The Legends dive into Rip's mind to save Tomorrow.

By Nivea Serrao
March 07, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST
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In the process we learn that he not only named a dinosaur (Gertrude a.k.a. “Gertie”), but that Ray stole one of her eggs to make “70 omelets.” Also he has no regrets about that whole endeavor.

Other fun facts include the fact that Tyrannosaurus rexes are very maternal and that Ray crafted himself some miniatures of the Legend gang to keep him company. Not to mention the fact that he knows how to make iguana soup and procure T-rex urine. Unlike Amaya, I have so many questions about this.

But while Ray is enthusiastically revisiting his time in this period, Nate and Amaya are once again picking the worst time to rekindle their romantic potential. (Really though, what is it about inappropriate historical time periods that really gets these kids going?) Before they can do anything in Ray’s old camp structure, Ray manages to interrupt them.

Later, when Amaya is away, Ray takes the opportunity to tell Nate that hooking up with her would be a terrible idea. He points out that Amaya actually matters to the timeline and that their hook-up could threaten Mari’s existence and Amaya’s family’s destiny, as she has to return and have a daughter.

The next morning, the trio find the missing delineator — only it’s in the middle of a T-rex nest. Even though Ray does manage to get it, they are still beset by an angry Gertie. But while it seems like Nate is about to get all metallic on her ginormous dino butt, it’s actually Amaya who steps forward, uses her amulet, and makes my dreams come true by talking to the dinosaur. After their little “woman to woman” chat, Gertie goes off, and I’m left grinning like a fool.

Back on the ship, Ray puts the delineator back in while Amaya and Nate continue to flirt. She goes off and promises him “something else to think about” if he joins her that night. Following that, Ray apologizes to Nate, pointing out that both teammates are adults who can decide whether they want to keep things casual or not and that it’s not his business. Only, Nate says he’s not going to take Amaya up on her offer because he’s realized that he can’t keep things casual — not after seeing her put on “one of the biggest displays of badassery ever.” Agreed. Ray empathizes and goes off. But as we see, Nate decides that he can start keeping it casual starting “tomorrow.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Mick, in the middle of one of his many beers, tells Stein that he needs to start viewing Jax as his partner, even though he’s a kid. He adds that Stein is old, and Jax needs to learn how to do things for himself. Taking that lesson to heart, Stein finds his partner at the end of the episode and tells him as much. He acknowledges how smart and formidable Jax is and says he needs to remember that more.

(Minor detail, but I want to note that next week’s promo reveals Eobard Thawne at NASA in 1970 and potentially messing with Apollo 13, thus giving us another time travel show referencing Hidden Figures.)

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