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March 07, 2019 at 10:00 PM EST

Some answers are really worth the wait, and that’s precisely how I feel about the reveal of Landon Kirby’s supernatural species!! Not only was it an amazing reveal — I won’t ruin it in the first paragraph of my recap just in case but I will ruin it at some point so beware — but this show crafted one of its strongest hours, if not the strongest hour thus far, around said reveal. Every show out there that’s unraveling a mystery, take some notes!

We start by returning to the Salvatore School following last week’s road trip and finding out that MG, Rafael, and Landon are all missing … on the night of a full moon. And when Hope’s locator spell doesn’t work, that means one of two things: Either someone cloaked them, or they’re dead. Thankfully, it doesn’t take them long to find Raf. But here’s the bad news: He can’t remember where MG and Landon are or if they’re okay.

Seeing as how the full moon is still in the sky, it’s unclear how Raf is back in human form. Emma explains that he’s in something called lunar psychosis — his mind is trapped between his wolf and human states, which makes it difficult to bridge the gap and access his memories. Lunar psychosis only happens when someone’s transformation is stopped prematurely. Something has caused Raf’s body to shift back to its human form before the full moon ended. What could do that? Trauma.

Flashing back to Ric’s pre-spring break assembly, we learn that MG is staying on campus and, as head of the holiday committee, planning all the week’s activities. We see Kaleb talk to Raf (before setting out on his journey to help Ric with last week’s mummy), and he asks Raf to look after MG while he’s gone. It seems MG gets a little weird around holidays because his family never invites him home. And seeing as how Raf slept with the love of MG’s life, it’s the least he could do.

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Raf, properly guilted, agrees, which results in him and Landon playing “Faction Feud,” a.k.a. a game MG made up, for hours. And when Landon can’t take anymore, he asks about MG’s father. MG says he doesn’t talk to him anymore, and Landon, being far too familiar with parental issues, suggests they go to MG’s home and get MG some answers. After all, he lives just over the state line in Maryland. 

Back in present day, Raf tells Ric that they were supposed to make it back before the full moon. And with that, Ric wakes Kaleb up and they hit the road: They’re going to MG’s house.

After Raf freaks out and claims a monster was after Landon, Emma sedates him, leaving Hope without all the answers she wants. Although, the audience gets a few…

In another flashback, we see MG, Landon, and Raf make it to MG’s house, where his father is running for mayor and his mother tells her son, “Your father doesn’t want to see you. His faith is everything to him. There’s no room is his belief system for people dying and coming back to life.” As Landon puts it, “Except for Jesus … and Lazarus.” MG’s mother keeps MG from seeing his dad, but Landon won’t give up. When he finds a newspaper that says MG’s father ran for mayor following a speech that went viral about how he’d do anything to get his son back, Landon tells MG that his dad is using his memory to get votes. So Landon thinks they should attend his father’s next speech … tonight.

In present day, we find out that Penelope gave the boys a cloaking spell before she left for spring break, which is why Hope can’t find them. And when Ric and Kaleb show up and talk to MG’s mom, she is not too happy with the fact that Ric has lost her son. She lets Ric know that she’d like him to hold up his end of their “arrangement,” which Kaleb rightly thinks sounds suspicious. What is that arrangement? Well, as MG finds out when he goes to visit his dad during a speech rehearsal, MG’s father actually doesn’t know that he’s a vampire, and Ric promised not to tell him. (Next: The road trip goes terribly awry)

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