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By Lincee Ray
November 17, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST
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It’s not at all surprising to learn that adolescent Jane spent a fair amount of time at the neighborhood bookstore. Her love of the written word reached a new level when the owners gave her a copy of Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits. Jane immediately adopted Allende as one of her favorite authors, welcoming her advice and engaging in spirited conversations. This all happened in Jane’s lively imagination, of course.

Now that Jane is a published author herself, there’s only one place in the world she would ever consider to host her launch party. As she opens the box revealing hardcover copies of Snow Falling, she beams knowing that all her dreams are coming true. She only wishes that Michael was there to see it.

Rafael, on the other hand, is right there to see it because homeboy doesn’t have a job. Since he has sworn off meddling at the Marbella, Jane encourages him to put out some feelers. Rafael agrees.

Speaking of the Marbella, Petra is drowning in her mother and sister’s poor decisions. They have doubled the nightly rate of the hotel, which is ludicrous since they just had the place fumigated for termites. Between Magda’s crazy ideas, Anezka’s annoying voice, and Rafael’s absence, Petra considers joining Luisa in the mental facility.

Across town, Jane presents a signed copy of her novel to Adam and geeks out about her book signing party. Adam looks her in the eyes and genuinely tells her that he is proud. In return, Jane says that she loves him.

Okay, that didn’t really happen. But the near L-bomb drop makes Jane wonder if she’s ready to say that to Adam. Is it just the excitement of her dreams coming true? She considers this while lugging a box of her novels to the bookstore — the same beloved neighborhood bookstore that currently displays a huge OUT OF BUSINESS sign.

Jane is incredibly disappointed. She complains to her parents that the only bilingual bookstore in the neighborhood can’t compete with online sales. Now she’ll have to have her launch party at the publisher’s office. It will be fine, but not what she’s been dreaming about with Imaginary Isabel since she was a kid.

Rogelio interjects. He will not allow his daughter to have an office party with unforgiving fluorescent lighting and cubicles decorated with people’s sad children. While he figures out a suitable Plan B, Fabian makes a visit to the set demanding that Rogelio persuade the writers to give him a dignified farewell scene. And since he’s technically dead, he’d like to come back as a ghost with a dramatic soliloquy to show his range for future gigs. He looks to his mentor for help. Rogelio refuses and probably Tweets about it. #hardpass

Fabian isn’t the only one trying to figure out his future career. Rafael’s résumé is a paragraph long and the criminal record more than likely won’t help the interviewing process. Petra suggests that the Marbella hire Rafael as the general manager. She implores Magda to consider the recommendation, due to the fact that the Marbella is losing bookings left and right, and Rafael knows the hotel inside and out.

As Magda thinks about it, Petra notices an inhaler under the couch. She stealthily retrieves it and runs to her assistant Krishna to comb through footage looking for the elusive Carl. Lo and behold, they discover he is real! Her mom and sister set them up. But before she does something noble, like telling Rafael that Luisa checked herself into a mental institution for nothing (well, almost nothing), she’s going to use the information to get rid of her mother.

While one parent is looking to destroy, another is looking to save the day. Rogelio has arranged for a People en Español editor to attend Jane’s party. This will bring tons of exposure to the bookstore, not to mention all the celebrity photos (a.k.a. Rogelio selfies) that will generate buzz. P.S. He may have cosigned the lease, and if things don’t work out, he and Xo are the proud owners of a charming little bookstore. Whoopsie!

Back at the Marbella, Magda has agreed to hire Rafael — as a bartender. He’s furious because he knows she’s only doing it to humiliate him. Jane calms his nerves by reminding him that he can keep an eye on his hotel, see the twins, and be there for Petra if and when a crisis occurs. It’s not that bad. Plus, he’s broke, and he needs to make a little change for his family. He needs to wear that silkscreen shirt with pride.

Jane rushes into the elevator and is jolted into a memory when a guy who looks amazingly like Michael asks her to hold the door. She shakes off the déjà vu just in time to eat dinner with Adam. Jane is nervous to invite him on her two-city book tour through Florida. She sells him on the joys of a road trip and then lets slip that she loves him.

Okay, that didn’t really happen, but once again the fact that “I heart you” is perpetually on her lips when she’s around Adam is concerning. She wonders in front of Rogelio if Adam could love her back this early, and Rogelio finds this line of thinking appalling. Of course, everyone love Jane!

