If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from TV, it’s that women can’t have love and careers. Katy Keene should have known better. She tried to have it all, and here we are three episodes into her show, and it’s all crumbling down.

At the start of “Chapter Three: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted,” the cracks in Katy and KO’s relationship are definitely splitting wide open, but she’s too busy sewing enough heart decorations to wallpaper their entire apartment to notice. You know, the apartment where two other people already live and where she just asked her boyfriend to move into. Jorge, who has his own uninvited guest most evenings, isn’t loving having KO there. Because KO is — gasp — cleaning and trying to make them dinner.

However, the fire that KO accidentally starts while preheating the oven (and burning up Jorge’s wigs) turns out to be good for Jorge. He sticks his hand in the burning stove, gets burned, and then gets his wounds wrapped by a hot fireman. There are a lot of hot men in Jorge’s life right now. In this episode, we also meet Jorge’s nighttime-friend-not-boyfriend Buzz. Apparently, they’ve been hooking up for about a year, but have never officially gone out in the world because Buzz isn’t out at work and he’s a very important lawyer. Jorge invites him to Molly’s Crisis so Buzz can meet him as Ginger. Sadly, he doesn’t come. And we have the episode’s first broken heart.

As for Josie, she’s conflicted about her music vs. Alexander. Yes, she wants to make out with him shirtless at work, as one does. But she also wants to get her music career off the ground. Enter Jimmy Dodger, a songwriter who wants to team up with Josie. She cancels her V-Day plans with Alexander to work with Jimmy. Problem is Alexander shows up at the record shop and catches them in the act … of making music. Josie confronts him about how she feels conflicted. They agree to put their feelings on hold and produce music together only. Honestly, Josie probably dodged a bullet since his family has Valentine’s Day dinner together and he buys his sister sexy robes. But no more shirtless Alexander scenes?? The broken heart here is mine.

Oh, and also Alex tells his sister, Alexandra, about Jimmy Dodger and she signs him to an exclusive entertainment deal so he can’t make music with Josie anymore. Alexandra continues to be the worst.

Speaking of schemes, Anna Delvey Pepper is trying to get her event space renovated tout suite because that’s where she’s sleeping and there’s no heat. The construction company needs $20,000 cash down. Anna visits what I assume to be her mentor Ms. Freesia (played to perfection by Bernadette Peters), where she gets a few names of men who can help her out. And she gets one on the hook: They go to the Lacey’s Valentine’s Day party, where Pepper talks him into buying tons of high priced items. And just when he’s ready to whisk her off to a hotel for her — ahem — payment, SURPRISE, his wife walks in the door! Pepper arranged for her to meet him there, and she’ll keep their arrangement secret as long as she can keep the items he just bought. The next morning, she returns everything, for cash, and is able to get heat in her event space. Clever girl!

Pepper’s mark isn’t the only one in hot water at the Lacey’s party, though. Katy gets out of going to see KO’s match on Valentine’s evening by telling him she had to work the party. She didn’t. A few up-and-coming designers were going to be there, so she didn’t want to miss it. But KO shows up and finds out the truth, and that’s when they have to have The Talk.

Katy tries to fix it by moving into a different apartment, just the two of them, but KO cuts to the chase: He wants to know what’s really going on in her head. She says they’re growing apart and she wants to hold on, blah blah blah. It’s an awkward breakup and KO seems totally fine with the fact that he gave up his dream to go to Philly just to stay and have his girlfriend break up with him. They’re both heartbroken, but we’ve only known them together for three episodes, so I’m not shedding a tear — about their breakup. But the part about no more shirtless KO scenes? There’s just too much loss in this episode.

To soothe their broken hearts, the gang makes sandwiches and takes them to the firehouse because that’s totally a thing people do in real life. Things are looking up for Jorge, though, because he asks out the hot firefighter and he says yes! I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but could shirtless hot firefighter scenes be in our future? I think we all deserve it after all this romantic up and down!

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