The Legends face a difficult choice when they trace a fragment of the Spear of Destiny to medieval times
Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Guest Starring John Noble

Legends had some clever title-ing here: Not only does “Camelot/3000” refer to a run of comic books, but it also hints at all the flipping and flopping that happens in this hour. The time periods they visit switch from the future — Detroit, in the year 3000 (they’re not living underwater!) — to the medieval past; the story shifts from time-traveling into history to traveling into legend, from characters believing in risks to believing in sentimentality. Maybe everyone really needs a technology-boosted commander to their soldier: It’d help them make up their minds.

At least Rip knows exactly what he wants. (It’s a mark of evil, isn’t it, to be single minded to the point of recklessness? I digress.) In the future, he finds Charles, a.k.a. Doctor Mid-Nite, who’s been researching neural technologies instead of fighting with the JSA, tucked away and appreciating their technology — it cured him of blindness — after disappearing with the rest of the team during their last mission.

Rip examines Charles’ biomorphic implant, a device that can be used to control others’ minds, before asking Charles to divulge exactly where he kept his fragment of the spear. Charles refuses, but Rip figures out the hiding spot: right inside Charles. You can guess what happens next. (Gross.)

Aboard the Waverider, Gideon — running on Lily’s medallion-based algorithm — detects that fragment in Detroit 3000 and leads the team to the future. Nate whines about no longer being in history, his comfort zone, but he shouldn’t have worried: By the time they arrive, the spear fragment is gone, and only Charles’ bloody body and another one of the devices Rip was looking at remains. Amaya mourns her former teammate’s death, and her grief leads her to criticize Sara for letting Rip go when she had a chance to kill him during the Revolutionary War. She accuses Sara of being soft, noting that the JSA would have done anything to erase Rip, “regardless of sentiment.” Sara argues right back: “My team comes before tactics.”

Just in time, Gideon alerts the team to another fragment, this time detected in 507 A.D. in Britannia — in other words, they’re headed straight to medieval times (no, not the dinner and tournament show, as fabulous and ridiculous as they are). Ray couldn’t be more psyched about this development: As a boy, he loved reading about knights, specifically the Knights of the Round Table and the legends of King Arthur.

Nate, on the other hand, goes full historian, rattling off facts about the time period and dressing in historically accurate garb. Too bad it has no effect when it comes to where they truly are — in legend — as Guinevere comes upon them and immediately notes that Nate is a leper.

Disgruntled upon arriving at Camelot, Nate points out that the castle and the court shouldn’t even exist. Guinevere talks of a “black knight” in the area and introduces them to King Arthur, who elaborates that an evil knight has been kidnapping the Knights of the Round Table, and in order to clear the Legends of any suspicion, they’ll need Merlin to judge them. Merlin arrives — and it turns out the wise wizard is former JSA member Stargirl, whose cosmic staff does make her look wizard-like.

Shocked, the Legends bring Stargirl back on board the Waverider, where she explains what happened. The JSA’s final mission had been to retrieve the Spear of Destiny, and Rip joined them and advised them to split it into four for safekeeping. He took one; three of the JSA members took the other fragments and hid them throughout time. Charles headed for the future, and Stargirl headed to the past, adopting Merlin’s identity and helping create Camelot in order to better hide the relic she acquired.

And for the time being, the fragment is in no danger. At the feast, Stargirl assures Amaya that the spear remains safe, Sara and Guinevere check each other out after bonding over being warriors, and Ray dismisses Nate’s advice and introduces himself to Sir Galahad, the most respected knight at the Round Table. They exchange fart jokes, because why not?

Of course, this merriment can’t last, and hark! King Arthur has come across the Black Knight (a.k.a. Damien Darhk) in the woods. He winds up captured by Damien and Rip, who places one of Charles’ devices on his and Arthur’s heads, allowing him to control Arthur.

The two Doom members take Arthur back to Camelot, where they have him threaten Stargirl to convince the Legends to hand over the spear fragment. Sara quickly starts fighting, and swords are drawn, but it all ends when Arthur kills Galahad and turns his knife to his own throat. Damien gives the Legends an ultimatum, instructing them to bring the spear fragment by dawn or lose everyone to mind control.

With Camelot threatened, Guinevere is unsure of what she should do. Sara tells her that sometimes the role of being a leader arrives out of nowhere and encourages Guinevere to lead her men against the Legion of Doom.

It’s a good idea: Despite the ultimatum, the men being mind-controlled are ready to take up arms and fight. Stein figures out that the Legion will be coming for Camelot, but only after he finally activates the device he stole from Charles’ lab. (His thievery thoroughly impresses Mick, who “smells” the fishiness of Stein’s crime immediately after their trip to 3000.) Stein has deduced that the sets of headgear transmit a neural signal that allows for mind control and sets out to find a way to hack it. He experiments with Mick — because he thinks a brilliant mind plus an empty one should do the trick — but he fails.

Unlike Stein, Rip has total control over his Kilgrave contraption, as I’m calling it. Whatever he orders happens. “Knew these things would come in handy,” he says after ordering Arthur when Damien could not.

If only Nate had a Kilgrave contraption, too. As much as he tries to tell Ray it’s too risky to follow Guinevere into battle, Ray’s insistent on heading off to fight as a knight, too. It’s a dream he can’t wait to fulfill, especially after Guinevere’s rousing speech. Nate, at a loss, consults his book — and finds that Ray’s future will end in death. Looks like Ray’s dashing off to fulfill his nightmare instead — even if he’s managed to make Galahad’s sword a lightsaber (TM) after fusing it with the tech from his Atom suit — because even after hearing the future Nate found in his book, he still wants to forge ahead and fight.