Well, Fabian technically doesn’t. You have to be careful with ex-boyfriends. They can show up at the most inconvenient times. You see, while Fabian was “making sweet love” to that editor over at People en Español, he convinced her not to come to Jane’s party. The only way he will change her mind is if Rogelio makes that ghost scene happen. Oh, and he wants Jane to write it. (Recap continued on page 2)

Jane pens a gut-wrenching monologue that Fabian hates. Just when Jane thinks he can’t be pleased, she figures out that all Fabian is looking for are great big clichés and idioms. She throws in a few “grass is always greener”s and “light at the end of the tunnel”s and he is golden.

From one over-the-top actor to another, Petra really lays it on thick in front of her mother and Anezka. She walks in the office, apologetic that Magda is using Anezka as a pawn. She wants to come clean. Magda is the evil one, not Anezka. And she has proof that she’s not lying, because how else would she know Carl is real? Cue the dramatic music!

Rafael is bummed that Magda secured a party in the bar during Jane’s book signing, but Jane swears it’s no big deal. This realization bums Rafael out — he wants Jane to be sad that he’s not going to be there for her.

There’s someone else who won’t be there, too. Adam has a sudden deadline that will keep him from attending the party. Jane hangs up the phone, disappointed that both men in her life are bailing. Alba lets her know that Rafael was really upset that he couldn’t be there, so Jane pays him a visit to let him know in person that she wishes he could come. She opens a copy of her book to the acknowledgment page and watches as Rafael cries reading her words, which thank him for teaching her how to be brave.

Now we’re all crying. Why can’t Jane daydream about telling Rafael that she loves him?!

Jane makes her way to the store and allows herself a moment to grieve Michael before heading inside. She greets her family before running into Ghost Fabian, who breaks the news that the editor isn’t coming. But he’s going to make it up to her by strategically placing one of Jane’s books in front of his nude body and Tweeting a selfie from the bathroom. That should work.

Upon learning the news that the editor isn’t coming, Rogelio vows to kill Fabian in real life. Jane stops him since they are in this position in the first place because Rogelio couldn’t mind his own business. Rogelio explains that his natural inclination is to overcompensate with Jane since he wasn’t around when she was a kid. He admits that he always suspected Xo might be pregnant, but he didn’t want to call her just in case it was true. He crumbles, assuming Jane hates him.

But she doesn’t. She understands what it’s like to be a confused kid. Everything happens for a reason and they need to keep moving forward. Let the ghost, both figurative and literal, go.

Jane wanders the store remembering the olden days, and that’s when she notices Isabel Allende — only this time, she’s real! The author must have read her long chain of Tweets inviting her to come to the event! Nope. Isabel is a Fabian fan and came down as soon as the junk Tweet came through on social media.

Jane takes the time to praise Isabel for changing her life, and Isabel is touched when Jane reveals that Paula impacted her the most. The story about Isabel’s deceased daughter helped Jane process Michael’s death. Jane confides that she feels guilty, but Isabel acknowledges that writing about Michael keeps him alive. She needs to live passionately and love passionately.

Jane does exactly that. She goes immediately to Adam to tell him something that has been on her mind for a long time, but she stops herself when she notices that he has a weird look on his face. Jane stands there as Adam informs her he is moving to Los Angeles. The company that offered him a job before has offered an even bigger one. The deal came right before her party, and he didn’t want to be in any of her pictures from the night. He has to take the job.

Jane smiles, correcting Adam. He doesn’t have to take the job. He wants to take the job. Adam concedes. Watching Jane make her dreams come true encouraged him to pursue his own.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw this coming. Bring on Rafael!

Back at Rogelio’s mansion, Xo is on edge because Rogelio shares his conversation with Jane. Xo is livid that some part of Rogelio “knew” about her keeping Jane. She’s been living with the guilt forever. Jane may be okay with this news, but Xo is not.

The whirlwind night ends at the Marbella. Petra’s nightcap is interrupted by a man whispering something in her ear. The camera follows her to the office, where her sister hangs from the ceiling. Thanks to our faithful narrator, we learn that Anezka didn’t kill herself.

Has Jane the Virgin gone over to the dark side?

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