When Jake learns that Goetz may be looking to cover up his corruption, the townsfolk take a stand at the hospital, and Stanley gets his revenge
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”Jericho” recap: Protecting Mimi

Whoa. I’m not sure I thought Goetz would end up hanging from a tree, but payback is a bitch. And Goetz surely got what was coming to him. You can only be an arrogant, power-hungry fool for so long before it comes back to haunt you. And still I ask, was it all worth $10,000? Perhaps he was just testing the system, seeing what he could get away with (or perhaps that amount was just the tip of the iceberg), but what a way to get caught. Goetz’s downfall was only part of what furthered the building tension on Jericho.

Remember a few episodes back when Heather told Beck that she thought those breaking curfew in New Bern were doing it to test the system? Well, it looks like she was right. The New Bern insurgents succeeded in attacking the J&R office, which led to Beck leaving Jericho to take care of the problem. Or at least what he thought was the problem. It’s unfortunate that Beck still believed everything that Goetz was telling him. While Hawkins was able to persuade Beck to believe him, Jake hasn’t been so lucky.

And what was with Beck’s ”off-limits” Goetz speech? Beck knows that Goetz and Jake don’t get along, but with all the information Beck has received about the bombings, you’d think he would’ve put two and two together. But maybe I’m giving him more credit than he deserves. I’m going to believe that he is just ”conflicted” and will soon come to his senses about what he should really be concerned with.

Thank God Jake has a good head on him. Rushing to the medical center to barricade it against Goetz was definitely warranted. If Goetz had been given the opportunity, he would have just stormed into the hospital and killed Mimi. He had no conscience, none whatsoever. Didn’t you love how he insinuated to Jake that Mimi was one of the shooters who killed his men? Evil.

Who was expecting to see Russell in Jericho? I sure wasn’t. And I definitely wasn’t expecting him to tell Heather that the resistance in New Bern had placed a bounty on her head. Thankfully, Russell isn’t a bad guy and is trying to do what’s best for his family. He could have killed Heather, but he didn’t. He was trying to persuade her to stop doing what she’s doing. (She won’t.) Besides, all he really wants is Goetz.

John Smith, once again, gave more information to Hawkins. But he told Hawkins he doesn’t need him, just the bomb. And holy crap — the president is involved in the scheme? Brilliant! John Tomarchio was pretty smarmy when he delivered that speech in the first episode. It’s all starting to fall into place — Jennings & Rall was behind the bombings so they could then be in a position to control the whole country. Amazing.

I loved the lighting on Stanley while he was sitting with Bonnie. It was as if her spirit were shining down on him, telling him to be strong. While it was touching when he signed to her for the last time, you could also feel his anger. The look in his eyes when he told Eric that he didn’t blame himself for Bonnie’s death was all I needed to see.

It was sneaky of Ravenwood to use the families of those in the hospital to get the Jericho people out, but they didn’t count on Hawkins. He didn’t let us down when he asked the Ravenwood flunkies, ”If [Darcy]’s being held hostage, how can me talking to her get her out of there?” So he killed a few of them, and made his way into the hospital. Just another typical day for Hawkins.

Persuading John Smith to pull some strings for him in order to get Goetz sacked for his embezzling came as easily to Hawkins as breaking necks. I wish I had that kind of power. Of course, he had the help of Mimi and Trish. I loved the coldness in Trish’s voice when she told Goetz he was fired and then finished with ”I hope you rot in hell.”

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So Fred played double duty this week. Not only was he an informant for Ravenwood, but he unknowingly helped Jake throw the bad guys off course. Fred’s deal with Ravenwood didn’t work out so well for him, but can you really blame him given his circumstances? Good thing Jake understands and doesn’t hold a grudge. And Fred did give Jake some last-minute Ravenwood intel.

That intel led Jake and his posse to Goetz’s last stand. After his superiors showed up to fire him, he and his men got in a gun battle with forces from both Jericho and New Bern. Was anyone else confused as to why Goetz and his men were stripped of their rifles but not of their handguns? At least that didn’t stop Stanley from getting his revenge.

So what’s going to happen now? Jake told Russell that if Goetz turns up dead, Beck will wreak havoc on both their towns. What is Beck going to do, now that he’s seen Goetz strung up at the entrance to New Bern? Is Stanley going to pay the price for finishing Goetz off? And what more can we learn from John Smith?

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