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Who needs alcohol to lower your inhibitions when you could have a slug crawl into your ear and do it for you, am I right?! Not really. I have to say, this week’s monster was my least favorite to watch … though it maybe had my favorite results? Let’s start at the beginning…

Hope successfully put a barrier spell around the urn so that whenever a monster tries to steal it, it’s trapped. And the first monster to fall prey to her trap? A unicorn!! Well, sort of. The unicorn, it turns out, is merely a host for some sort of terrifying slug that latches itself onto Hope’s boot and then eventually works its way INTO HER HEAD VIA HER NOSE. I’m never going to sleep again after this, am I? (Spoiler: No, I’m not.)

But as disgusting as that snail is — which again, is VERY — it has super fun results: It turns Hope into a positively delightful human who wants to team up with her beloved boyfriend for the talent show. That’s right, I said talent show. Apparently, it’s an annual event at the school and one that the witches win every year with the same dance routine. But we’ll get to that.

First, we have to talk about the fact that another slug — HOW MANY ARE THERE?! — just made its way into Josie’s ear, and seeing as how Penelope had just handed Josie a letter, well, this could get interesting. With a slug in her head, Josie suggests that the witches try a new routine this year, maybe one where Josie sings! In a shocking twist, it’s Josie who wants the spotlight, something that Lizzie is clearly struggling with.

But Josie isn’t the only one who wants to show off her pipes. Also infected by a slug, Kaleb suggests that the vampires put aside all of the social issues — nobody wants to watch a sit-in — and put on a number of their own. (Just for the record, Alaric and Emma totally ditched the school and went to a nearby bar because they hate this talent show so much.)

While Hope and Landon are trying to find a talent — they’re currently attempting cake decorating — slug-affected Hope takes a turn: She starts talking about wanting to take the urn and hit the road. But when she goes to flip a switch on the wall, she gets electrocuted, and just like that, the slug falls OUT OF HER NOSE and Landon stabs it. Disgusted, Hope and Landon run to find Dorian, who already trapped another slug that was trying to infect him. It looks like they found their monster. And seeing as how the unicorn just died — R.I.P. — they don’t know how long they have until the infection turns fatal. (Next: Ric and Emma do karaoke)

Back inside, Kaleb and the vampires are putting on one heck of a show while Jo invites Penelope on a little trip out to see the urn. Dorian figures out that the slug must replicate inside the host and then wait to infect someone else. There’s no lore on the monster, but Landon’s seen enough sci-fi films to get the gist. The slug makes you susceptible to suggestion so that you’ll do whatever it wants, like steal the urn.

Using a black light, they realize that the slug is bioluminescent. And to make things even more gross, it leaves behind a trail. So it looks like they’ll be able to tell who’s infected by following the trails all around the school.

However, Ric and Emma are not at the school, and clearly something’s up with them because they’re actually having fun. After playing a quick round of “truth or shot” at a bar — during which he asks her out and she gets frustrated because he waited so long that she’s now seeing someone else — Emma takes the karaoke stage and wows Ric with her amazing voice. (If you watched Galavant, her voice will not surprise you. And I hope you ALL watched Galavant. Sigh. I miss Galavant.)

Ric joins her for the next number — “Time of My Life” — but when Dorian calls and tells them about the slug, they agree to shock themselves and end their skip day. But not until after they make out a bit. (They can blame the slug if they kiss now.) Emma’s first. She shocks herself, and Ric stomps on the slug. Ric, however, is not infected. It seems he’s only under the influence of alcohol (and Emma).

Together, they head back to the school, where Raf is performing some spoken word poetry revealing his feelings for Hope when Hope and Landon realize that everyone in the auditorium is infected. So naturally, she locks them in. That’s when they run into Lizzie, the one person who isn’t infected thanks to her newest piece of jewelry. After her trip to see her mom, Lizzie spelled a bracelet to shock her every time she said something mean. So she’s been shocking herself all day, which has kept her from getting infected. It’s also how they save Josie …

After Josie kisses Penelope, Lizzie puts the bracelet on her sister and gets her to say something mean — Josie tells Lizzie that she’s a terrible sister — and the bracelet zaps her. As for all the other students, Emma takes care of them with one enormous group shock therapy session. (P.S. the “other man” Emma is seeing is Dorian. Talk about awkward.)

Ric ultimately decides to give the students a talent show re-do after their difficult day, and Lizzie uses the opportunity to give her sister the spotlight, so Josie takes the stage and belts out a number that wins the witches the top prize once again. But that’s not the last song of the hour: Landon surprises Hope in her room with a little guitar-accompanied serenade. So yeah, they remain the cutest.

The hour then ends with Ric pouring himself a drink after watching Emma leave with Dorian … only he doesn’t realize that the glass contains a slug!! Once he’s affected, he steals the urn and drives out to a bridge and throws it over the side. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I know it can’t be good.

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