Jane and Xo learn that destiny is not a matter of chance

Chapter Sixty-Four
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It’s Xo and Rogelio’s wedding day, and Jane is pulling out all the stops. She’s got a to-do list as long as her arm and is working to cross off each of her father’s crazy requests. Jane has the programs, the dress, the venue, a certificate that says she is ordained, a promise that Marc Anthony will be turned away at the door, and an “all clear” forecast from the weather man promising the tropical storm will not hit Miami.

You’d think Jane would be in a little less stressed now that she can ditch her rain contingency plan. Unfortunately, our people-pleaser is nervous that she won’t be able to write the perfect, tear-inducing ceremony for her parents. Alba suggests she ask her work colleague for help, but God already answered that hurricane prayer. Jane visits her priest instead.

Father Gustavo suggests Jane brainstorm about her parents’ love story for ten minutes. Once she finds a centralized theme, it should be an easy write. Jane becomes emotional, thinking about that last time her priest gave her a writing assignment. She was told to pen a love letter to Michael in their premarital counseling. We flash back to Jane and Michael sitting in Father Gustavo’s office, joking around about what they are going to write.

Jane’s not the only one who is a little emotional. How many of you miss Brett Dier? WE LOVE YOU, MICHAEL!

Father Gustavo recommends that Jane reread the letter from Michael for inspiration. Wait, what? There’s a love letter from Michael just floating around somewhere out there? According to Father Gustavo, yes there is, and it was the most beautiful letter he has ever read. Cue Jane scouring boxes of Michael’s stuff. Sadly, she can’t find the letter.

There’s no time to dwell on lost love letters, because the weather man was entirely wrong. Gale-force winds are about to hit Miami, and our Jane is about to hyperventilate. It’s a good thing she has Rafael’s chiseled chest to lean against. That would certainly calm me down. The pair break apart when Petra comes in. Party crasher.

Jane rushes off to the wedding rehearsal, where she must learn her choreography for the opening salsa number. (A) I love that Rogelio’s wedding opens with a Latin dance routine. (B) I hate that Rogelio’s ex Darcy is seven months pregnant with Rogelio’s child. Xo can’t catch a break! Once more, Darcy wants Jane to break the news to her father. This cannot end well.

Shimmying in during the final eight count, Jane ball-changes her way over to Rogelio at the rehearsal space. She breaks the news gently, and together they tell Xo. How did this happen? According to Rogelio, hate sex is the culprit. Xo wants to marry Rogelio the next day, but clearly they need to put everything on hold until they can figure out what to do with this new baby.

Meanwhile, Jane tells Alba about this mysterious letter from Michael. Alba knows exactly what she’s talking about! She remembers that Michael mentioned he was supposed to hide it away for a rainy day and present it when Jane needed it most. It’s too bad Alba has no idea where he put it. Later, when Mateo tells Jane about his special hiding place for his secret stash of gummy worms, Jane remembers that there was a loose floorboard at their old place. Could Michael have hidden the letter there?

While Jane hops a bus to find out, Luisa calls Rafael with some great news. Guess who’s getting out of jail? Hooray for immunity! Luisa knows where all the dead bodies of Rose’s victims are buried, so she’s free to leave the clink any minute. After promising to be there for Rafael during his cancer battle (whoopsie), Luisa pays a visit to Rose before leaving the jailhouse and lays into her for lying about Scott’s death. Rose barks back, claiming she didn’t kill Scott. The real Eileen did! She also plants a seed of doubt in Luisa’s head. The person Luisa shouldn’t trust is actually Rafael.

The next thing we know, Luisa is marching into Rafael’s office, irate that he lied to her about his cancer. Remember how Luisa used to be a doctor? That degree came in handy when she called the hospital to check her brother’s records. Rafael cracks and forcefully tells Luisa that she is delusional and demands that she stay away from his family. Tears well in Luisa’s eyes as her heart turns a wicked shade of black. The weather isn’t the only thing that’s brooding.

Across town, Jane bombards the tenants in her old place, begging them to let her break into any loose floorboards they may have. The couple is super accommodating (and oddly quiet), and they invite her into their home. Jane bangs around for a few minutes, finds the board, reaches in, and pulls out a handful of air. Strike two.
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Back at the Marbella, Darcy, Xo, and Rogelio all meet to discuss this parenting situation. No, the baby girl will not be named Rogelina, and no, Rogelio cannot have shared custody. Xo defends Rogelio’s character as both a man and a father. In fact, she wants to marry him right here, right now, in the middle of a hurricane. Did Jane include that scenario in her contingency plans?

