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November 08, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST

If you’re anything like me, the first two monsters have made one thing clear: Legacies is not at all what I was expecting. First, they battle a dragon and this week, they take on a gargoyle?! If I had read that those were the monsters, I probably would’ve scoffed and thought that the show was going too big. But I have to tell you guys: This show works. Yes, it’s going big, but that’s what makes it so fun (amongst other things). I am all in on Legacies. Let’s get into week three.

We start with the first flashback of the series, which takes us to 14th century France, where we find the mysterious knife that Landon stole and the gargoyle that came to life at the end of episode 2. Long story short, a couple of witches come to take the knife, and the gargoyle serves as its protector. Translation: The gargoyle murders both men rather viciously.

Back in present day, Ric is studying the knife while the gargoyle lurks outside his window. So, while Ric gets to the bottom of what’s going on, he decides to get some of the students out of the school. He informs Hope, Lizzie, and Josie that they will all be doing a bit of community service around Mystic Falls as punishment for the fight that broke out at the flag football game — or where Hope is concerned, as punishment for using black magic. And when Lizzie tries to blame Josie for what happened at the game, Josie attaches herself to Hope for the day.

The students arrive at the Mystic Falls town square — memories!!! — where Lizzie, MG, and her crew take over graffiti cleanup while Hope and Josie focus on trash duty. But Lizzie’s service doesn’t last long when Dana and the truly terrible students at Mystic Falls High show up and one of them throws a strawberry milkshake all over Lizzie, an action that sends her storming back to the school and straight into her father’s office.

Ric’s in the middle of talking to Emma — who wants to know why he’s never attended a counseling session with her — about how the knife is seemingly indestructible when Lizzie waltzes in and blames her father for everything that’s happened the past few days, because if he’d just attended the flag football game instead of running around with Hope, none of this would’ve happened. When Lizzie declares that she won’t be returning to community service, it’s hard to argue, so Alaric tells her she can help the primary students in the garden. Turns out, that consists of her hanging out with the world’s cutest human, Pedro (and his bow tie!), when the gargoyle attacks. Thankfully, Lizzie is able to complete a spell before the gargoyle scratches her because said scratch paralyzes her.

While all of that is unfolding at the school, Hope and Josie turn an argument into a bonding opportunity when they both admit that they’ve spent years “poking” each other. And when Josie tries to push Hope for answers about the Landon mission, Hope gets so angry she puts the trash poker through her own foot. Thankfully, the vampire part of her will help her heal quickly. And the brief violence is what ultimately breaks the tension between the two when Josie jokes, “You poked yourself.”

From there, the two girls really start to get to know each other. Hope finds out about Jo’s crush on Rafael — and Lizzie’s “dibs” — and Hope confesses that Alaric is punishing her for using black magic. As far as Lizzie’s concerned, Josie tells Hope that Lizzie’s “sensitive.” She explains, “Our mom is going on these really long recruitment missions recently. It’s why she’s extra testy. She just really misses her.” And of course, missing a mom is something Hope knows all too well. Josie talks about how she remembers when Hayley would come by the school, and she apologizes for not sending Hope flowers when she died, a fact that means she and Lizzie definitely deserve a bit of poking.

Speaking of Lizzie, Hope and Josie are in the middle of a spell to try to magically video chat with Landon when Josie gets a shooting pain in her stomach. It’s twin pain. They need to go help Lizzie. (Next: Landon returns to the school)

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