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OMG you guys, it happened! No, Jane didn’t give birth (I suspect a dramatic labor scene will be part of the season finale); instead, we learned the truth about Sin Rostro’s identity! At one point, nearly every single character was a suspect: Magda, Petra, Rafael, his father Emilio Solano, Rogelio, Michael, his brother Billy, and even Nadine. But in in this episode, the “man without a face” was revealed—and it’s Rose, a woman.

Now, we’ve had our suspicions for awhile—Rose was the first to raise a red flag to Rafael about his father’s so-called sketchy activities and she proved herself heartless by lying about her affair with Luisa—but thanks to Jane’s narrator, we learned that the beautiful redhead is really the ruthless Sin Rostro.

As difficult as that might be to process, it actually makes complete sense: Rose knows the hotel, she has the perfect alibi and with the trust of everyone around her, she’s able to conduct under-the-table activities without suspicion. And she’ll be putting that all to the test when the police look into Emilio’s death. That’s right: The mere reveal of Rose as Sin Rostro might not have been believable were it not for the fact that she killed her husband by burying him alive in a trough of cement.

It’s a lot of process, but here’s how it all went down: At the top of the episode, Emilio surprised Rose by returning from his mysterious “business trip” earlier than expected and asked her to travel with him to an undisclosed location in two day’s time. Now, Rose’s skin may be poreless (as far as I can tell and I have a pretty big TV) but you could practically see her sweat—there was no way a vacation, however tropical, would fit her plans. That being the case, she ran straight to Rafael to derail his father’s plan.

Rose: “I feel like we have to do something. What if he’s Sin Rostro? If it’s true, why don’t we tell the cops that there’s absolutely no connection?

Rafael: “Rose, if you care for my father at all, please don’t go to the police. I know he has lots of flaws but he’s not a murderer.”

Ahem. We always knew Rose wasn’t one for the rules—something about sleeping with her husband’s daughter indicated that much—but what she did next was actually horrifying (in that oh-so-good telenovela kind of way). The following day, when Emilio told Rose they would be leaving for their trip earlier than planned, Rose acted quickly. Strolling side by side on the hotel grounds, Rose played her best hand (she unbuttoned her top, natch) and under the guise of being playfully raunchy, gestured for her boo to step into an empty pit. Kinky, right? (Somehow, I suspect that’s how she earned the title of Mrs. in the first place.) Things got a little hotter when she tossed him her panties and just like that, with Emilio distracted, Rose got her (neatly manicured hands) on a nifty remote control that turned on nearby mixer and poured cement down a chute into the pit, burying Emilio alive.

NEXT: Other revelations…

Emilio went down without a last-minute confession, which is more than can be said for some of Jane’s other secondary characters during this episode. Take for instance, Magda. At the top of the hour, Petra wasn’t exactly sitting pretty in her high-security penthouse; afraid for her life with Milos on the loose, she trusts only Lachlan and her mother. Now, while Lachlan was suspiciously nowhere to be found this episode, Milos showed up—and in the most unexpected way, as a prospective business partner whom Rafael insisted Petra meet. Now, Petra’s the type of girl who can usually roll with the punches—if anything, her actions to date have proved that she’s the resourceful type—but she looked terrified to see Milos sitting at a table in the hotel.

He had something major to tell her: It turns out that the hydrochloric acid he threw years ago was meant for her mother—not Petra, as she had believed. “I’m sorry I threw acid at your mother, but she lied to keep us apart,” Milos says. Can you forgive me?”

But Petra hasn’t processed the fact that her mother lied. In fact, it’s not until she catches her mother in the act—she and Milos later stage a scene where he slashes her throat and Magda gets up from her wheelchair in shock—that she’s forced to confront the truth. Her mother can walk! Strangely, the tables have turned, as Petra is now in a situation similar to Rafael a few episodes ago, when he discovered that she had been lying about her identity.

Petra’s fake death—which was really quite impressive with quarts of fake blood spurting from her throat—was one of two during the ep, which also featured the death of Rogelio’s character on The Passion of Santos. It was straight out of a telenovela as Rogelio’s assistant Nicholas and head writer Dina Milagro (Judy Reyes) conspired to give Jane a big break she’d never forget: the task of writing her own father’s death.

It all honesty, it was a day Rogelio never saw coming. Though he failed to convince the telenovela writers to keep him on the show (“Without Santos, there is just Passions and that show failed!”), he never begrudges Jane the opportunity to write a full telenovela episode. Instead, he acts out his death scene beautifully, so much so that Jane is moved to tears during the taping.

“You were incredible Dad,” she says. It’s the first time Jane has ever called Rogelio by anything other than his given name, and as the narrator says, “it was straight up the best of times and the worst of times.”

Elsewhere in ‘Chapter 12’:

– Michael is out of the hospital and confronts Nadine about having him suspended. He firmly believes that Emilio is Sin Rostro and is undeterred by the fact that he’s temporarily off the case, as he heads to the plastic surgeon whose number he found on the subcontractor’s phone last week. With a little help from his brother Billy, who calls the surgeon’s office as a Botox patient, Michael distracts Dr. Machada and prints out billing records that he believes will prove Emilio’s link to the plastic surgeon (and the subcontractor). But with Emilio dead, will the records prove useful—or will they distract Michael from identifying Rose as the real Sin Rostro?

– Rafael and Jane go to counseling together, but it’s not what you think: They attend a therapy session with Luisa at the mental institution. “Okay, visit an asylum. Check that off my bucket list,” says Jane. Luisa apologizes for going off the rails but she has ulterior motives and privately asks Jane to deliver an “apology” letter to Rose. But the letter doesn’t make it to Rose—instead, Rafael intercepts it and discovers something that has him in tears (and clutching a cold one). What could have upset him so much?

– Alba seems to have recovered entirely from her injuries and made grilled cheese sandwiches for a forlorn Rogelio and for Jane, who was suffering from writer’s block before composing her made-for-TV death sequence. Delicioso.

– Is Rogelio headed to Hollywood? He was upset about his character being killed off, but Xo suggests that this could be the opportunity he needs to transition to the big screen. (You know, like George Clooney did post-ER). The idea definitely cheers Rogelio up: “I’ve been told I have the perfect features for 3-D.”

– Also, Xo is keeping up with her pledge of celibacy. To quote Rob Schneider, “You can do it!”

Total sex acts this episode: 1/2 (Does Rose unbuttoning her blouse count? Maybe Xo should give up this whole celibacy thing in the interest of our continuing viewership. Kidding.)

Jane fans, are you shocked to learn that Rose is behind Sin Rostro’s deadly activities? Why did she go to such lengths to cast suspicion on Emilio? What do you think Rafael learned from Luisa’s letter? And will Michael’s suspension be over in time for him to resume his investigation, though he suspects the wrong person? Also, do we think Jane buys her maternity dresses at Target? Because they’re really, really cute.

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