Outside, the last taxi is leaving before everything is shut down due to the storm. Guess who shares that lone cab? Two recently sprung jailbirds: Anezka and Luisa. We might need to upgrade this storm to a Category 5.

Jane finally makes her way back to her house, where Rafael meets her to gather up Xo’s wedding dress, Jane’s purple monster dress, and all the other necessities for a makeshift wedding. Of course a palm tree falls on Raf’s car, so they’re forced to take the bus. In a sweet moment, Rafael notices an advertisement in the bus featuring Jane’s book. Rafael says this moment was serendipitous, but Jane counters his assessment. It took hard work, effort, determination, and overcoming obstacles. It was a choice.

At this word, inspiration hits. Jane goes old school with a piece of paper and a pen, and writes her parents’ wedding ceremony right there on the bus where it all started. She and Rafael hop off the bus and into the sideways rain, and that’s when athletic Rafael becomes a total clod. He trips and falls into the mud, ruining Xo’s dress. At this point, Plans A, B, and C are out the window. I think we are on Plan Q.

Alba steals from the gift shop, making Xo a crown of seashells. Xo wears a flowery top that may be a bathrobe with a white tulle bottom. Alba nails her monologue that makes all three Villanueva women cry. And every candle in Florida is utilized when the electricity goes out. Poor Rogelio. How is he supposed to apply foundation without his makeup mirror?

With the glow of a thousand candles on her, Jane delivers a beautiful speech about how her parents are NOT meant to be. They didn’t get together as teenagers. Their reunion 23 years later was a mess. Even Mother Nature is rooting against them. But they chose each other. That’s not destiny — it’s fate. I agree with Jane. They have earned their happy ending. And now they are husband and wife. FINALLY!

After the ceremony, Petra escapes to the kitchen. Chuck follows her and gives a little speech of his own. He thinks they are just like Xo and Rogelio. They will always come back for each other. Petra kisses him tenderly, just as Rafael walks in. It’s been a week since she and Raf have been back together, and she can’t keep her hands off of the country bumpkin.

Petra blames insecurity on her lapse in judgement. Rafael isn’t buying it. What makes Petra insecure? That would be Jane. She’s certain Rafael would change his tune if he knew Jane still had feelings for him. Rafael disagrees, and since he doesn’t fight for Petra, they break up.

Rafael walks away, right into the arms of Jane and Mateo for a “family dance.” Jane senses something is off. Rafael shares that he just broke up with Petra because Petra thinks he and Jane have feelings for each other. Jane denies it, but her heart glows brighter than the candles. Xo totally recognizes Jane’s feelings and encourages her to talk to Rafael.

At the exact same time, Darcy encourages Petra to talk to Rafael. She’s tired of the Villanueva women getting in the way. Fight for your man! Ironically, Petra receives a text message from Rafael, asking her to meet him where they first fell in love. NOOOOOOOOO! Where’s Jane?

There she is. Standing in the dance floor, holding Michael’s letter. The tenants she met earlier called the guy who lived in the house before them. He had the letter and delivered it to the Marbella.

While Jane reads about Michael’s love and devotion, Petra makes her way to the beach outside. She keeps looking for Rafael, but she runs into Anezka instead. Anezka stole Rafael’s phone and is holding her beautiful sister at gunpoint. It sounds like she received a little advice from Luisa in their taxi ride to the airport. But where’s Rafael?

There he is. Standing in his office with Luisa, who is holding a taped-up piece of formerly shredded paper that proves Rafael was written out of their father’s will. Anezka certainly held on to that evidence long enough to hand it right over to Luisa. Now Rafael’s sister wants it all: the hotel, the money, his life.

And then there’s Jane. As she finishes reading Michael’s letter, which details how their meeting was destiny, she steps out in front of the hotel to find the man who gave her the best gift of all. We don’t know why he was rummaging around in the floorboards, but we’re glad he did. Jane looks up to thank this person for changing her life — and meets the eyes of her very first love, who broke her heart once upon a time.

His name is Adam (Tyler Posey), and he is adorable. Could this be Jane’s new destiny? Or is it fate?

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