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Inside Camelot, Amaya sets out to track the fragment of the spear, against Stargirl’s wishes — and against Sara’s. When Sara argues for Amaya to stop betraying her former teammate, Amaya lets out her claws and tells Sara that it’s more important to not lose the spear to the Legion of Doom than it is to lose a friend. She proceeds to use the medallion and finds the spear driven into the stone with Excalibur — and, after tapping into her Vixen powers, pulls the sword right out. Even Sara thinks it’s badass.

Stargirl doesn’t, when she sees what’s happened. She fights Amaya, revealing that she wants the fragment to stay in Camelot because she’s fallen in love with Arthur. Amaya assures her that the spear will be safe and Stargirl can choose to stay, so Stargirl finally relents and gives Amaya the fragment.

The former JSA isn’t the only group having some trouble staying on the same page. As the Legion of Doom prepares to attack, Damien advises Rip to hold the men for now, as meeting on the battlefield is a better tactical move than laying siege to Camelot. Rip, though, grows impatient, muttering to Damien that he’s already gotten two pieces of the spear for the Legion; why not listen to him for once? Damien doesn’t back down — and only tells Rip to talk to him with respect.

With the fragment in their possession, Sara readies the Waverider for takeoff, but when Nate returns without Ray, the Legends pause to debate. Sara now sees what Amaya meant; she says it’s more important to keep the spear fragment safe than to risk losing it while trying to save Ray, who chose to remain on his own. He’s even been knighted, receiving a red cape because the Arrowverse can’t help making references to Brandon Routh’s Man of Steel past.

Surprisingly, it’s Amaya who finally argues that they should save Ray after listening to Stein, Jax, and Mick defend Haircut. She tells Sara that even though she tries to avoid sentiment, she doesn’t want to lose another team. So with that, Sara divides the group in two: Stein, Jax, and Mick will work on the Kilgrave contraptions and find a way to fry them, while Amaya, Nate, and Sara race to the battlefield and save Ray.

The former group succeeds after Jax points out that it’s not intellect but intensity that might make the devices work. He’s right: When Mick puts it on, he’s able to make Stein stop speaking and swallow his pride. Stein is thoroughly mortified, but he works with Jax on a way to stop Arthur and his men from continuing to listen to Rip.

Outside, the battle of the Legends begins. Swords are slashed. Riders are unseated from their horses. Injuries are deemed ’tis-but-a-flesh-wounds. (Okay, so maybe I made that last one up.) Nate, Amaya, and Sara join the fight, but Nate heads for Ray to try and stop him one more time. Ray, stubborn as ever, shrugs Nate off and… air-jousts an enemy with his lightsaber. Only on Legends of Tomorrow, folks.

Just as the battle looks hopeless, Stein and Jax manage to make Mick use his impulses and brutish memories to overload the system, causing all of the connected devices to fry and fall off their victims. Enraged, Arthur charges at Rip and causes him to fall off his horse, too weak to get back up. When Damien stops to look at his partner-in-crime, he apologizes and says he doesn’t do rescues, leaving the former captain to bleed out alone.

Or not. Sara arrives afterward and tells him she’s going to bring him back on board the Waverider and save his life. The shadow of the timeship looms over Rip’s face, and he almost looks terrified.

And yet, after all that, it’s still not over for Ray. He chased after Damien when he took off, and though he subdues the villain in their lightsaber-versus-sword fight, Damien plays dirty and shoots Ray in the chest after yielding. Nate arrives shortly after and yells at Ray to stay alive — and Ray does, having worn his Atom suit underneath his chain mail and armor. (How was he able to do anything in all that? Eh, never mind.)

Back in the court, the rest of the Legends haven’t even noticed this side rescue mission. Arthur thanks Amaya and Stargirl, who says she’ll stay in her new home, just as Amaya has found her new home with the Legends. Sara is saying goodbye and flirting with Guinevere, who says “Sara Lance-a-lot” because this is Legends and damn it, it’ll do as it likes. Ray interrupts the tender moment to thank Guinevere as well, and he’s assured he’ll always have a place at the Round Table. (He might be back; later, Nate offers to show him his new future. And though he decides not to find out, Nate takes a look and finds an image of Ray being coronated.)

Ray then tells Sara that every good legend ends with a kiss, so Sara runs back inside to plant one on Guinevere. And with that, the Legends have rewritten not only history, but legend as well.

All because of Mick. “Just admit it,” he tells Stein back on board the Waverider. “My brain saved the day.” He may be right, but it did take Stein and Jax as well — though the latter isn’t about to celebrate just yet. He visits Rip in his cell on the ship and tells him that he would have killed him if Sara hadn’t been there. “You are no captain, and this is not your ship,” Jax says, “so if you think about hurting anyone on the team, I will not hesitate to end you.”

That threat may amount to nothing in the end. After Jax leaves, Rip sits quietly before calling out to Gideon. “I’m here, captain,” she responds. He looks up, right into the camera. “You always are.” Oh noooooo. He just broke the fourth wall and addressed us as Gideon is about to take command of the Waverider!

I’ll admit: This wasn’t my favorite hour of Legends after a hot streak of winning adventures. The Ray-loves-medieval-times B-plot felt forced and unresolved, Amaya and Sara never satisfyinglyargued out their points, and the Legion’s movements made little sense. (Really? Damien would offer an ultimatum after coming so close to getting the spear fragment?) And while I know every Legends viewer has to suspend a whopping load of disbelief every now and then, this episode just dialed up the ridiculousness to a new level, from the lightsaber/sword battle to the poorly placed wig on Guinevere’s head. (I won’t fault production for the battle scene, though; I know this show doesn’t have a Game of Thrones-level budget to truly put together something epic, so a few bloody swords and horses is fine.) Heading to medieval times was certainly a fun idea, but it all felt too absurd — even for a legend.

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