Maybe I Should Start from the End
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After this episode of Legacies, I’m sure of two things:

  1. Malivore is legitimately the worst place ever.
  2. 2019 is exponentially better now that this show is back in my life.

This week’s episode starts with Hope, Ric, and Landon waking up in a field in Fort Valley, Ga., and they’re not looking great. As for how they got there, well, we need to go back in time.

Two weeks ago, Landon was in Lawrence, Kan., trying to locate his mom, Seylah. The good news is that he found her! The bad news is that she doesn’t immediately believe he’s her son, and apparently, she’s some sort of ninja/assassin, and just as she threatens to take a hot iron to his face — a truly terrible parenting move — they’re interrupted by a monster. It seems Landon was followed. Thankfully, Seylah is there with her sword to decapitate the thing. She then moves them to a motel.

And that takes us to the point in the timeline where we last left Hope, with her magical Landon bracelet going off. She attempts to sneak out of the school at 3 a.m. (and steal Ric’s car), but seeing as how she’s wearing heeled booties that make noise — rookie mistake, Hope — it’s no surprise that Ric catches her. But when she explains that Landon’s in trouble, the road trip begins! It’s an 18.5-hour road trip to be specific, and Ric spends most of it quizzing Hope on geography and teaching her about osmosis? Remind me to never take a road trip with Ric.

But when they realize someone dumped Landon’s bracelet at some elderly person’s house, Hope uses a locator spell to find him. But that leads them to a very obvious cover-up. Seylah’s house is surrounded by a group of men who claim there’s a gas leak, but Ric sees right through it. And when this new bad guy asks about Landon, Ric figures out that they still have a chance to save Hope’s non-boyfriend. And that brings them to the motel where Seylah and Landon are sort of bonding. At this point, Seylah has at least excepted that Landon is her son, and they’ve even discussed Hope.

Minutes later, Ric and Hope come barging in, and Seylah likes her son’s sort-of girlfriend instantly. But that’s not important right now. Ric wants answers from Seylah. She explains that after she served in the army, she was recruited by an intelligence organization. It was there that she learned about the supernatural world. Her job was to keep the supernatural world a secret, so whenever a monster risked exposure, she would hunt it down and take it to headquarters. But then she’d forget the monsters completely, which means the monsters were being sent to Malivore, the hell dimension that consumes creatures and wipes their existence from the collective conscious.

Seylah tells Landon that she doesn’t know who his father is and that she’s not equipped to be his mother, but Ric can tell she’s lying — at least about the first part of that sentence. Outside, the adults chat and Ric learns more of Seylah’s story. It seems the organization that Seylah worked for guards the portal to Malivore, and when they discovered that Seylah was trying to write down her memories of the monsters, they threw her in. She wasn’t sure how long she was there until, one day, she was back and two years had passed. Oh, and she was PREGNANT. So in case you weren’t sure how terrible Malivore was, it’s a pit of loneliness that will spit you back out PREGNANT. No thanks.

To Seylah’s surprise, Ric believes that Landon was a supernatural immaculate conception, no questions asked. It helps that his twins were magically transplanted into Caroline’s womb by a coven of witches. As he puts it, his belief tolerance is pretty high. But Seyleh is convinced that Landon will be better off without her, and so she gets ready to leave again. (Next: Someone goes to Malivore)

Meanwhile, inside the motel room, Landon and Hope have picked up right where they left off, making out, sharing dating horror stories, and making out some more. And when Ric returns, he finds them fully horizontal so he kicks Hope out and talks to Landon.

Outside, Hope finds Seylah hotwiring her own car so that she doesn’t have to go upstairs and get the keys (and face her son). And when Seylah claims that Landon won’t remember her before she drives off (and puts a tranquilizer dart in Hope’s neck), Hope realizes what she’s doing.

Just as Ric is telling Landon that they have bigger fish to fry than his makeout with Hope, a literal merman emerges in the motel bathroom. Hope, awake again, throws the merman back, and they realize that just like the knife, an urn from Seylah’s apartment followed Landon to the motel. It seems this urn is the second key to Malivore, and the monsters want it. So, Hope comes up with a plan: Let the monster have it and follow the thing to this organization/portal. After all, it’s where Seylah will be.

And that’s what brings them to Fort Valley, where they make it to Triad Industries. Although, they don’t get far. Before the merman can make it inside, a landmine blows it to pieces. As for Seylah, she gets inside and throws herself into the pit, into Malivore. So when Ric, Hope, and Landon wake up after the explosion — which takes us back to the start of the episode — they don’t remember anything that’s happened.

Well, Ric and Landon don’t. Once Ric drives them all back to the school — yep, Landon gets to stay! — Hope asks him to be her boyfriend, to which he OBVIOUSLY says yes, before she tells Ric the entire story of their trip. She’s not sure why she remembers, but there’s a bigger issue: She brought the urn back with her, and when it starts to glow, well, that will take us into next week. As for the new big bad we met — the gas leak guy — he’s clearly a head honcho over at Triad, and seeing as how Seylah left behind her photo with Landon, I’m sure we can expect to see more of his handsome face.

I still have a lot of questions about Malivore and how it all works. Like how can Landon remember his mother at all? And is Landon, like … the prince of Malivore? Regardless, this show’s balance of comedy and mystery and romance only gets better with each passing week. Legacies has without a doubt carved out its own space in the TVD universe, and I’m so very happy to visit it once a week.

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