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I’ve liked every episode of this show, but this week’s might be my favorite so far. As we get further and further into this world, the characters only become more complex, more interesting. And it never hurts to finally have a monster that can talk and therefore provide some answers.

That monster is none other than a dryad. (Think tree nymph but slightly different.) Dorian captures her and calls Ric, who’s busy announcing the formation of an honor council. Each faction at the school — vampire, witch, and werewolf — will elect a representative for the council, which will allow the students to have a voice in the school’s decisions. Emma will automatically serve on the council as the representative for the younger kids.

Before Ric heads out to help Dorian, Rafael convinces him to let the soon-to-be-formed honor council decide if Landon will get to stay. Speaking of Landon, Ric has tasked Hope with testing him to see whether he’s supernatural. Because if Landon can convince Hope that he belongs, well, he belongs. At least that’s Ric’s thinking, and Hope is NOT happy about it.

First, let’s follow Ric on his journey to meed the dryad. It seems dryads are the living spirit of a tree. More importantly, they’re gentle creatures that once lived among humans. The dryad tells Ric and Dorian that if they bring her the man she loved, Oliver, she will talk to them.

With Dorian off to find this Oliver, Ric learns that dryads don’t lie. The dryad tells Ric about how she met and fell in love with Oliver, and how Oliver became a vampire so that they could be together forever. But the dryad was attacked the night she and Oliver were supposed to run off together. Another fun fact? Dryads are psychic, and she can sense that Ric has lost loved ones too. (If only she knew, amirite?!) Ric mentions Jo just before Dorian enters with Oliver. (Did he say Bonnie helped him with the spell?!) The bad news is that Oliver doesn’t remember the dryad.

When Oliver reveals that he’s a married man now, the dryad lies and tells him she thought he was someone else. Once he’s gone, she agrees to tell Ric everything she knows. She goes back to the night she was attacked. She says she awoke in darkness. She could feel others there but couldn’t see them. And when she woke up, she wasn’t far from Mystic Falls and she had an urge to possess the knife. She’s not sure why, but she knows she must have it. Something is telling her to take the knife to a dark pit beneath the earth. Just then, she tries to take the knife, and to stop her, Dorian puts an arrow in her chest.

As she dies, Dorian fulfills her wish to be taken to the clearing she considers home. There, she remembers one last thing: A blackbird called Malivore. Then, she dies, and in death, she becomes a beautiful tree. Talk about a lovely monster story. (Next: Landon’s fate is sealed)

Back at the school, Lizzie is in full campaign mode. Or rather, full victory-preparation mode. She’s already selecting her power suit for her victory speech, but little does she know that Penelope is working on a plan of her own. As for Rafael, he’s trying to make sure everyone elected to the honor council will vote to keep Landon at the school, and that involves him agreeing to be Lizzie’s date to her upcoming birthday party — a fact that doesn’t seem to sit well with Josie — and challenging Ted to become the new alpha.

Ted and Rafael fight, and when Rafael wins, well, Ted takes his anger out on Landon, who’s failing miserably at all of his supernatural tests, by the way. He has no supernatural strength, and so far, the only thing weird is that he has zero magic in his bloodline, and according to Emma, most humans have a small trace of magic from an old ancestor. Hope resorts to a supernatural lie detector to find out more about his past, but Landon doesn’t remember much other than his mother’s name: Seylah.

Landon eventually apologizes to Hope … again. He’s sorry he broke her trust, and he doesn’t want to do it again. He tells her that if he’s asked to leave, she needs to stop Raf from following him. Raf finally found a home he deserves. But unfortunately for Landon, Raf has pissed some people off at his new home.

That brings us back to Jed taking out his anger on Landon, an event that leaves Landon beaten and bloodied. Translation: He doesn’t have supernatural healing either. Hope tries to explain how anyone at the school could hurt Landon in the way that Jed did, and when she asks if he feels safe here, he says yes, but she knows it’s a lie thanks to her supernatural lie detector. And after the honor council is elected — Kaleb outsmarts MG for the vampire vote, Rafael gets the werewolf vote, Hope talks her way onto the council as the only tribrid, and Josie wins the witch vote thanks to Penelope’s wicked plan — they decide Landon’s fate. Emma and Rafael vote that Landon should stay, but Hope and Kaleb vote that he should leave. (Hope explains that he’s not safe here.) It comes down to Josie, who wants to protect her family, and that means that Landon can’t stay.

Hope walks Landon to the bus stop where she gives him a ticket to New Orleans. She promises him that a friend of hers — Marcel left New Orleans so Vincent, maybe? — will help him find his birth mom. She then gives him a bracelet. If he needs her, he can press on it. Just as the bus is about to arrive, Hope says goodbye, but Landon presses the bracelet just to test it. She turns around and the two of them kiss in the middle of the street and guys, it’s SO CUTE!! The chemistry between these two is really working for me. Let’s hope Landon isn’t gone long.

Speaking of Landon, the mystery of what he is continues. In the photo he has of his birth mother, her necklace matches the symbol that the dryad was drawing as she talked about the dark pit. So could Landon be from the pit? And what would that mean?

Back at the school, Penelope explains herself to Lizzie. She claims that Lizzie leaves Josie no room for herself. All Josie does is try to take care of her sister, which is why she has no time for a relationship. So if Josie won’t bring down Lizzie’s world, Penelope will. In other words, maybe Penelope being so terrible is kind of sweet?

In her anger, Lizzie explodes a punching bag before finding a better way to deal with it: When Rafael enters the gym, she kisses him and takes off his shirt. Needless to say, he doesn’t resist.

And that brings us to the end of an unexpectedly emotional hour. I have no idea where we’re going with this season’s mystery, but with these characters, I’m definitely along for the ride.

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