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Since we are just episodes away from the series finale, the entire Jane the Virgin cast is suddenly experts in the art of finding the silver lining. If you’re confused, here’s a perspective that helps it all make sense. Frustrated? There’s a solution that will calm your nerves. Are you unable to find that silver lining? Here’s a roadmap on how to adapt.

No one’s gloomy or complaining. There are a few tears, because duh, Jane must cry at least twice per episode. But fear not. They are quickly wiped away thanks to a miraculous moment that calls for celebration, which inevitably puts the “life’s not fair” issue on the back burner.

Silver Lining #1 — Magda
When we last saw Petra, she and her mother (who just popped up from the backseat of the car) had been hit by another vehicle. Is Petra dead? Could she be in a coma?

Of course not. It’s Magda who receive the brunt of the collision and is unconscious with a broken leg in the hospital room. Sure, being alive is a silver lining for Magda, but Petra sees this more of a “she’s like a cockroach that can’t be killed” scenario. Is there a lining for that? Perhaps murky brown?

Magda wakes up and wreaks havoc on the hospital staff. The doctor calls Petra for backup. Her response? She gives them permission to pull the plug. Clearly, since Magda is currently tossing bedpans at the nurses, there is no plug to pull.

Petra receives a second call from the doctor later. Magda has taken a turn for the worse after a leg amputation. Lo and behold, Petra is given full permission to pull the plug. Rafael and Jane offer moral support as Petra summons the courage to do it. Her mother was a horrible person, which trickled down into Petra’s DNA and her twins. She wants Magda to be in a better place.

She picks up her mother’s hand, tells her good-bye, and manages to stay completely chill when Magda squeezes her hand. Petra grasps at her silver lining, trying to pull the plug, but the machines start beeping. It’s a miracle! Magda is alive! (So close, Petra. So close.)

Silver Lining #2 — Jane’s Book
Inspiration hits Jane like a ton of bricks and she is able to crank out her second book in only three weeks. Everyone loves it, including her agent Marlene, who sends it to her friend/lover/publisher Jill to read.

Days later, Jane pops into Petra’s office. She needs a distraction from waiting around to hear from Jill. Petra has the perfect answer. She wants Jane to take the twins for a few hours.

Jane is ready, able, and willing. With the car crash scare, Petra realized that even if she did die, the girls would be in good hands with Jane as a step-mom. Jane made a vow to make sure the girls felt equally accepted and loved as Mateo. She’s taking on her future role as stepmother with enthusiasm only Jane can bring.

Petra gives Jane a long list of what the twins can and cannot do, and Jane is tested immediately when she settles the girls in to do their homework. They want 20 minutes of iPad time, which is on the strictly forbidden list. The girls accept Jane’s refusal and dismiss themselves to their bedroom. Where they play with their iPads.

Before Jane punishes them by taking away their screens, she receives a call from her editor. Jill passed and will not be representing Jane’s work. Silver lining? Jane is going to send her manuscript to everyone else. No problem.

Well, there is a problem, but with another situation that needs a silver lining. Jane tells Petra about the girls’ iPads and Petra punishes them even though Jane asked her not to tell. The next time Jane keeps the twins, she’s labeled a wicked stepmother.

Even though Jane wants to dwell on the fact that she is in no way wicked, she’s up to her eyeballs in rejections. Fortunately, Rogelio has a silver lining. Jane must put her manuscript on the agent’s desk. She can’t rely on the envelope sneaking by the red tape known as assistants. Rogelio gives her a “don’t give up” pep talk and they work out a plan to infiltrate the agent’s office.

It’s simple, really. Jane will pose as a delivery person. When she reaches the floor, she will slip her manuscript into the box of other manuscripts.

Watches are synchronized. Jane is decked out in a plain white shirt and beige pants, ready to go, just as Rafael calls her to pick up the twins from school. She grabs them, takes them to the office building with her, and is immediately stopped by security.

This is the moment the twins reflect that silver lining and shine. They act like spoiled brats, claiming their mother works in the building and that Jane is their nanny. It works beautifully. Jane is thrilled and also mortified. Great job, but let’s not lie anymore, okay?

It’s too bad the escapade was all for nothing. The agent passes and Jane falls to pieces. As she cries in Rafael’s arms, she hears Mateo reading Jane’s manuscript. Mateo found something he likes to read! I find this weird, but I’ll allow it in the name of the series finale being just around the corner.

Fast forward to Jane standing in the hospital waiting room with Petra and Rafael. Before they go in to (not) pull Magda’s plug, Jane gets a phone call. A really big agent wants to represent her. Celebrate good times.

Silver Lining #3 — This Is Mars
Rogelio is devastated to learn that This Is Mars pilot testing is not going as planned. People love the parts with young Steve and young Brenda. He’s worried that he and River will eventually be edited out of the series.

He decides to ask the film editor to stay late so he and River can make their performances pop. Rogelio calls Darci, asking her to keep Baby one more night. They spend the next dozen hours working and are thrilled with their new cut. River barks for her assistant, “Girl Rudy,” to run the tape to the network, but unfortunately, the execs are already on their corporate retreat. Which is where they watch the new pilots.

Rogelio develops another elaborate plan for his own infiltration into the network’s remote lodge in the middle of nowhere. River is totally willing to wade through the swamp with him to get their tape in the pile of other pilots, but Rogelio’s plan is thwarted when Darci arrives with Baby in tow, on her way to New York City.

Rogelio tries to buy one more Baby-less day. Darci stops him mid-sentence and reminds him how many times he’s blown off his daughter lately. He must prioritize her like he does his work.

This news cuts Rogelio to the core. He calls River and asks her to wade the swamp without him. She sends Girl Rudy, who fails miserably, so they are left with the original cut of the pilot. Rogelio searches for the silver lining and immediately tells River that he’s okay if his part becomes smaller. He’s cool with being the standout cameo character everyone looks forward to.

After accusing Rogelio of having a stroke, River’s face softens. She admires Rogelio for taking time off to spend with his family. Then she admits that Girl Rudy is actually her daughter and that their relationship is rocky at best. Rogelio promises to help reconnect them in the future. Let’s all slow clap for Girl Rudy.

Silver Lining #4 — Sin Roso
Bobby and Luisa are up to no good. For some reason, Bobby wants Luisa to steal a tie tack that once belonged to her father. She starts by asking Rafael for it. The act backfires. He knows that if Luisa wants something, it’s because Rose has asked for it. He tells his sister that he’s taking the tie tack directly to the police.

When he opens the safe in his closet to retrieve the onyx piece of man jewelry, a tiny camera records his every move. Bobby is able to see Rafael punch in the code to get inside the safe. When he leaves, Bobby and Luisa go inside to steal what Rose is really looking for.

It turns out, dear old dad’s watch has a secret compartment that holds a duplicate of his fingerprint. This fingerprint opens a vault that is full of stacks and stacks of money. The next thing we know, Rose’s face is on a TV screen asking a room of six people if they are ready to move forward.

By the way, that room of six people all share Sin Rostro’s face. It’s quite the silver lining, would you say?

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