ray cures Nora, she starts taking his life force, and only when Darhk tells her to stop does she let him go.

Ray’s still alive, but now, unconscious next to the Darhks, he has given himself and Amaya’s totem over to the Legends’ worst enemy. Welp, at least Rip and Wally are on their way, right?

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