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February 27, 2020 at 09:00 PM EST
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The worst thing most of us have probably done at work is fake a sick day or steal an office supply or two. The worst thing Katy Keene has done is sleep in Lacy’s storefront window in her lingerie — and that’s just this episode. Well, spoiler alert, she doesn’t lose her job, and everything works out fine! Here’s how she ended up there…

Katy isn’t handling her breakup with KO well. She’s so upset that she puts a sheet over her sewing machine and — gasp — wears black. She tries to bury herself in work, but she hasn’t been sleeping, so she makes a terrible mistake: She tells the famed designer Guy LaMontagne that she loved his trash bag look on the runway. Problem is that was McQueen; his look was lightbulbs. Guy is so offended he storms out and turns down Lacy’s offer for him to sell in their store. Mrs. Lacy herself witnesses it and says if Katy can’t fix it, she’ll lose her job.

Josie is also struggling professionally, but Alex has a plan: She can meet his father and he’ll be convinced to reboot Cabot Records based on her voice alone! He swears Alexandra won’t be there — so of course she is. While Josie sings “His Eye Is On The Sparrow,” Xandra pops into the room and harmonizes with her on the chorus.

Things get really weird when Xandra starts talking about when she and Alex were hot and heavy in high school. Errr…. Turns out they’re step-siblings and not actually related. Still very, very gross.

Speaking of weird, Pepper lets KO’s roommate Raj film an “erotic art film” called The Rod-Father Part 2 in her loft space. It’s definitely just a porn shoot, but she lets it happen as long as they leave her the couch they used. During filming, her neighbor calls the loft’s owner and Pepper has to use Bernardo and Jorge as fake cops to pretend it’s being handled. A loooot of bad decisions are being made in this episode.

Credit: Eric Liebowitz/The CW

After a musical number to “Dirrty,” because apparently the show is doing full cast musical numbers now, the gang goes to Studio 34. Josie heard Xandra say that she was meeting Guy there, so it’s Katy’s opportunity to make things right with him. She bombs — again — so she decides to just get drunk instead. And that’s when KO walks into the club. Katy gets sadder and drinks some more.

That’s how she finds herself eating pizza barefoot on the street. Guy walks by and she chases after him and says his work is overrated. Welp, that did the trick! He appreciates her honesty and wants to know why she loves Lacy’s so much. They break into the store and she promises him his own atelier on the 8th floor — and then she vomits into her handbag. That’s when she decides to take a nap on the bed that’s in the storefront. A+ move!

After Gloria wakes her up and takes her to Mrs. Lacy, Katy realizes that Guy loved her idea and she’s in the clear. And just like that, she’s over KO. She’s so much better that she takes the sheet off her sewing machine and begins stitching straight down the middle of a white sheet. (I haven’t used a sewing machine since middle school home ec class, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how you do it.)

Things are also looking up for Josie… sort of. Mr. Cabot was so impressed with her fire when she stormed out of dinner that he’s going to fund her EP—as long as she dates Alex. See, apparently, he only stays on the straight and narrow when he’s with a woman. Legit question: Is Josie now a paid escort?

And speaking of relationships, Bernardo and Jorge are doing well. It was a bit bumpy throughout the episode with Jorge became insecure with how many compliments Bernardo received and took it out on him. But through proper communication (yay for adult behavior!), Jorge tells Bernard and his father how he feels. They stay together.

And thank goodness for that! If this show provides us nothing else, we need the hot firefighter. And with Pepper kissing Raj and Katy giving heart eyes to Guy, it seems that more hot hookups are in our Katy Keene future!

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